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Namgoong Min/ Namkoong Min 남궁민 | Current Drama : Black Sun 검은 태양 - Friday & Saturday @ 2100 KST


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Guest adikkeluangman

Nam Goong Min talks about his ‘bed scenes’ with Kim Jae Won in “Can You Hear My Heart?”


Actor Nam Goong Min plays an older brother figure to Kim Jae Won in the MBC drama, “Can You Hear My Heart?”, and he confessed that he feels pretty uncomfortable when they have to film certain scenes together.

He explained that because he’s in so many scenes with Kim Jae Won, the two are being called a ‘male couple’. This stems from the fact that two have many scenes where they play around in bed together. Nam Goong Min truthfully commented, “Honestly, it was awkward filming bed scenes with another man. Because it was awkward, I kept laughing and making NGs.”

When asked if the two actors had any hidden problems at the moment, he said, “While we are filming, we are good to each other. Outside of filming, we are on friendly terms. Kim Jae Won is such a bright person that we get along with no problems.”

Nam Goong Min plays a smart doctor named Jang Joon Ha who wants to forget his past.


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Guest sexy4yennie

I love Can U Hear my Heart

especially Maroo oppa aka Joon Ha hyung

he look like Jung Yong Hwa some time

some time he look like Kim Hyun Joong too

maybe this is a answer why I like him so much

coz I love Kim HYun Joong too

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Guest TeeTop

He's my favorite actor in Can You Hear My Heart.

Stalking the internet for pictures. :P


I lol'ed at this one. :P

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Guest liaahx

I hope he gets a lead role! I've always liked him, even though, I admit, there are times I can't tell him apart from certain other actors lol. I think it's the haircut. Only in pictures though, in motion, it's pretty clear. And I really like his acting.

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Guest k o r a

Nam is one, mighty fine man. He should go topless more often because... wow. I guess no one's been keeping up with him after, Can You Hear My Heart, ended. There hasn't been any news about him either. He should return to drama-land, and soon, because I don't really have anything out there to watch at the moment.

Guess I'll post the most recent pictures of him from last month. He attended The 13th Jeonju International Film Festival on April 26. Guys in suits equals hotness overload. Especially with the right hairdo too, they are so, Mm Mm Mm!






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Guest k o r a

:-O Are there bigger versions? 
Just look at that body of his. Looks kinda fake, but so delicious.

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Guest Noro1430292046

Namgoong Min’s cameo for Alice
by javabeans | November 30, 2012 | 48 Comments

Here’s one more reason to tune in to the premiere of Alice in Cheongdam-dong this weekend: We’ll be getting a guest appearance by Namgoong Min (Can You Hear My Heart) as Moon Geun-young’s boyfriend. Uh… and why exactly does she go on to marry Park Shi-hoo instead?

The world of the drama is centered around fashion and design (the hero sells it, the heroine wants to make it), and since we can never have a fashion drama where any of its characters aren’t all about it, Namgoong Min’s character will also be employed in the industry. He’s a sales manager for a designer distribution company, though stymied by frustration as he “attempts to overcome his poor reality.” Poor in this case means literally without money — which, as we can surmise, is a huge drawback to living the Cheongdam-dong lifestyle.

Poverty is also the classic excuse for some noble idiocy, and he exhibits it in parting ways with his girlfriend. Does he lie, too, to spare her the misery of loving a guy without money, instead burdening her with the misery of feeling unloved and rejected?

Thus the loss of the relationship spins our heroine off into a completely different direction. Ah, now I start to see the appeal of the rich CEO Park Shi-hoo (not that he wasn’t appealing before). Just, now her project to marry a wealthy Kangnam man starts to make sense. It’s still terribly mercenary of her, but thanks to the drama gods she’ll discover the true meaning of happiness and marriage along the way, despite her motivations at the outset. Thank goodness for that.

The drama premieres on SBS this Saturday, December 1.

Via My Daily

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Guest juvel10jde

class="post-title"Nam Goong Min Strips Down

By Evan on December 3, 2012 | 13 Comments



Nam Goong Min did a photo shoot recently in what appears to be an old hotel room. Hard to tell, though, cause we’re too busy staring at his…hair. The three series set (if there’s more out there, may we find them immediately) features a very stripped down Ming, clad in only a towel, smoking a cigarette and lustfully staring at himself in the mirror.  Don’t believe us?  Take a look for yourself:



Did we get your attention?

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Guest Noro1430292046

Nam Goong Min Praises Moon Geun Young on Her Attitude as an Actress
yw740030 | December 5, 2012

On his fan café on December 3, actor Nam Goong Min left a message under the title, “I can see the tears on Se Kyung’s face.” Nam Goong Min is currently making special appearances on SBS’s new drama “Alice in Cheongdamdong” as the poor boyfriend of Se Kyung, who is being played by actress Moon Geun Young.

Nam Goong Min started by stating, “Special appearance. It’s been a while since I have been at a shooting set. I hoped to look cool, but as the poor boyfriend, my makeup included dirty stubbles and dark circles. However, this is the character I must play, so I will do my best. There are some advantages of playing this kind of role. For example, I don’t have to worry about keeping my clothes or my face clean. I can just sit anywhere.”

Nam Goong Min continued, “I will be appearing on only three episodes, so I feel like a visitor. It has been a long time since I saw Geun Young, but I now have to pretend I have been dating her for past six years and break up with her. This is hard.”

Nam Goong Min added, “I wonder if the viewers will catch this. As I acted this scene, I saw Se Kyung crying. She knows her face won’t appear on the TV, but to help me play my character, she tries her best and continues to act. This must be how good partners work.”

The scene Nam Goong Min refers to is the scene where In Chan and Se Kyung break up. The viewers will only see Nam Goong Min’s sad face and the back of Moon Geun Young. However a careful inspection reveals Moon Geun Young’s tears as well.

Nam Goong Min stated, “To me, Moon Geun Young isn’t one of those selfish actresses, but someone who has a lot of pride in her work and knows how to work well with any partner. It was only for a short time, and a breakup scene was difficult, but we had a lot of respect and trust in each other and so everything went great. I was happy to work with her, and I would like to wish good luck to “Alice in Cheongdamdong.”

Soompi News

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