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Gentle Darkness ~

Guest DAi

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by Sads- by me? XD
Here's a song for you all~ probably u wont like it but well i dunt care XD this is acoustic guitar + singing by me! a song from a japanese band call sads~ they are really great so i hope i performed the song nearly as good as kiyoharu~ this song is so sexy~~ MY SOUNDCLICK~ ->> check for the new chemistry - itoshii hito demo!!!!!!!
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Guest colourfulhearts

Keii-kun!!! .... yay i finally get to hear you sing **save* **save*

your voice is so strong and the recording quality is awesome X] .... guitar *-* ...my fav is the itoshii hito demo, lol short but i loved it !!!

gaaaaah now im in love with Gentle Darkness, hahaha definately not my fav song on that album :P, YES YOU PERFORMED IT AS GOOD AS KIYO.... hes so sexy X] ........so are you :rolleyes:


kekeke... TT-TT

...i would love to hear more songs from you!!! i added your soundclick to my favs :P .... and your band too!!!! ... i want to hear them play!!!! :D

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Guest fantasiimaker

I'm glad you finally posted here ^^

You have a very Hyde-ish voice in the Sads song XD nice guitar. I really want to hear you sing something Gackt now.

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