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~Yukie Nakama, Akanishi Jin~
GOKUSEN 2 Starring: -Yukie Nakama ~Yankumi -Akanishi Jin ~ Hayato Yabuki -Kamenashi Kazuya ~ Odagiri Ryu -Mokomichi Hayami ~ Tsuchiya Hikaru -Koike Teppei ~ Takeda Keita -Koide Keisuke ~ Hyuuga Kosuke If you live in Southern California, you can catch it on Channel 18/69 at exactly 9:00 pm on Sundays. # of Episodes: 10 SUMMARY OVERVIEW: Yankumi is again assigned to another 3D class at Kurogin High School but in actuality, the paper work was messed up and so she was mistaken for another teacher hired to teach the 3D class. When Yankumi arrives, she faces another set of bad and ill-mannered boys, the ring leader this time being Hayato Yabuki. The students are worse than her previous class in Gokusen 1 at Shirogin High School. Yankumi is then forced to teach them all a lesson... I'll post up more pics and screencaps for it later. COMMENTS: I love this Japanese drama even though it's a more stale and repetitive version of Gokusen 1. BUT, if you like Gokusen 1, then you'll probably like Gokusen 2. In addition, they have even more hot guys in this series - Jin and Kazuya are from the boy band KAT-TUN and Hayami is just plain hot. I also like Yukie Nakama, who also acted in the TRICK series. If you'ved watched TRICK, then you'd remember the police investigator who always tells Yukie's character to stop butting into police business when she's actually the one who solves all the mysteries - he is also in GOKUSEN 2. Overall, I find this series to be funny and quirky, the characters' expressions to be exactly like what you'd find in a manga, and it's adorable to watch on a boring Sunday night!
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(credits goes to http://www.futureblues.com/gokusen/drama.html)

#1: We're back! Hurrah! A few years have passed since we last saw YAMAGUCHI Kumiko, High School teacher extraordinaire. Times have been rough, and we discover that even though Yankumi is still a teacher, her class is a bit different than what she is used to. Shirokin Gakuen has had to close down, so Yankumi makes do with a class of children who don't quite appreciate her unusual brand of teaching. Change is on the horizon though, because her favorite colleague from Shirokin, Mr. Vice Principal himself, is in need of a new teacher at the high school he now works at. Through possibly fated coincidence, Yankumi gets the job.

The school is Kurogin Gakuin (Shirokin means white gold, and Kurogin mean black silver). 'Goro-chan' is the vice-principal there, but he doesn't rule over it with an iron fist like he did at Shirokin. This time he has to take orders from a slightly sinister Chairman who seems to have his own agenda for the school. Goro has his hands full with yet another class of unruly 3-D students. This class makes the season 1 class 3-D look like well-behaved honor students. Their most recent teacher gave his resignation while being rolled out on a stretcher. Yes, this looks like a job for Yankumi!

With only 3 months left of the school year, Yankumi takes over a new class 3-D. They are a lot rougher, meaner, and more violent than her first season class. Again, Yankumi must try to hide her background, lest she lose her job and Goro get fired. She does her best to be nice, and in fact, I think it takes her a bit too long to really yell at them. This class is much more of a challenge for Yankumi, and at one point they even reduce her to tears! (shocking!)

Like before, we have a few members of the class that the show is going to focus on. This time it's Hayato (who seems to be a sort of Sawada Shin clone, except he's not as quiet, and seems to be meaner) and Odagiri Ryu. Hayato and Ryu are childhood friends, but are currently Not Getting Along (meaning they want to beat the crap out of each other), and Ryu has quit school. In series 1, Sawada Shin was played by Jun from Arashi. Now we have Ryu and Hayato played by members of KAT-TUN. I like Shin a lot better, personally. The other members of the main core of students include TSUCHIYA Hikaru (who is tall, and really hot, in my opinion), TAKEDA Keita (who is also very cute and is a much more sympathetic character- he is also childhood friends with Hayato and Ryu), and HYUUGA Kosuke (he looks the most normal, don't really have an opinion on him yet).

Yankumi's mission this episode is to convince Ryu to come back to school. The task is not easy, as Ryu is a real jerk. But Yankumi has the help of some familiar faces from series 1: her yakuza family and her former student Kuma, who has taken over the ramen shop after his father passed away. I love Kuma! (I just wish Shin would show up!) Yankumi faces some tough times ahead as she tries to shape up this class of delinquents. With only 3 months to do it, I wonder if she will succeed?

#2: (In progress)

#3: Oh no, some high school students are going around beating up people! Even worse, they wear masks, but then tell their victims that they are Odagiri Ryu and Yabuki Hayato! Ryu and Hayato claim they are innocent, but of course the vice principal doesn't buy their story. The police don't either, and a menacing police officer is just itching to arrest the boys. The class decides to try to find out who the violent impersonators are, and soon discover that it is someone they know well. However, before they can do anything to solve the situation, Ryu is beat up again (I swear, he must get that bruise on the side of his mouth in every episode), and used as bait to lure Hayato into a trap. The boys are locked in a warehouse while the impersonators rob a jewelry store! This time the police have 'proof' of the culprits, and Ryu and Hayato are taken to the police station! It's up to Yankumi and Class 3-D to help Ryu and Hayato out of their troublesome situation!

In this episode we meet a very tough and menacing police officer. He is a huge contrast from the nice-guy Shinohara from the first Gokusen series. Also, Yankumi goes on another group date, this time with Baba-sensei from her school, and the man she is currently infatuated with, Kujou-sensei. Kujou-sensei is a lot like Shinohara in that he is sort of dopey-nice, and oblivious to Yankumi's interest.

#4: Yay, an episode that focuses on Tsuchiya! He's the really tall guy in Yankumi's class. I like him a lot. Probably because of that fan he's always carrying around. Anyway, there is big news going around Kurogin gakuen: the girls are coming! It looks like the school will be going co-ed in the future, and there are girls from many schools in the area coming to visit Kurogin to evaluate it and decide if that is a school they would want to attend next year. Class 3-D is excited by the arrival of the girls and that their school will be co-ed until Yankumi reminds them that they are seniors and will be graduating before the girls start classes there ^_^;;

With all these young girls visiting the school, the vice principal naturally wants to keep class 3-D as far away from them as possible. He knows that they would scare all the girls away. Of course, class 3-D wants to get as close to the girls as possible, and they even resort to locking Yankumi in the classroom so they could escape her supervision! Lets just say that the boys manage to get into trouble and don't stay away from the girls.

Later that day, Tsuchiya encounters one of the cute girls who had been visiting Kurogin earlier. Her name is Miyazaki, and she is an honor student currently enrolled in a 'cram-school', which is basically another set of classes she takes after regular school to help her studies. Miyazaki is currently the teacher's pet student of the same teacher that Tsuchiya had in junior high. Tsuchiya and this teacher did not get along because of Tsuchiya's delinquent habits, but this girl appears to be a perfect student. What is interesting is that Tsuchiya encounters the girl in a bookstore (Where Tsuchiya was reading the Gokusen manga ^_^;;;; ) and that the girl was trying to shoplift!

Tsuchiya intervenes and talks some sense into the timid girl, and even takes her to an arcade for some fun. However they are soon caught by the girl's teacher and Tsuchiya is in trouble bigtime. It looks like he will ve expelled! Yankumi believes in Tsuchiya and is determined to find a way to stop this from happening!

#5: Love is in the air at Kurogin Gakuen as Valentine's Day approaches. Yay, the oligatory Valentine episode! This episode focuses on teh adorable Keita-kun, who has a huge crush on a girl who attends the high school across the street from Kurogin. She is also a student of Kujou-sensei, and works as a waitress at an 'American' style restaurant. Keita has had a crush on her for a while, but doesn't have the nerve to say anything. He just eats at the restaurant a lot. Even getting Tsuchiya to introduce him to her doesn't work. Things get worse for poor Keita when the girl starts going out with a college guy who is also a frequent patron at the restaurant! Poor Keita is crushed, and is willing to try almost anything to get her to notice him, including following the very bad advice of his friends.

They stage a fake attack on the girl and her boyfriend which Keita is supposed to 'rescue' her from. Unfortunately things don't work out, and now she really HATES him! Enough to brave going into Kurogin Gakuen herself and yell at him face to face! Keita is heartbroken, and is further upset when he learns some bad things about the girl's boyfriend. Yankumi gives him some (good) advice and it's up to Keita to turn the situation around!

With Valentine's Day coming, Yankumi is also caught up in the spirit of Love, and has plans that involve Kujou-sensei and some home-made chocolate. Her fantasies about being with him are great ^_^

The end of the episode has the cast yet again making a sales pitch. This time it's for the newly released Gokusen manga volume 10. They sure are doing a lot of ads at the end of the episode this season!

#6:As with Gokusen Season 1, Season 2 has an episode that focuses on each of the main group of students. This time it's Hyuuga who is in the spotlight. It's that time of the school year when the students have to give some indication of what they plan to do in the future. Will they go to work directly after high school? Will they be taking college entrance exams and going in that direction? Hyuuga already has his answer. He will be going to work right out of high school. In fact, he already has a job that is making him good money. However it has put a strain on his already uncomfortable home life, and is causing his mother a lot of worry. Unfortunately his job has him involved with a rough group of people who are up to something illegal... but leave it to Yankumi to straighten out Hyuuga's sticky situation!

The subplot of this episode involves Ryu and Yabuki learning Yankumi's secret! One night while walking outside, they find a wallet. The owner of that wallet is none other than Minoru, who is really really drunk! The boys help Minoru get home, and are understandably dismayed to discover themselves in a Yakuza household! Things get worse when Yankumi returns home to find them there! Her family tries to hide the fact that she is part of the Yakuza family, but it doesn't really work, so Yankumi's grandfather tells them the truth and asks that they keep this information a secret.

At the very end of the episode, several of the characters encourage us to buy the new Gokusen 2 Original Soundtrack CD. I wish I had some money to get it!

#7: My summary of this episode may not be completely accurate due to my mediocre Japanese skills, but I tried! The theme of this episode involves job interviews and applications. Yankumi is reminded that she was only hired to teach class 3-D for the last 3 months of the school year, until they graduate. The Chairman, who hates Yankumi, is not keen on extending her contract, so at the end of 3 months, she is out! This forces Yankumi to think about applying for jobs. Her students will also be job hunting soon (assuming that with their grades, college is probably not an option for many of them). In a hilarious scene, Yankumi rehearses job interviews with her class. First she is the interviewer, and then her students dress in silly outfits (Hayato and Keita are so adoable here!) and they interview Yankumi.

Tsuchiya is one of the first to have an interview for a job. However a street fight with some guys from another school the night before the interview ruins his chances of getting a job. Yankumi is upset, and works very hard to find jobs for her students, and they promise to not fight anymore until after graduation.

Yankumi gets to fight again in this episode. She takes out the gang of students that were picking on her boys. Her students get pretty beat up because of their vow not to fight. Later on, Yankumi lucks out when an unexpected supporter helps her renew her teaching contract in spite of the Chairman's opposition! A good deed paid off big time for Yankumi!

#8: It's a Kuma episode! YAY!! I was happy when they kept Kuma from season 1 in this series, as he is a fun character, and it provides some continuity between seasons. And now there is finally an episode devoted to him. Up until now they have kept him pretty much on the sidelines, providing useful backup or alerting Yankumi of trouble when needed. But now Kuma is in trouble again, and only Yankumi can save him!

In season 1, Kuma's father passed away, and after graduating high school, Kuma took over running his father's ramen shop. He supports his mother and two younger siblings who all work in the shop. However times have been harsh, and Kuma's family is in some trouble. There is a local yakuza/gang type group that is demaning money from Kuma's family. It looks like your basic 'protection money' type of setup. Kuma is proud, and doesn't want to tell anyone of his troubles. He doesn't need any help. He figures that he has graduated and is no longer one of Yankumi's students, so he can't always go running to her for help all the time.

He does get some help from Hayato, who helps Kuma out by working in his shop. (Hayato in his Ramen shop uniform is really cute!) Hayato witnesses Kuma being threatened by the gang, and agrees to not say anything, and continues helping Kuma, but this can't go on for much longer. Unfortunately Kuma can't quite handle the threat all alone. Things escalate until the ramen shop is trashed by the gang, and he is seriously beat up when he goes face to face with them.

What Kuma learns in this episode is that once Yankumi is your teacher, she will ALWAYS be your teacher, and be there for you, regardless of if you have graduated or not. We get to see Yankumi be totally badass as one Yakuza vs another, and she totally kicks richard simmons. Even better, we finally get to see Yankumi's grandfather be all Yakuza-like and intimidating, and really show the other guys who is boss. It's so awesome! ^_^

There is a subplot in this episode involving the appearance of Hayato's father. He is a great guy too! I LOVE the actor playing Hayato's dad. I have seen him in so many things and he is always great :D Hayato and his father have a very interesting relationship that involves a lot of butting heads and hot tempers. We can really see where Hayato gets his personality. And we also get to see Hayato's home life and his brother!

All in all, this is an awesome episode!

#9: A few weeks ago we had the obligatory Valentine's Day episode. Now it's March, and hey look, it's a White Day episode! That is so great! So many times shows will do a Valentine episode and totally skip White Day! In Japan, they celebrate Valentine's Day differently than in America. Over there, it is a day where girls give chocolate to the guys they like. It's a huge day for the chocolate industry. To continue the celebration, and reap even more profit, a new holdiay was pretty much created by the candy industry. It's called White Day, and it takes place one month after Valentine's Day, on March 14th. This is a day for guys to give chocolate to the girls they like.

After Yankumi's adventures in giving Chocolate to Kujou-sensei last month, she is all excited to see if she will get anything back for White Day. Unfortunately her main fan on White Day is Baba-sensei, who has a big gift for Yankumi. Tetsu also sees White Day as an opportunity to give Yankumi a heatfelt gift, but his attempt is twarted by the rest of Yankumi's family. Aww, poor Tetsu!

Meanwhile, the main storyline of this episode involves Odagiri Ryu and his father. Like Shin last season, Ryu also has a very influential father. If I understand it correctly, Ryu's father is very high up in the ranks of the police. He is basically the police version of Yankumi's grandfather. He's that powerful. Unfortunately he is also very disapproving of Ryu and all of his friends. After Ryu and the gang get caught having a group date with some girls from the neighboring school, Ryu's father yanks him from class and locks him away in his room. Hayato and the gang manage to break Ryu out of his house-prison, and Yankumi attempts to help Ryu reconcile with his father. Part of this storyline really reminds me of the Gokusen manga, and a plot involving Sawada Shin.

Yankumi sits in her home, face to face with Ryu's father, and manages to produce an inspirational speech that knocks some sense into him. It is interesting how Yankumi's Yakuza family ties don't seem to be as much of an issue this season. This episode is great for the "Gokudeka" manga reference, and for the photo of one of the police detectives from season 1!

#10: Anyway, this is the last episode, and just as it was with Yankumi's previous class, the new Class 3-D is in peril of not making it to graduation! They are so close, too. The ceremony is only a couple days away, and Yankumi is so excited for them! But trouble appears in the form of the class's old nemesis, Kudou. The police are looking for Kudou, and Kudou is looking to beat the crud out of the guys in Class 3-D!

Meanwhile, the school Chairman, who has NOT been a fan of Yankumi and is determined to get her out of the school, is looking for any excuse to keep Class 3-D for graduating. He is starting to act a little scary and psycho.

Yankumi hears some sad news about Kujou-sensei, and makes a last-ditch effort to confess her feelings for him! Go Yankumi! But things are sidetracked by Kudou's attack on 3-D. 3-D has promised not to get into any fights until after Graduation, and they do their best to keep their word and not fight back, but they still get into trouble when Kudou's gang attacks them. This gives the Chairman an excuse to expell them all, the day before graduation!

Now Yankumi must fight to save her students and see them make it to graduation. She is prepared to make a huge sacrifice for her students, and she gets some help from an unexpected source!

Once again, a ton of screencaps from this final episode. Notice the paintings on the wall of Yankumi's classroom, haha she is everywhere!

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(credits go to http://www.futureblues.com/gokusen/drama.html)



>This is where Yankumi and the vice principal recognize one another when she comes to school.



>Yankumi being overly motivated :)



>Mokomichi Hayami!!! I love how he always has a fan.



>Akanishi Jin!! He kind of reminds me of Hero/Jae-joong from the group DBSG.





>Yankumi coming to the aid of a helpless victim as Tssuchi tries to 'borrow' money from the victim. It's cool.

Yankumi: Where's the loan contract?

Tssuchi: Let go.

Yankumi: If you're going to borrow, where's the loan contract?

The whole time, she's squeezing his wrist really hard and you can how painful her grasp is from his expression.




>Kamenashi Kazuya!! I love his eyes, so smoking hot. Anyway, here, Yankumi is trying to persuade him to come back to school.




>How Yankumi meets her crush for season 2. Personally, she's too pretty for him but he's nice, so it's ok.

More to come later.

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Guest 0_liceyy

cool this thread started yesterday and i started watching gokusen 2 yesterday. im up to episode 5! yay! Akanishi Jin! *squeals* he looks more korean dan japanese hmm... Koike Teppei! *squeals* i love the clips in his hair. japanese guys have wild dyed hair but itz hott ^.^

the same teacher for both gokusen. that's kinda boring...i didnt watch the first gokusen. im thinking first one might be better.

have the OST for this series? XD

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Guest XxminwoolovexX

Jin does look bit more Korean..oh yeah!!LOL i just rmred..I read from long time ago from somewhere he has bit korean blood? like hes sorta mixed..eh maybe its just a rumour..but I read from somewhere.When he had his hair in orange ish color..he looked like se7en..with his hair in anego and gokusen style..he reminded of hero


I prefer Gokusen 1..cuz Jun and Shun and Hiroki were hot..but also better storyline

Gokusen2 was eyecandy



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Guest hyunbin_sweetie

ooh does nayone have the the frist 5 episodes i wanna

wtach this i watch the first gokusen that was soo good

speically cuz of matsumoto jun sooo friken HAWTTT =D

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Guest hauwulli

really? it's airing on channel 18 right now? :) darn, I must have missed a couple of episodes already. thanks for letting me know! I'll check it out tonight, only 20 more minutes until 9 ^_^

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i thought the guy who always waves a fan around(i think his name is mokomichi) is terribly cute, and tall( at least when compared to the rest of the cast)

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Guest TygrrLilly

I'm working my way thorugh this now. While there is a bit more eyecandy in this season, I thinkthe characters were a lot more likeable in the Gokusen 1. I am glad to see more Testu, I feel so sorry for him with his unrequited love for the adorably clueless Yankumi. It's a bit reptitive, but still amusing. Teppei totalyl reminds me of Keroppi, which isn;t really bad since keroppi is cute but I find that distracting at times.

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I watched both Gokusen and Gokusen2, and I surprisingly liked 2 better, even if G2 was like ... rehash of Gokusen, lol. Maybe I'm just too much of an Akanishi/Kamenashi fan -- but I liked the dynamic in their group better than MatsuJun's in Gokusen.

And, yeah, Mocomichi's tall! Isn't he around 6', give or take an inch or so?

But, G2 most definitely = eye candy. --; It's still a fun watch, though! :D

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Guest zingsharon

sometimes i think jin and jaejoong look alike

maybe is because of their hairstyle...

i dont really remember gokusen except jun

but gokusen2, ya, definately, eye candy

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i just started watching gokusen 2. its cute and funny, although i like gokusen 1 better. but this show made me laugh, maybe its becoz i read the manga before and recognize the 'manga-like' scenes. ^^

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