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[Variety] Star Couple Show 'Honey' 스타 부부쇼 '자기야'

Guest sharonstar

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Guest sharonstar

i'm not sure if there's a thread for this show yet.. but a week ago, while watching some show (don't remember which.. probably 'come to play' 놀러와) i saw the preview of this show. i was super excited for it, but i wasn't able to find any video link for it yet (bummer~!)

i googled it and not much is on about it yet (i'm sure my research ability is inadequate lol)


okay, so i guess they shot the pilot on May 1, 2009 and are deciding rather to make this an official show.

the 7 couples were:

1. hyejung lee/minhwan go

2. jongjin kim/sungshin lee

3. iljoong kim/jaehee yoon

4. choongHee lee/ran choi


5. inbong pyo/junghwa yoo


6. younghoon joo/yoonmi lee


7. yoonah kim/hyungGyu kim


the couples varied in the length of their marriage, from 1 year to 30.

the couples shared their personal experiences and some episodes during their marriage.

the stage was divided into two sections (similar to 미수다), dividing the husbands and wives.

this program was MCed by misun park and yongman kim




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Guest riehae

Wonder what this is all about. Married couples?!!? Hopefully general public will watch this.

I hope it will be a successful show.

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I just started watching it but it seems very good and the fact that it's about real celebrity marriages make is quite interesting....i barely understand Korean but it does have it's funny moments and the couples seem to change.

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Guest esperame


Thank you very much for this post. I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that there are indeed people out there who really love this show and watch it regularly (when possible). We are very grateful for these t*rrents, and hope that there are many more to follow!! Happy new year :D


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