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Miki Falls [manga] By Mark Crilley

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MIKI FALLS by Mark Crilley
WEBSITE: Mark Crilley

There are four volumes in this series: SUMMER, SPRING, FALL, and WINTER. Has anyone read it yet? It looks interesting and I've been following Mark Crilley for a while on YouTube now. I just wanted to read some reviews before buying the books.

YOUTUBE: Watch the Miki Falls Trailer/Promotion Video

Wikipedia PLOT:
A story of a stronghearted girl, Miki Falls is about Miki Yoshida's final year in high school. Miki, a member of the archery club, is intrigued by the new student Hiro Sakurai. Hiro at first is wildly popular with all the students in the school, but then, he refuses to socialize or talk with anyone. Seeing this, Miki makes up her mind: she will become friends with Hiro Sakurai even if it means overcoming the unwinding truth of Hiro's life.

Volumes: 4 (Complete)




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really.. . not interesting at all. Dx

just get it at your library or something.

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