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Blaue Rosen / Ai Ore!

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gender-bender manga Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero! (Ai Ore!)
alternative titles: 愛を歌うより俺に溺れろ!; 摇滚下的蓝色蔷薇; 摇滚蓝蔷薇; 沉溺爱歌; Ai Ore!; Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!; Be More Deeply in Love than Singing Love; Blaue Rosen; I Would Rather Drown in You than Sing of Love


Akira Shiraishi, a young high schooler with girlish features, joins Blaue Rozen, Mizuki Sakurazaka's band.
Their high school life is anything but typical: Mizuki is the prince of her all-girl school while Akira is the princess of the neighboring all-boy school. How will their relationship progress while others try to get back their prince/princess?

Volumes: 5 (Complete) 
http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=28420Published by: Viz

read: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/ai_wo_utau_yori_ore_ni_oborero
i'm really enjoying it a lot! It's a gender bender, romance and smut yes...no kidding :X

and Ai Ore! is the sequel to Blaue Rosen



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oh oh ohhh! i read about this somewhere. i wanted to read it but i forgot the name.

sounds niceeee and the cover page .. me likeyyy ;DD LOL

thanks for sharing where you can read it. i probably would've spent an hour trying to look for it haha

you say? hihihi XD

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