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Namgoong Min - Namkoong Min (남궁민) - Current SBS Drama "Stove League"

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Namgoong Min In Talks To Star In New SBS Baseball Drama


Namgoong Min may be returning with a new drama!

On July 19, reports stated that Namgoong Min was planning to make his return to the small screen with a new SBS drama titled “Stove League.” In response, a source from Namgoong Min’s agency 935 Entertainment stated, “It is one of the projects that he is currently reviewing.”

“Stove League” is about the preparation period of a major league baseball team. The drama focuses on a loser team that prepares for an extraordinary season upon the arrival of their new general manager, and each episode will focus on a problem they have as they prepare to become a stronger team.

If confirmed, Namgoong Min will take on the role of the general manager, Baek Seung Soo, who has a magnetic personality despite not being very likable. Lee Shin Hwa is the writer behind the drama while PD Jang Dong Yoon will be directing the drama.

“Stove League” is planned to air after “Vagabond” sometime in November of this year.


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Namgoong Min up to play baseball manager in SBS sports drama


Sports dramas can be such gems when done correctly. Add an actor like Namgoong Min (Doctor Prisoner) to the mix, and I’m already sold. SBS has a new underdog baseball drama in the works titled Stove League, and an offer is out to Namgoong Min, who is ‘positively considering.’

Read more on Dramabeans

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Jo Byeong Gyu In Talks Along With Namgoong Min And Girl’s Day’s Sojin For New SBS Drama

Jo Byeong Gyu may be starring in a new baseball drama!

On August 26, an industry representative reported that the actor will be starring in the SBS drama “Stove League.”

In response to the reports, a source from his agency HB Entertainment commented, “He has received the casting offer and is reviewing it. His appearance [in the drama] has not been confirmed yet.”

“Stove League” is about the preparation period of a major league baseball team. The drama focuses on a loser team that prepares for an extraordinary season upon the arrival of their new general manager, and each episode will focus on a problem they have as they prepare to become a stronger team.

Jo Byeong Gyu has received the offer for a character who becomes a part of the team due to connections as he is the grandson of a major furniture company’s owner.

Namgoong Min and Girl’s Day’s Sojin are also in talks to star in the drama.

“Stove League” is scheduled to premiere in November following the conclusion of “Vagabond.”

source:  Soompi

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Namgoong Min Confirmed For New Baseball Drama With Park Eun Bin

Namgoong Min is confirmed to star in SBS’s upcoming baseball drama “Stove League”!

On September 18, a source from 935 Entertainment stated, “Namgoong Min confirmed his appearance on SBS’s new drama ‘Stove League’ and [participated in] the first script reading last weekend.”

He will play the role of a man named Baek Seung Soo, who has an unfortunate history with the past sports teams he used to manage. Even when his team won, it was in an unpopular sport, or his team was dissolved because its corporate sponsors were too poor. The drama follows the story after he becomes the general manager of a professional baseball team named Dreams that always takes last place in its league.

Park Eun Bin has also confirmed her appearance in the drama, while Jo Byeong Gyu and Girl’s Day’s Sojin are in talks.

“Stove League” will premiere in November.


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Watch: Namgoong Min Is Determined To Hit A Home Run With His New Venture In “Stove League” Teaser

Upcoming SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Stove League” has shared a teaser of Namgoong Min!

“Stove League” will be the follow-up drama to “Vagabond” and will tell the story of a new general manager who takes over a baseball team who is always in last place, so much that even the fans have given up, as they prepare for a new season and unexpected changes.

The drama has released its first video teaser of Namgoong Min as Baek Seung Su, the new coach of the baseball team called Dreams. He is wearing a white button-up shirt and necktie as he enters a baseball practice field, and though he tries to swing his baseball bat, he misses all the balls that come at him.

It’s then when a voiceover says, “So you’re going to try and fix a situation when everything’s already gone to the dogs?” and he says, “I have to fix it. We have to change the system, not the people,” and “Victory, I’m going to make it happen.” With those words, he holds onto his baseball bat tightly and hits the ball. The ball suddenly changes into documents and fly everywhere.


“Stove League” is set to premiere on December 13 at 10 p.m. KST.




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Watch: Namgoong Min Films In Hawaii + Searches For Lucky Sea Turtle In “I Live Alone” Preview

Viewers will get to experience life in Hawaii with Namgoong Min on the next episode of “I Live Alone”!

On November 22, the MBC reality show shared a preview of its upcoming episode featuring Namgoong Min.

The clip begins with a sneak peek of Henry and Kian 84’s musical collaboration, in which they combine Henry’s beats and Kian 84’s lyrics. Henry comments, “It could be a huge success or a total failure. We’re just going to do what we want to do.”

Namgoong Min then gives viewers a glimpse of his second appearance on the show. As he works out on the balcony of his hotel room overlooking the beautiful ocean, he says, “Hawaii! I’m Namgoong Min, who is appearing on [‘I Live Alone’] again after a long time. I came here to work.”

After confessing that he’s having a really hard time memorizing his lines, he goes on an adventure in search of good luck. The actor says to himself, “If I find a sea turtle, the viewership ratings [for my drama] will be 17 percent. If I don’t find one, [the drama] will be a failure.”

Catch this episode of “I Live Alone” when it airs on November 29 at 11 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the preview below!

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"Stove League" Namgoong Min, a Trustworthy Veteran


SBS drama "Stove League" actor Namgoong Min seems different.

"Stove League", which is coming up on the 13th of December, is a 'straightforward office drama' about the new captain of the lousiest baseball team preparing them for a new season. Namgoong Min takes on the role of Baek Seung-soo, a 'number one maker' who begins to coach the lowest ranking team in the league.

Namgoong Min is typically known for his charismatic and straightforward roles in "Doctor Prisoner" and "Chief Kim". Anticipation rises for the character of Baek Seung-soo.

Meanwhile, a 3-level change in emotion was spotted on camera. Baek Seung-soo is watching the teenager league play while having a conversation with someone. Baek Seung-soo has a chic and stoic vibe, but in the captures he seems surprised and concerned. In the last capture, he shows a slight cocky smile.

The production explained, "Namgoong Min is an acting veteran who needs no introductions. He reads the flow of Baek Seung-soo so well and brings life into it. You can look forward to Baek Seung-soo played by Namgoong Min".

"Stove League" is directed by Jeong Dong-yoon, written by Lee Shin-hwa, and features Namgoong Min, Park Eun-bin, Oh Jung-se, Jo Byeong-gyu, Hong Ki-joon, Chae Jong-hyeop. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2019/12/13~Upcoming, Fri, Sat 22:00 on SBS.


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Watch: Park Eun Bin And Namgoong Min Try To Change The Fate Of A Losing Team In “Stove League”

Upcoming SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Stove League” has shared a new teaser ahead of the show’s premiere!

“Stove League” will tell the story of a baseball team called Dreams who come in dead last and have reached a point where even their fans don’t shed a tear at their loss anymore. Baek Seung Su (Namgoong Min) comes in as the new general manager to try and change things.

The teaser starts off with Baek Seung Su watching a Dreams game as he says to himself, “Last place for four consecutive years,” and “A team that’s the worst at baseball and has no hope.” The players can be seen fighting amongst each other after the match and team manager Lee Se Young (Park Eun Bin) swings a bat around as she expresses her frustration, “Is this the best that we can do?”

The scene changes and Baek Seung Su can be seen giving a presentation with the words, “Change is needed.” But he is later threatened by a mysterious man who says, “You really only poke out the worst scars, don’t you?” Oh Kyung Min (Oh Jung Se) says to Baek Seung Su, “You really think you can win? You have big dreams,” and Baek Seung Su shoots back, “Yes, so we’re going to be very busy.”

“Stove League” is set to premiere on December 13 at 10 p.m. KST. Check out the teaser below!




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Namgoong Min, Park Eun Bin, And More Dream Of Success In New “Stove League” Posters

Upcoming SBS drama “Stove League” has revealed two main posters!

“Stove League,” starring Namgoong Min, Park Eun Bin, Jo Byeong Gyu, Jo Han Sun, Lee Joon Hyuk, and Kim Soo Jin, tells the story of a pitiful baseball team called Dreams who have lost the sympathy of even their fans. Namgoong Min plays Baek Seung Su, who comes in as the team’s new general manager to switch things up.

In the first poster, the main cast are powerfully walking out from a narrow alley behind the dugout. Despite being management team members, they all look as determined as if they were the players themselves. The captions on the poster read, “There are no rules or referees” and “The hot winter story in the shadows of the fancy ground.”


The second poster has a completely different vibe, showing the cast in excited celebration. A player runs towards the thrilled crowd as confetti showers everyone. The caption of the happy celebratory poster says, “However, life starts at the ninth inning with two outs.”





Regarding the two posters, the producers shared, “Behind the focus of a ‘straightforward office drama,’ the main posters symbolically demonstrate the competitive daily lives of the main characters. Please look out for the front’s sweat and tears, as well as their joy and affection in ‘Stove League.'”

“Stove League” premieres on December 13 at 10 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!




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Namgoong Min Renews Exclusive Contract With Agency

Namgoong Min has chosen to renew his contract with his agency 935 Entertainment!

On December 12, 935 Entertainment officially announced, “Working off of the foundation of deep trust and confidence in one another that we have built up over many years, we have renewed our contract with actor Namgoong Min. We will continue to be unsparing in our full support of Namgoong Min’s activities, and we will also try to become a reliable source of help so that he can develop even more in the future. We ask that you show him a lot of support and love.”

The agency added, “Our company staff is constantly amazed and moved by Namgoong Min’s passion for acting and his strong work ethic. We will do our best to share his concerns as an actor, and we will figure out how to create an atmosphere in which he can focus even more on his acting and nothing else. We will do our utmost to grow together with him.”

Namgoong Min, who first signed with 935 Entertainment back in 2015, is currently gearing up to star in the SBS drama “Stove League.” The upcoming drama will tell the story of a pitiful baseball team called Dreams that always comes in dead last—and the newly hired general manager who attempts to turn things around in a seemingly hopeless situation.

“Stove League” premieres on December 13 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki. In the meantime, check out a trailer for the drama with English subtitles.



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Hot Stove League debut: Namgoong Min and Park Eun-Bin’s baseball K-Drama on SBS is almost a home run

Namgoong Min and Park Eun-Bin lead the cast in the new baseball K-drama, Hot Stove League. Pic credit: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

Earlier this week, the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) — the Korean public network famous for numerous K-drama including The Fiery Priest and The Last Empress — debuted their newest series, a baseball K-drama titled Hot Stove League (스토브리그).


Also known as Stove League, the K-drama reunites Hallyu stars Namgoong Min and Park Eun-Bin from Hur Jun, The Original Story. The series hopes to portray a unique tale centered on baseball with a bit of a comedic twist.


Thankfully, many are finding the series entertaining, and after its debut, it almost hit a home run compared to other K-dramas debuting or airing at the same time.

From the worst to the best

Before providing a synopsis for the plot of Hot Stove League, it is best to describe what a hot stove league is in baseball. In the sport, the hot stove league is the baseball off-season.

The phrase does not refer to an actual league but centers around baseball fans gathering around a hot stove during cold winter months, discussing baseball teams and players.

These days, the term refers to the numerous transactions in baseball that occur during the off-season. This includes contract negotiations, re-signings, trades, and free agents. It also includes rumors and speculations about possible trades.


Concerning the K-drama, Lee Se-Young (Park Eun-Bin) is the only woman manager in the league, and she is passionate about the Dreams, the worst team in the league.

Though she’s been managing for ten years, she never gives up. Soon, a new manager joins the Dreams in Baek Seung-Soo (Namgoong Min). He doesn’t have a pleasant personality, but he determines to make the worst team into the best.

With that in mind, it is currently the hot stove league, and the two managers work together during this time to “polish” the Dreams team.

Almost a home run in viewership

Hot Stove League started well in viewership both domestically and internationally. In South Korea, the series contains 32 thirty-minute episodes, two episodes airing on Friday and Saturday each.


According to AGB Neilsen Korea, the first episode earned 3.3 percent for the nation. By the end of the fourth episode, it had risen to 7.9 percent for the nation. It was so close to double-digit viewership, thus marking it a “home run.”

Internationally, specifically in the Americas, Hot Stove League has an overall average rating of 9.3 out of 10 stars but only out of 29 ratings. We will see how the average changes over time. Right now, the average is excellent.

With the chameleon-like acting and star power of Namgoong Min headlining the lead cast, Hot Stove League should be a hit as time goes by. For fans interested in the series, it airs on Fridays and Saturdays, two episodes per day starting at 11 p.m. KST.




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Namgoong Min, "The More Your Passion for Acting Dies, The More You Will Break Down Mentally"




Namgoong Min, who plays Baek Seung-soo in the drama "Stove League", was featured in a pictorial.

This is his first drama in 7 months since "Doctor Prisoner" and he's been at a good 1-2 dramas a year. "Rather than resting, the time when I'm not working is harder", the actor said. "If an actor isn't acting, then he doesn't feel alive. There nothing else I'm good at or want to be good at besides acting. Acting is the source of my energy in life".


Most of the dramas Namgoong Min has been in have had an average viewing percentage of 10%, making him a creditable actor. Namgoong Min said, "After one drama failed, my insight to looking at dramas became more detailed. When I first met the writer for "Stove League", I got the feeling that she had a good layout of the drama and trusted her".

He's appeared in several TV shows, and viewers got to see the 'unusual' side of him. "I should be able to concentrate on the script when I'm at home. It also feels good to be able to clear up the complicated feelings I get after a shoot. I'm visually sensitive to the feelings of space". He says he's taken up an interest in wine and drawings, too.


Come 2020, Namgoong Min will have been acting for 20 years. About his mental care he said, "Once I start concentrating on acting, I start to develop faith in myself. Once that falls thickly in place, what others say about me doesn't affect me. The more your passion for acting dies, the more you will break down mentally. It's better if you think tomorrow will be better than today, rather than trying to act perfectly. Even when things don't work out, realization comes from the same place, so I don't agonize over it".

"Stove League" is the story of a new captain preparing the worst team possible for the new season.

The pictures and interview of Namgoong Min can be seen in the January issue of Cosmopolitan.
"Stove League" is directed by Jeong Dong-yoon, written by Lee Shin-hwa, and features Namgoong Min, Park Eun-bin, Oh Jung-se, Jo Byeong-gyu, Hong Ki-joon, Chae Jong-hyeop. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2019/12/13~Now airing, Fri, Sat 22:00 on SBS.


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Namgoong Min Gets Cornered In Upcoming Episode Of “Stove League”

SBS’s “Stove League” has released new stills of Namgoong Min being accosted in a dark neighborhood street.

“Stove League” tells the story of a pitiful baseball team called Dreams that has lost the sympathy of even its fans. Namgoong Min plays Baek Seung Su, the team’s new general manager who comes in to switch things up. Park Eun Bin stars as Lee Se Young, the only female baseball team manager in Korea who has been in charge of Dreams for 10 years.

In the new stills, as Baek Seung Su gets cornered, he shows surprise and alarm, a large deviation from his usual stoic and cold demeanor.

A source from the drama said, “Namgoong Min always impresses the staff with how he puts the drama before himself. Watch episode three to find out how the fate of Dreams changes after this scene, which is like a red warning light for [Baek Seung Su].”

The next episode of “Stove League” airs December 20 at 10 p.m. KST.



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December most buzzworthy Drama and actors


The top 10 dramas that generated the most buzz this past week are as follows:

  1. tvN “Crash Landing on You” – 22.45 percent
  2. SBS “Stove League” – 18.85 percent
  3. SBS “VIP” – 11.98 percent
  4. tvN “Black Dog” – 9.41 percent
  5. JTBC “War of Prosecutors” – 7.98 percent
  6. KBS2 “Woman of 9.9 Billion” – 4.35 percent
  7. JTBC “Chocolate” – 3.82 percent
  8. KBS2 “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” – 3.43
  9. tvN “Psychopath Diary” – 3.12 percent
  10. MBC “Love with Flaws” – 3.07 percent


    The top 10 drama actors that generated the most buzz this past week are as follows:

  11. Son Ye Jin (“Crash Landing on You”)
  12. Hyun Bin (“Crash Landing on You”)
  13. Jang Nara (“VIP”)
  14. Lee Sang Yoon (“VIP”)
  15. Seo Hyun Jin (“Black Dog”)
  16. Pyo Ye Jin (“VIP”)
  17. Namgoong Min (“Stove League”)
  18. Jung Ryeo Won (“War of Prosecutors”)
  19. Lee Sun Gyun (“War of Prosecutors”)
  20. Jo Yeo Jeong (“Woman of 9.9 Billion”)

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“Stove League” Sees Increase In Ratings For Yet Another Personal Best


SBS’s “Stove League” has reached a new personal best in viewership ratings!

According to Nielsen Korea, the January 17 broadcast of the drama recorded nationwide averages of 12.9, 15.5, and 17 percent viewership for its three parts, for a 1.5 point increase from the drama’s previous episode. In it’s most-watched minute, the drama peaked at 19.4 percent viewership.




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