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Love to see that the drama cast hangout together even without filming schedule. Yoon Bak and Lee Jong Hyuk went to baseball game together since both of them supporting the same team.

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Lee Jong Hyuk Talks Variety Shows And Teaching His Sons Through Performances


Lee Jong Hyuk Talks Variety Shows And Teaching His Sons Through Performances


In an interview with News1Star, actor Lee Jong Hyuk confesses, “Before, I was skeptical of actors participating on variety shows. After being on ‘Dad! Where Are We Going,’ there were times I was confused. But it was comforting to show an un-embellished version of me through making memories with my sons on the show. My thoughts on actors participating on variety shows changed a lot. Just because you are on a variety show does not mean you are not an actor. If you want to become the number one actor it may be an obstacle, but I never wanted to become that type of actor.”

Lee Jong Hyuk further comments, “I have a ‘my-way’ side of me. I am not following in anyone’s footsteps. I am walking my own path. When you try a different road that no one’s taken, you can also find other opportunities.”

Lee Jong Hyuk is also a great father to his sons Taksu and Junsu. The actor makes a point of showing his sons performances to give them a meaningful experience and widen their views.

“Recently, my sons came to see me perform ‘Le Passe Muraille (The Man Who Walked Through Walls).’ After seeing my kiss scene, Junsu comforted his mother, saying, ‘It’s okay, don’t stress out.'”






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