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[upcoming] [cn/tw Drama 2009] 微笑在我心 / Wei Xiao Zai Wo Xin / Alway

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


Title: 微笑在我心 / Wei Xiao Zai Wo Xin

English title: Always Smile!

Also known as: Smile in my Heart

Genre: Drama, romance

Episodes: 30

Broadcast network: Hunan TV

Broadcast period: 2009-Jun start


After running away from home, Liang Yufang, the second generation inheritor of a five-star hotel, began work at the bottom level of his family's

hotel under a different name. Tian Wei's dream is to become a singer, but due to her alcoholic father and mentally-challenged brother, she had to find work. With the help of her friends, she became a pastry worker in Liang Yufang's family hotel.

There, the two meet and, after a series of misunderstandings, fell in love.

Yet when the truth about Liang Yufang's identity came out, Tian Wei began to doubt his truthfulness to her. Meanwhile, Yufang's family opposed the couple, especially because of Tian Wei's brother.

At this crucial moment, Zhao Xi, who has been working with Yufang, breaks between the two. After being rejected by Yufang in public, the Liang family feels indebted to her. She slowly rises in the hotel and becomes a part of family, eventually getting engaged to Yufang. But she also has a dark motive for all this - revenge.


Zhang Jia Ni as Tian Wei

Ming Dao as Liang Yu Fang

Achel Chang as Du Yun Er

Jill Hsu as Zhao Xi

Huang Meng as Yan Shi Guang

Ma Ke (马可) as Lei Hong

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Guest junjinlilyujah

thank you for the information. I haven't seen ming dao in any drama lately...can't wait to see this one.

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Guest pillowbox

Are there bittorrent links for this show? I'd rather not watch it via streaming sites.

you can find it at baidu.

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