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Namgoong Min - Namkoong Min 남궁민 - Upcoming MBC Drama "Black Sun."

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Dear @irilight chingu, thanks a lot for the article!! And what a pleasant surprise  I didn't know that Namgoong Min is in a relationship at the moment! He really seems a decent guy & a veteran act

And dear @irilight chingu, what is this mean..???!     

He is looking so handsome.....         

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December 5, 2013
'I Need Romance 3' Kim So Yeon shows a perfect chemistry with Sung Jun
Source: STARN News
Kim So Yeon and Sung Jun showed a perfect chemistry at script reading of ‘I Need Romance 3’.
On December 4th, the production team of new tvN drama ‘I Need Romance 3’ revealed two photos from script reading.
The photos show Kim So Yeon, Sung Jun, Namkoong Min, Wang Ji Won, Park Hyo Joo, Yoon Seung Ah, and Park Yu Hwan participating in script reading, and posing for a photo together.
Especially, Kim So Yeon and Sung Jun, who are casting as partners, are showing a perfect chemistry. It is said that all of the staffs were deeply impressed by each actor’s amazing focus on their parts.
An official said, “It was only a script reading, but the atmosphere was as intense as an actual shooting. All of the actors showed a perfect team work.”
Meanwhile, ‘I Need Romance 3’ will premiere on January 13th, 2014.
/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo jp@starnnews.com

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December 13, 2013
Namgung Min to Turn “Mr. Perfect” in New tvN Series
by Cory Lee TENASIA.com
Korean actor Namgung Min on the set of tvN drama “In Need of Romance 3.” [Didim 531]
Korean actor Namgung Min has revealed photos from the first taping of his upcoming romantic comedy TV series.
Namgung Min participated in the first taping of the third season of tvN’s drama series “In Need of Romance,” which took place in Seoul last weekend, his agency Didim 531 said on Friday.
“I’m expecting big on the TV show since it is widely beloved show and my character is also very charming. I’ll show my best acting in the forthcoming show,” the actor was quoted as saying about his fourth project this year.
In the upcoming season of the successful cable drama, Namgung Min takes on “Mr. Perfect” named Kang Tae-yoon, superior worker of the show’s new heroin Kim So-yeon.
Co-starring Sung Joon, Yoon Seung-ah and Park Yu-hwan, the new edition about 2030 career women’s love and professional life is slated to hit air January 13 next year.
Reporter. Cory LeeCourtesy of Didim 531

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January 5, 2014
Nam Goong Min in "I Need Romance Season 3"
Source: TV Report via Hancinema.net
Pictures of Nam Goong-min with a week left to the airing of the new tvN drama "I Need Romance Season 3" were posted online.
Nam Goong-min is posing for the camera with a coffee mug in his hand and smiling. He is also dressed in a dandy coat with a fancy printed shirt unlike the typical office-look.
He looks like he's been possessed by the character of Kang Tae-yoon and just makes one anticipate the drama even more.
"I Need Romance Season 3" is based on a home shopping office and revolves around the competition, friendship and love of women in the 20-30s. Nam Goong-min takes on the role of Kang Tae-yoon who is the senior and mentor of Sin Joo-yeon (Kim So-yeon) who will do anything for success. To be aired on the 13th at 9:40PM.

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January 8, 2014

Actress Kim So-yun (3rd from L) poses at an event in Seoul on Jan. 8, 2014 to promote the new TV drama "I Need Romance 3," the story of a 33-year-old woman who does not believe in love. From the left are Nam Goong-min, Wang Ji-won, Kim and Sung Joon. (Yonhap) (END)

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January 9, 2014
Cable dramas having heydaytvN's 'I Need Romance 3' appeals on straight-talk, colorful love game
By Park Jin-hai The Korea Times
image The cast of an upcoming tvN drama “I Need Romance 3” poses at a press meeting, prior to its first episode, to be aired on Jan. 13, at Patio 9, Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, Wednesday. From left are Namgung Min, Wang Ji-won, Kim So-yeon, and Sung-jun. / Courtesy of CJ E&M
Cable dramas fared well last year. A slew of dramas went shoulder to shoulder with those of major public broadcasters in terms of viewership, thanks to more experimental formats and fresh content. 
Following on their trail, tvN announced on Wednesday it will air the third season of “I Need Romance.”
The cable network’s romantic comedy “Rude Miss Young-Ae” has enjoyed long-running popularity, with its 13th season to be aired this year, and the recently ended romantic comedy “Reply 1994” has been so successful it created renewed interest in retro culture.       
“I Need Romance 3,” rated 15 and over, will depict actress Kim So-yeon as a single career woman in her 30s, struggling to balance career and love at a home-shopping company.      
At the press conference in Patio9, Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, the cast and the director of the television series said that although its format shares similarities with famous U.S. television series “Sex and the City,” viewers could enjoy a more delicate emotional tug-of-war between the leading characters.
image Stacks of rice, sent by Namgung Min’s overseas fans in a hallway, stand on the way to the press conference, where his upcoming drama was presented./ Korea Times photo by Kang Hyun-hye
“Our strength may well be that we are able to depict delicately the emotional flow of each character. Beautiful images filling the small screen will be another must-see,” said  Jang Young-woo, director of the drama. 
“I think that is why our previous seasons appealed so much to other Asian viewers, more than the U.S. drama,” Jang said.     
Its first season, aired in 2011, was exported to Japan, making it the first cable drama exported and aired through an overseas major television network, TBC. 
In total, it has been exported to 20 countries. The second season was also purchased by 14 countries, including Cambodia and Myanmar. 
Seo Jang-ho, manager of CJ E&M’s overseas marketing department, said that from the beginning of the production, foreign buyers have made contact to discuss its purchase. 
According to CJ E&M, a total of 20 drama titles were exported to 21 countries, raking in 13.3 billion won in revenue in the first three quarters of 2012 alone.
Kim, heroine of many action-filled dramas, including “IRIS,” said that she was thrilled to play a “milder” character this time.
“The female character, after breaking up with her boyfriend, talks to herself that she exists not to be loved, but to enjoy her life for her own benefit,” she said. “In real life, unlike the character I am playing, I am rather watchful of the public eye.”
In one scene, her character says out loud that she is really happy about being lonely, which represents her complicated feelings, Kim said.
At the entrance of the press event, Japanese fans surrounded Namgung Min, who starred in “Can You Hear My Heart (2011),” and took picture with him. The hallways were lined with stacks of rice, sent by overseas fans.    
“I haven’t been on the screen for almost two years. When I think of the fans who remember me, I am really grateful,” he said. 
Japanese viewers seem to love his previous characters, who sacrificed himself for her true love, he added. He is expected to hold a fan meeting in March.
Namgung will act as Kim’s senior, who was promoted on a fast track to the post of the department chief.  
As his opposite role, Sung-jun, 23, will portray a talented young composer who immigrated to the United States and came back. He is expected to draw out the romantic and emotional sides of the lead actress. 
 “I want to be an actor with sincerity, so that viewers won’t say that my performances are not convincing and hollow,” he said. 
The former model has earned fame appearing in “Gu Family Book” as a warrior-guard for the lead actress, played by Suzy of girl group “Miss A.” 
Along with the lead characters, Park Hyo-ju will take the Samantha-like role, enjoying a boundary free sex life, while Wang Ji-won will play the former model and beauty channel host, who rivals Kim So-yeon.
The cast said that they promised to hold a pajama party in Gwangwamun, central Seoul, if the viewership reaches 3 percent, which is regarded to be tantamount to 15 percent for major broadcasters. 
The drama will be aired on Mondays and Tuesdays from Jan. 13 through the tvN network.

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February 2, 2014
‘I Need Romance’ Nam Goong Min Confesses To Kim So Yeon
By Staff Writer KDramaStars.com

'I Need Romance' Nam Goong Min confessed his hearts for Kim So Yeon. 
On the fifth episode of 'Need Romance' Season 3, which aired on January 27, 2014, Nam Goong Min, who plays Kang Tae Yoon, who is Kim So Yeon's mentor and boss, romantically confessed his heart for Kim So Yeon. On that day's episode, Nam Goong Min asked Kim So Yeon to turn around and look at the wall, and then said, "You are such a charming, pretty woman. When you show me your smiling face, you are surprisingly lovely." The production team of "I Need Romance season 3" said after the episode has aired that there have been a lot of comments encouraging the love line of Nam Goong Min and Kim So Yeon.
On the previous episode of I Need Romance 3, it was revealed that Nam Goong Min likes Kim So Yeon, which arose the curiosity of the fans. On the seventh episode of "I Need Romance Season 3," the episode will share how Joo Yeon overcomes the business failure with Sae Ryung.

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February 10, 2014
'I Need A Romance', Sung Jun & Namgoong Min captivate fans' hearts
Source: STARN News20140209123432_52f6f7483de9d_1.jpgSung Jun and Namgoong Min are melting girls' hearts with their different charms.
Sung Jun and Namgoong Min are recently casting in tvN drama 'I Need A Romance 3', and they are forming a love-triangle with Kim So Yeon in the middle.
Sung Jun, who lives under the same roof with Kim So Yeon, keeps giving her helps, and slowly unhinging her mind. He always does what he wants to do for her without hesitating, and he always listens to what Kim So Yeon has to say.
On the other hand, Namgoong Min is one of the ordinary playboys, and a great number of young fans are showing great supports for him. Namgoong Min is playing as an intelligent elite, who becomes Kim So Yeon's career mentor.
The latest episode of 'I Need A Romance' showed Kim So Yeon realizing that Namgoong Min likes her, and a great number of viewers are getting highly anticipated about their future.
Recently, a Netizen uploaded a compare & contrast chart of Namgoong Min and Sung Jun on an online community board, and a great number of fans are showing great interests for the post as well.
Meanwhile, 'I Need A Romance' airs on every Monday and Tuesday at 9:40 PM.
/Reporting by Lim ju-hui en@starnnews.com

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February 11, 2014
‘I Need Romance 3’ Kim So Yeon Asks Nam Goong Min Out On A Date
By Staff Writer KDramaStars.com
'I Need Romance 3' Kim So Yeon asked Nam Goong Min out on a date, making Sung Joon jealous.
On the episode of the cable TV tvN drama "I Need Romance 3," which aired yesterday on February 10, 2014, Shin Joo Yeon, played by Kim So Yeon, realized that she likes Kang Tae Yoon, played by Nam Goong Min, and asked him out on a date, making Wan, played by Sung Joon, jealous.
Shin Joo Yeon visited Kang Tae Yoon when the products were all sold out. Shin Joo Yeon said to Kang Tae Yoon, "I did it. I wanted to do well o nthis project because of you." Kang Tae Yoon then said, "Good work! What do you want? Just say it and I will make it happen." Shin Joo Yeon then said, "Stay with me this Sunday. Let's watch a movie, eat food, and take a walk," and smiled happily. Kang Tae Yoon then asked Shin Joo Yeon, "Are you asking me out on a date right now?" And Shin Joo Yeon said, "Yes. Lets go on a date with me." On the other hand, the fact that Shin Joo Yeon asked Kang Tae Yoon out on a date made Wan, played by Sung Joon, very jealous.

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February 15, 2014
Namgoong Min's Japanese fans prepare snacks for staffs of 'I Need Romance'
Source: STARN News 20140214102842_52fd7149acbc1_1.jpg
Fans supports put a big smile on Namgoong Min's face.
On February 10th, Namgoong Min's Japanese fans prepared warm drinks and snacks for the actors and staffs of tvN drama 'I Need Romance 3'.
The fans also distributed small Valentine's Day gifts to all of the staffs.
Namgoong Min guided the staffs to the snack truck with a bright smile on his face, and also expressed sincere thanks to the fans, giving autographs and photos.
An official said, "The snacks became a big energy to all of the staffs who were getting exhausted from endless shootings. We'd like to express special thanks to all of the fans who prepared the truck."
Meanwhile, 'I Need Romance 3' airs on every Monday and Tuesday.
/Reporting by Jeong Ju-Ri en@starnnews.com

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February 18, 2014
Nam Goong Min Confesses Feelings For Kim So Yeon
By Staff Writer | KDramaStars.com
(Photo : tvN)
"I Need a Romance" Nam Goong Min confessed his feelings for Kim So yeon.
On the episode of tvN Monday/Tuesday drama "I Need a Romance 3" broadcast on February 18th, Shin Joo Yeon (played by Kim So Yeon) was hurt by Kang Tae Yoon (played by Nam Goong Min) at a company party and drank by herself.
On this day, Kang Tae Yoon came to the pub and talked about his feelings for Shin Joo Yeon. Kang Tae Yoon said, "You're great as a senior in the company but you're not very charismatic as a man. I feel unfortunate."
At this, Shin Joo Yeon said, "Then talk about it. Do you even like me?" and asked.  Kang Tae Yoon said, "I like her.  I like her because she makes me comfortable.  I don't have to be nervous and I can relax.  I get nervous when I see her laugh" and made Shin Joo Yeon smile.

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February 26, 2014

'I Need a Romance 3" Kim So Yeon Breaks Up With Nam Goong Min
By Staff Writer KDramaStars.com
"I Need a Romance 3" Kim So Yeon said to Nam Goong Min that she wanted to break up.
On the episode of tvN Monday/Tuesday drama "I need a romance 3" broadcast on February 25th, Shin Joo Yeon (played by Kim So Yeon) realized how she felt after Joo Wan (played by Sung Joon) left.
On this day, Shin Joo Yeon said, "Everything is clear now.  Without a promise to return or where to go, Wan left" as she showed tears.
Afterwards, Shin Joo Yeon went to Kang Tae Yoon (played by Nam Goong Min)'s house and said, "I have something to say."  Shin Joo Yeon said, "I know there's no one that's irreplaceable but I'll believe it.  I'll believe it and love someone like that" and declared her goodbye.

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March 5, 2014
Namgoong Min cast as lead in new JTBC weekend drama by girlfriday http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/03/namgoong-min-cast-as-lead-in-new-jtbc-weekend-drama/

NamgoongMin1.jpgIt hasn’t even been more than a day since I Need Romance 3 ended, but Namgoong Min is already on his way to his next project. Sheesh, is there at least time for a shower and a catnap? He’ll be headlining another cable drama, this time JTBC’s new family weekend show called Jang Gook Becomes Dallae. The title is a bit of a mess to translate, in that it’s a four-way pun meaning Wild Chive Soybean Paste Soup, Soothed Clear Soup, and Soothed Jang Gook, all because the heroine’s name is Jang Gook (“clear soup”) and she later changes her name to Dallae (“wild chive”). Could we maybe stop naming our children after food? Just a thought.
The show will have a pretty hefty childhood portion set in high school in 2002, which is why the production is barely casting the adults now. The high school versions of the leads will be played by Lee Won-geun (Ghost, The Moon That Embraces the Sun), and Yoon So-hee, who’s currently in the tvN show Let’s Eat. She’s cute and bubbly there, and also such a dead ringer for Park Shi-yeon that I still do double takes while watching her. Namgoong Min will take over Lee Won-geun’s role, while the adult heroine has yet to be cast.
More to read at DB

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NICE!!!  its good to know that NGM is very busy... what's more he is starring in WGM.... I won't watch it though as the "wife" is just not errrrmmm....  I better stop here.. hahha NGM fighting!!

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i've always like NGM since the drama One Fine Day and am following him now in INR3 after watching him in UR which i'm still trying to finish! i hope he keeps busy since he's a great actor and lovable at that!

@rubie thnx for sharing

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Guest sexy4yennie

first saw him in " ONe Fine Day "
and until now I've been watching her play her several timesso far my fav dramas from him is The Birth of The Rich...Can You Hear My Hear and I Need Romance 3

and now....I'm so looking forward to his appearance in WGM.coz I rarely see him on variety show so I wondered once daily with her ​​personality

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