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Namgoong Min - Namkoong Min 남궁민 - Upcoming MBC Drama "Black Sun."

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[Photos + Video] New Stills and 2-Minute Highlight Video Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Awaken"

New stills and 2-minute highlight video added for the upcoming Korean drama "Awaken".





"Awaken" (2020)

Directed by Kim Jung-hyun-III

Written by Sin Yoo-dam

Network: tvN

With Namgoong Min, Seolhyun, Lee Chung-ah, Yoon Sun-woo, Woo Hyun, Jung Dae-ro,...

16 episodes - Mon, Tue 21:00
Formerly known as "Day and Night"

"Awaken" is a romantic mystery about digging through the secrets of mysterious events that occurred in a village 26 years ago, that are somehow linked to the mysterious events happening in the present.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2020/11/30







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Dear @irilight chingu, thanks a lot for the article!! And what a pleasant surprise  I didn't know that Namgoong Min is in a relationship at the moment! He really seems a decent guy & a veteran act

And dear @irilight chingu, what is this mean..???!     

He is looking so handsome.....         

he makes her…


Namgoong Min causes both women’s heart to flutter in the latest teasers for Awaken, whether deliberately or accidentally. The tension and dynamics are quite marked, which is going to prove intriguing as the drama progresses… I hope.




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Namgoong Min Talks About Teamwork With Co-Stars Lee Chung Ah And AOA’s Seolhyun In Upcoming Drama “Awaken”

Namgoong Min shared more details about his upcoming drama “Awaken.”

“Awaken” is a murder mystery drama that will follow the connections between mysterious events unfolding in the present and the secrets behind an enigmatic incident that took place in a village 28 years ago.

Namgoong Min will star in the drama as Do Jung Woo, the eccentric but brilliant team leader of a special task force at the National Police Agency, while AOA’s Seolhyun will play passionate police officer Gong Hye Won.
Lee Chung Ah will also star in the drama as FBI agent Jamie, who was adopted as a young child and returns to Korea to solve the serial killer case connected to her lost memories of her childhood from 28 years ago.

When asked why he chose to star in this drama, Namgoong Min said, “I was drawn to the fresh script. I really liked that it was not a one-dimensional mystery in which detectives solve problems while investigating murder cases. I thought it was interesting how there is a hidden story behind the main story.”

Concerning his character that is a 180-degree transformation from his previous projects, he commented, “Do Jung Woo is a character who is usually sloppy and sly, but when he is working on a case, he changes into someone mysterious and serious. I thought that was one of his charms.”


Then he talked about his teamwork with Seolhyun and Lee Chung Ah. He said, “Despite the fact that it was our first time filming together, we were able to film in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. Our characters are very different, but everything went smoothly from the beginning. We are always discussing each scene and working hard to create a story together.”

The actor also shared details about their characters. First, he talked about Seolhyun’s new role, saying, “Gong Hye Won is one of the special team members chosen by Do Jung Woo. She’s young but smart and bold, which is why he brought her onto his team. Although they are in a superior-subordinate relationship, they have a quarrelsome chemistry, and I think you’ll be able to see their fantastic teamwork as partners who trust and value each other.”

Then he talked about Lee Chung Ah’s character Jamie. He shared, “Jamie is an FBI-turned-investigator who came from the States to help investigate the murder case Do Jung Woo’s team is working on. From the first meeting, Do Jung Woo and Jamie doubt each other, and they maintain a careful, delicate relationship. They are both alike and different, which will add more fun to the drama.”





Namgoong Min gave another hint about the drama, saying, “You should not miss the first six episodes. If you follow a drama in which the main characters deduce something, you always feel a thrilling tension from the mystery towards the end of their discoveries. You’ll probably experience that kind of fun in those six episodes.”

Lastly, he said, “I don’t know what the viewers will think about the drama, so I am curious to watch it as well. The cast and crew are working hard, so please look forward to it.”

“Awaken” premieres on November 30 at 9 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.



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  • Guest changed the title to Namgoong Min - Namkoong Min 남궁민 - Current tvN Drama: "Awaken"
On 11/30/2020 at 7:41 PM, Lmangla said:

Join us for a special December event!

@Lmangla Hi :D.How are you?
@Jillia, thank you for the change. You are way ahead of me... (on 2 threads)


Namkoong Min Talks About His ‘Awaken’ Role And Why He Loves A Challenge


Namkoong Min's character Do Jeung-wo is unpredictable, yet inspires fierce loyalty.tvN


Detective Do Jeong-wu is unpredictable, sometimes dangerously so, yet he inspires fierce loyalty among his teammates. The character played by Namkoong Min in the tvN drama Awaken also has a few puzzling habits. He sleeps in a holding cell, is often oddly nonchalant and subsists on lollipops. His bedraggled state suggests that he doesn’t care what others think of him. Appearances can be deceptive.

“He looks clumsy and messy,” said Namkoong. “He doesn't look like someone who can solve cases. But at times, he can be really sharp. ‘I have no idea. What kind of person is he?’ That pretty much sums him up. But there is a meticulous plan behind his façade.”

Jeong-wu is a confusing but riveting character that, thanks to Namkoong’s compelling portrayal, stands out among k-drama detectives.

“While he seems to be trying to solve a case, his real goal is something else,” said Namkoong. “He looks a lot messier than other detectives and even sleeps in the police cell instead of going home. And there is a clear reason he does this. Therefore, I didn't exactly try to look like a detective. In the beginning, I focused on creating a messy look. I wore a stretched-out T-shirt that I bought ten years ago and messed up my hair on purpose. Again, I can't tell you why for now, but there's a reason I had to do this. You won't be disappointed.”

Namkoong and his character don’t have a lot in common.

“In many ways, I’m very different from him in real life,” said Namkoong. “I'm neither easy-going nor messy. I'm actually very neat. It’s very calming when I step into my clean apartment after a long day of shooting. Also, I rarely strike up a conversation with strangers. One thing I have in common with him, though, is that I value my colleagues. Do Jeong-wu’s team members care about one another and try to understand each other. The interaction between them adds fun to the show. Just like Do Jeong-wu, I take teamwork seriously.”

His drama team includes AOA’s Kim Seol-hyun as police officer Kong Hye-won and Lee Chung-ah as FBI investigator Jamie Layton. The team confronts a puzzling case in which several rich men die suddenly, their faces fixed in a smile. While reading the script Namkoong knew that Awaken would be a different kind of mystery.

“Most detective stories revolve around one incident and the process of digging out the hidden truth,” said Namkoong. “But in Awaken, digging into one case leads to a new, completely different case which evokes a lot of emotions. I found that very refreshing and felt the urge to convey that to others in a convincing way.”

Although the actor has appeared in mysteries before, he hasn’t always played the hero. He played a man who confessed to killing his wife in the mystery film Beautiful Sunday and a serial killer in the TV series A Girl Who Sees Smells

“I do love the mysteries,” said Namkoong. “Especially when the story can make the viewers' hearts race even without being overly visually disturbing.”


In 'Hot Stove League' Namkoong played the manager of a down-on-their-luck baseball team.  SBS

His last TV role was in Hot Stove League, which won Best Drama at the 56th Baeksang Awards and earned him a Best Leading Actor nomination. In that drama he played the newly appointed manager of a down-on-their-luck baseball team. He was considering other projects when his agent gave him the Hot Stove League script. At first he assumed any role they were offering involved playing baseball.

“Of course, Hot Stove League is about baseball,” he said. “But it's not about baseball players, but the front office that supports them. I finished reading the scenario in one sitting, called my agent, and said, ‘I can't take this story lightly.’ Eventually, I received more portions of the unfinished script, and I asked to meet with the writer.”

After meeting the writer, he wanted to say yes. 

“Even though I couldn't give him an answer right away, I was thinking about how to play Baek Seung-su all the way home. I also wondered why it took the script so long to be produced. My guess is that there was a lot of fear regarding such a new subject. But for me, it was a challenge I was looking for, and therefore perfect. I do love challenges like this.” 

His decision on whether or not to take a role usually comes down to a gut feeling, but making the most of any role requires dedication.

“Once I take on a role, I try my best to pull it off, regardless of what kind of character it is. That's my goal and attitude as an actor.”

That attitude helped create an impressive resume. With roles in more than two dozen TV dramas and several films, Namkoong has earned multiple acting awards and nominations. 

“Rather than thinking about how much a role suits me, I think more about what I can do to fit the role,” said Namkoong. “It's been 20 years since my debut and I've been working non-stop, but acting is still very challenging, and I feel that I lack in many ways. To make progress as an actor, I reach for challenging roles rather than familiar ones.”

The pursuit of challenging roles means he rarely plays a character that’s a comfortable fit.

“Even though I have played many different roles in various works so far, none of them really felt close to me or comfortable, to be honest,” said Namkoong. “I always strive to take on challenging roles and expand my horizons as I play those characters. I already know what my next role will be. The role I'd like to play after that is an ordinary office worker who depicts the quiet daily life of a human being.”

Acting satisfies something essential in him. 

“I've always been a rather optimistic person, but I don't think I was the type that was filled with happiness and content with myself,” said Namkoong. “There was always a bit of inexplicable loneliness lingering in my heart, but after watching movies and TV series, that loneliness disappeared for a while. I became an actor hoping that I could relieve someone of their loneliness. Just like how great artworks inspire people, human emotions—when expressed effectively—not only inspire me but also strike me as beautiful. The very fact that I'm engaging in such a beautiful thing is what I love the most about acting. In addition, it helps me forget about my inexplicable loneliness.”

He’s happy he can challenge himself with roles such as Jeong-wu and keep growing as an actor.

“I am well aware that I have a long way to go.”



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18 minutes ago, irilight said:

@Lmangla Hi :D.How are you?

allo old friend! :D randomly sharing some winter season emojis. kekekek


feels like long time since we are on the same thread, no? am watching more daily dramas these days -- light and ridiculous, perfect for the mood am in. hahahaha.. otherwise, you can catch me in the events section..


awaken looks like a mystery drama. if you and other chingus would like a poll, please tag me or @partyon

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On 12/10/2020 at 6:53 AM, Lmangla said:

feels like long time since we are on the same thread, no? am watching more daily dramas these days

@Lmangla, sure has been a long time....   I am watching more daily Drama these days too.

I have not started "Awaken" yet. I am waiting for it to be almost complete before I start. Same for most thriller/mysteries. Thank you for the offer...   A poll is always welcome. Thank you to @partyon too.



3 Intriguing Mysteries That Are Keeping “Awaken” Viewers Guessing


The plot continues to thicken on tvN’s exciting new mystery drama “Awaken”!

“Awaken” is a murder mystery drama that follows the connections between mysterious events unfolding in the present and the secrets behind an enigmatic incident that took place in a village 28 years ago.

Just four episodes into its run, the drama has already given viewers countless mysteries to solve—and inspired a flurry of speculation about potential answers to those riddles.


Here are three of the mysteries that are keeping “Awaken” viewers on the edge of their seats:

1. What happened at the White Night Village, and could Do Jung Woo or Jamie be the serial killer?

Previously on “Awaken,” it was revealed that both Do Jung Woo (played by Namgoong Min) and Jamie (played by Lee Chung Ah) were from the White Night Village. Interestingly, however, this information only served to make each character more suspicious of the other—and they didn’t shy away from letting each other know just how strongly they suspected one another.

All the secrecy surrounding the White Night Village—and the trauma that gave Jamie her amnesia—has piqued viewers’ curiosity as to what exactly took place there all those years ago. The drama has also repeatedly raised the question of whether Do Jung Woo or Jamie could possibly be the serial killer that has the entire nation trembling in fear.

2. Who is sending Lee Ji Wook the advance warnings, and why?

In the latest episode of “Awaken,” Lee Ji Wook (played by Yoon Kyung Ho) came to the startling revelation that all of the advance warnings he received about the serial murders had been sent by someone on the special task force. The reporter realized that not only the advance warnings, but also the anonymous message he received from the person who had cracked the code had all been printed using the same printer. He therefore began to suspect Jamie, concluding that if the killer wasn’t Do Jung Woo, it was likely to be her.

The question remains of who is behind the advance warnings—and what is their true motive for sending them to Lee Ji Wook?

3. How are Son Min Ho and Oh Jung Hwan connected to the serial killings?

Viewers have been paying especially close attention to the mysterious character of Son Min Ho, the fifth “forewarned-murder” victim and the past leader of the White Night Village (played by Choi Jin Ho). In the latest episode of the drama, it came to light that he was involved in some shady back-door dealings with Oh Jung Hwan, the President’s Chief of Staff (played by Kim Tae Woo), and Jang Yong Sik, the CEO of the widely-used portal site MODU (played by Jang Hyuk Jin).

During a secret meeting between Son Min Ho’s lawyer and such powerful individuals, it was hinted that the topic of the White Night Village was a taboo that was not to be discussed. It remains to be seen whether these influential men have any relation to the serial killer case—and if so, what other secrets they might be hiding.

The next episode of “Awaken” will air on December 14 at 9 p.m. KST. 

What are your theories on these unsolved mysteries? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!




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3 Reasons Grand Prize for the 2020 SBS Drama Awards Became the Hottest Topic: Namgung Min, Han Suk Kyu, Kim So Yeon


by krishkim | images: SBS


Netizens are pouring our mixed opinions over the nominees for the coming SBS Drama Awards’ Grand Prize.




An unexpected figure appeared at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards, which was expected to be a two-way race between actors Namgung Min and Han Suk Kyu. Kim So Yeon, who is playing the main villain in The Penthouse: War in Life, has emerged as a strong candidate for the grand prize with an explosive performance in the recent episode.





The Penthouse: War in Life, which depicts the distorted desires of people living in a 100-story penthouse in the heart of Gangnam, became the hottest topic these days, garnering 23.3% viewer ratings. In the recently aired episode, Kim So Yeon presented a completely lunatic ending, quickly emerging as a strong candidate for the Grand Prize.






Now, the best candidates for the Grand Prize became Hot Stove League actor Namgung Min, Dr. Romantic 2

actor Han Suk Kyu, and The Penthouse: War in Life actress Kim So Yeon.


Dr. Romantic 2 tells the story of a “real doctor” from a small, humble hospital called Doldam Hospital. The drama recorded 27.1% ratings, the network’s highest viewership this year.



However, this is no exaggeration in saying that this year started with the “Hot Stove League craze.” The drama revolves around a cellar-dwelling baseball team that hires an unorthodox manager who’s determined to push it to the top. Namgumg Min, Park Eun Bin, Oh Jung Se and Jo Byung Gyu starred in the project, and the highest viewership was 19.1%.


What are your thoughts?


Source (1)

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  • irilight changed the title to Namgoong Min - Namkoong Min 남궁민 - Current tvN Drama: "Awaken". Upcoming MBC Drama "Black Sun."
On 12/16/2020 at 2:29 AM, Helena said:

3 Reasons Grand Prize for the 2020 SBS Drama Awards Became the Hottest Topic: Namgung Min, Han Suk Kyu, Kim So Yeon

@Helena, thank you. He is certainly in good company.  I was excited to see this article!


Namgoong Min becomes a vengeful spy for blockbuster action drama Black Sun


"Workhorse Namgoong Min is at it again. Just two weeks after his latest drama Awaken started airing, reports have announced that Namgoong Min is already preparing for his next project. Blockbuster-style spy-action drama Black Sun is a 12-episode miniseries, tentatively scheduled to air on MBC in late 2021."

Read more on Dramabeans


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Namgoong Min to Star in MBC Drama for the First Time in 8 Years


Namgoong Min is starring in the new MBC action blockbuster drama "Black Sun".

"Black Sun" is a blockbuster masterpiece produced by MBC and OTT Wave with an investment of 15 billion won. The story takes place when the top NIS field agent, who goes missing a year ago, returns to the organization to find an internal traitor who drops him into the abyss.

Namgoong Min has confirmed his appearance in the role of Han Ji-hyeok, the best field agent of the NIS. Han Ji-hyeok is a source of awe to his colleagues for his shrewd and perfect performance, but he disappears overnight and returns to shake up the organization after a year.

It is the first time in eight years that Namgoong Min will appear in an MBC drama since "Guam Heo Jun".

"Black Sun" won the 2018 MBC Drama Screenplay Contest by Park Seok-ho. Director Kim Sung-yong, who directed "The Flower in Prison" and "My Healing Love" will be in charge.


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9 hours ago, agenth said:

Well-deserved DAESANG for Namgoong Min for his performance in Stove League!

His acting was superb and the drama seriously great. 

 Thank you for the post, @agenth. I so agree with you. I am ecstatic that he won this prize. Indeed -very well deserved.




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Namgoong Min notches highest honor at SBS Drama Awards with 'Hot Stove League'


By Lee Gyu-lee | 2021-01-01



Actor Namgoong Min gives a speech after receiving the grand prize at the SBS Drama Awards held at the network's Seoul studio, Thursday. Courtesy of SBS


Actor Namgoong Min has won the grand prize at the year-end SBS Drama Awards Thursday, with his role in the TV series "Hot Stove League."


This is the first time the actor, 43, has won the highest honor at an event hosted by a major broadcaster.


"When I was struggling, working as an extra and in small roles, the first supporting role I got was on an SBS series," Namgoong said during the ceremony. "And I'm so thankful to receive this award many years later."


In the series, the actor played Baek Seung-soo, who is assigned as general manager of pro baseball team The Dreams to help the struggling team. His compelling performance as a reserved leader who successfully rebuilds the team despite difficulties has won huge praise from viewers.



A poster for the baseball-themed drama "Hot Stove League" / Courtesy of SBS


The 16-part series ended with a 19.1 percent viewership rating.


"Hot Stove League means a lot to me. I've always felt gratitude toward the people I worked with for the series," the actor said. "I consider chemistry to be the most important thing, and we had the perfect chemistry."


Recalling the first time he read the script, he thanked the writer, Lee Shin-hwa. "I was blown away by how intricate the story was … you are the best writer in my heart," Namgoong said.


"As I get older, I become more appreciative of the people who are always on my side," he said, naming his loved ones, including his long-time girlfriend, actress Jin A-reum. "When I was depressed, lonely or upset, these people always stood by me."


Namgoong debuted in a minor role in the 2001 movie "Bungee Jumping of Their Own." He has starred in various films and TV shows, including the 2015 suspense series "The Girl Who Sees Scents" and the 2017 comedy series "Good Manager."




Who’s the Woman that Namkoong Min Thanked in His Acceptance Speech?


by You Jung | 12-31-2020



Photo: Screenshot from the 2020 SBS Drama Awards


Actor Namkoong Min piqued the curiosity of viewers when he mentioned girlfriend Jin Areum during his acceptance speech for the Grand Prize at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards.


The 2020 SBS Drama Awards were held on December 31 at the SBS Prism Tower in Sangam-dong, Seoul. Namkoong Min beat out fellow actors Han Suk Kyu, Kim Hye Soo, and Kim So Yeon to win the Grand Prize.


“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started thinking about the people who are always on my side. My mom wasn’t doing well this year health-wise, so I hope she stays healthy from now on. I want to be an even better son in the future,” said Namkoong Min with his trophy in hand.


He then went on to thank his older brother and girlfriend Jin Areum by saying, “Thank you for being by my side. I love you.”




Photo: Jin Areum’s Instagram @jin_areum


Jin Areum, who made her debut as a model in 2008, became better known to the public in 2010 after she made an appearance on the second season of Project Runway Korea. She then went on to star in a number of movies, such as Troubleshooter, How to Use Guys with Secret Tips, The Royal Tailor, and Planck Constant.


The couple met in the summer of 2015 as director and leading actress when Namkoong Min directed the short film, Light My Fire. The two actors, who have an 11-year age difference, went public with their relationship in the following year.

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@Helena, great articles. Thank you for sharing them with us.
@rocher22 hi there :). Great Photo!  Love it.
@Noona JjangThanks for the photo!   May we see him in many more awards ceremonies! :wub:



Namgoong Min Shares How He Felt Upon Receiving A Daesang, His Concerns About Acting, And More


On the February 14 episode of SBS’s “My Ugly Duckling,” Namgoong Min appeared as a special MC.

When Namgoong Min appeared, the panel of celebrity mothers congratulated him on winning the Daesang (Grand Prize) at the 2020 SBS Drama Awards. About his feelings on receiving the award, he said, “I thought I would be so happy and joyful, but instead of that, I found myself thinking about what it meant to receive this award. I thought about how I would continue on my path as an actor from here. I realized that I already know who the people are in my life who give me strength. I thought that I should be more grateful and become a better person to them.”


He shared that even in this point in his life, he continues to practice and learn more about acting. “In the past, I used to write in a notebook,” he said. “Now I write long, detailed notes on my phone. Even for my most recent drama, I had a lot of notes. I think about how to express things so that it feels real and not like ‘acting.’ If I can immerse myself in those feelings, it comes naturally, but there are cases when I can’t. That’s why I keep a record of my physical and emotional condition.”

Apart from acting, he said that he doesn’t know how to do much else. “When I lived with my younger brother, it wasn’t that I tried to order him around,” he said. “But when I cook, even if it’s just ramyun, it tastes bland and bad. I once followed the instructions exactly and it still tasted bad.”



Namgoong Min also talked about taking on villain roles. He said that physical fight scenes are difficult and said, “It has to look real, but you can’t hit hard. Your partner might get hurt. I know I have to do it, but it’s instinct to feel reluctant. When I did the drama ‘Remember,’ I had to step on someone, but I couldn’t bring myself to do more than just touch them slightly with the edge of my foot. The director ended up not using the full shot a lot.”

He added, “Playing villain roles can make it difficult to maintain the balance of personal relationships between actors. When I enter a scene, until the moment the director yells ‘cut,’ I don’t think of myself as ‘Namgoong Min’ at all.” He said that he used to hold on to these dark feelings but now relieves stress by “watching movies I like and drinking beer. That’s when I feel the happiest.”


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  • Guest changed the title to Namgoong Min - Namkoong Min 남궁민 - Upcoming MBC Drama "Black Sun."
  • 1 month later...


The 33rd Korean PD Awards, given by Korean Producers and Directors Association (KPDA), will be held on April 23rd at 3pm (broadcast on SBS starting at 12:30pm on the 27th).


Year /  Best TV Drama / Performer Award (talent)

33rd - 2021: ‘Hot Stove League’ (SBS), Nam Goong-min


32nd - 2020: ‘When the Camellia Blooms’ (KBS2), Kim Nam-gil

31st - 2019: ‘Terius Behind Me’ (MBC), Choi Soo-jong

30th - 2018: ‘Fight My Way’ (KBS) & ‘Chief Kim’ (KBS), Chun Ho-jin

29th - 2017: ‘Descendants of the Sun’, Song Joong-ki

28th - 2016: ‘Snowy Road’ (KBS), Ji Sung

27th - 2015: ‘My Love from the Star’ (SBS), Jo Jae-hyun

26th - 2014: ‘Good Doctor’ (KBS), Joo Won

25th - 2013: ‘The Chaser’ (SBS), Yoo Joon-sang

24th - 2012: ‘Tree with Deep Roots’ (SBS), Shin Ha-kyun

23rd - 2011: ‘Chuno’ (KBS 2TV), Jang Hyuk

22nd - 2010: ‘Queen Seondeok’ (MBC), Go Hyun-jung

21st - 2009: ‘Beethoven Virus’ (MBC), Kim Myung-min

20th - 2008: ‘Coffee Prince‘ (MBC), Kim Myung-min

19th - 2007: ‘Jumong’ (MBC), Song Il-kook

18th - 2006: ‘Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin’ (KBS), Kim Myung-min, Kim Sun-ah

17th - 2005: ‘’Emperor of the Sea’ (KBS),  Jung Bo-seok

16th - 2004: ‘Dae Jang Geum’ (MBC), Kim Hee-ae

15th - 2003: ‘Ruler of Your Own World’ (MBC), Ryu Seung-bum

14th - 2002: ‘Taejo Wang Geon’ (KBS), Cha In-pyo

13th - 2001: ‘Autumn Fairy Tale’ (KBS), Kim Young-chul

12th - 2000: ‘When He Stopped‘ (KBS), Kim Young-ae

11th - 1999: ‘Advocate’ (MBC), Choi Soo-jong

10th - 1998: ‘Tears of the Dragon’ (KBS), Kim Heung-gi



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SBS programs win Remi awards at Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival


By Park Yuna | May 5, 2021


"Hot Stove League” (SBS)


Five TV programs including a drama series and a documentary produced by network broadcaster SBS received Remi Awards at the 54th Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival. 


Founded in 1968, the annual film festival is the third-oldest film festival in the US. Past winners include Steven Spiellberg, the Coen brothers, Ang Lee and John Lee Hancock. The film festival ran April 16-25 in Houston. 


SBS television drama “Hot Stove League” and documentary “Anywhere & Nowhere J.S.Y.” won the Platinum Remi at the 10-day film festival. “Hot Stove League,” starring Namkoong Min and Park Eun-bi, aired on SBS from Dec. 13, 2019 to Feb.14, 2020. 

Another winner, documentary “Anywhere & Nowhere J.S.Y.,” sheds light on the life of Kim Yong-hyun, an ordinary person who was part of many important events in Korean history, including participating in the pro-democracy protests of the 1980s and helping to rescue survivors at the scene of Sampoong Department Store collapse in 1995.


Cooking show “Delicious Rendezvous” and “Animal Farm” episode “Take Care of Eunbi” won the Silver Remi. “Delicious Rendezvous” features well-known TV chef and entrepreneur Baek Jong-won, who presents new dishes using local specialty produce. 


“Take Care of Eunbi” featured the heartbreaking story of a grandmother who had been diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer and her 14-year-old dog named Eunbi. Told that she has about three months to live, the elderly woman desperately looks for someone to take care of her dog. 


The film festival received more than 4,500 entries from 75 countries, and 15 percent of the entries won Remi awards, according to the festival website. 


By Park Yuna (yunapark@heraldcorp.com)

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