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Love Revolution! ; Ugly Duckling’s Love Revolution

Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

game/mangamy friend sent me japanese raws of this manga (4 volumes, insisting i read it & play the dating simulation game coz she wants me to be her co-spazzer image ) , and yeah...will try my best to write a summary xD

Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!


Hitomi (the heroine) is kind of fat, since she likes sweets and all and doesn't really hesitate, and now her father has sent her to live with her older brother in a really high-tech apartment. She then finds out that the complex is also home to some really hot boys...and she has to lose weight to attract their attention.

idk if this has been scanlated already, but as far as i've read, i'm enjoying it a lot xD

Volumes: 4 (complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=17747Published by: YenPress*This series has also games released.



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Guest sallyen

'six chapters have been scanlated :) I'm reading 'em right now^^

The bishies are hotttttt *___* <3 haha

I'd say that it's pretty good so far~~ but so many characters :I

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