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New MBC Drama Starring Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Park Confirms Official Title
MBC‘s upcoming weekend drama, widely known as “Flower of the Equator,” has been officially named as “Flower of the Queen.”
According to MBC on January 19, the official title of “Flower of the Queen” has been confirmed and production is currently underway.
The series stars Kim Sung Ryung, who will play the role of Rena Jung. Rena Jung is a beautiful celebrity chef who has her own cooking show. However, her past reveals that she lost both her mother and daughter for money.
Lee Jong Hyuk plays Rena Jung’s husband, Lee Sung Kyung plays the role of Rena’s hidden daughter, Kang Lee Sol, and Yoon Park plays a chaebol heir. Other members of the cast include Rainbow’s Go Woori and Jo Hyung Gi.
The series is expected to premiere in March on MBC.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Pictures from the praying ritual 'Queen of the Flower'. All the best for the actors and crews. Hope it will be daebak. (by MBC)17812_962264367139944_54541393546274611111043429_962264360473278_919610735694594

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Guest adikkeluangman

Upcoming MBC Drama “The Queen’s Flower” Releases Beautiful Fairy Tale-Like Posters
Upcoming MBC weekend drama “The Queen’s Flower” has released ethereal posters prior to its premiere.
The posters released on March 9 hold allusions to various themes of the upcoming drama.

In the main poster, the two leads of the drama, Kim Sung Ryung and Lee Sung Kyung, are half emerged in milky water while holding onto each other, dressed in flowing dresses. The poster designer and one of the producers of the drama, Park Seung Woo, said, “I was reminded of the story of the ‘Little Mermaid’ when I first read the synopsis of ‘The Queen’s Flower.’ The main characters’ desire and struggle for success, love, and happiness seemed similar to that of the mermaid princess on land.” He continued, “The posters are portraying the characters under water who have reached the surface that they so desired.” The tagline on the posters reads, “If I could be happy for just one moment in life.”
“The Queen’s Flower” a mellow drama about Rena (Kim Sung Ryung), who is reunited with her child (Lee Sung Kyung) she has abandoned for her success. It will premiere on March 14.


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Guest adikkeluangman
“Flower of the Queen” Continues with High Ratings

The newest addition to the weekend evening drama time slot, MBC‘s “Flower of the Queen,” is continuing with strong ratings despite being only two episodes into its run.

According to MBC, the March 15 broadcast of the drama scored a 20.8% in ratings in the greater capital area and 16.8% in national ratings. Although this is 0.3% down from the first episode broadcast on March 14, the drama still had the highest ratings in its time slot.


On the other hand, KBS‘ “Jangbirok” had a 10.7% in ratings, while SBS‘ “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle” continued to see extremely low ratings of 3.4%.

“Flower of the Queen” airs every Saturday and Sunday evening on MBC. It stars Kim Sung Ryung, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Lee Sung Kyung.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Friendly & Harmonious during the drama Queen's Flower press conference scene! Especially the laughter of the mother-daughter. (via withMBC)

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Guest kyung-jin

class="at_ttl"'The Queen's Flower' Kim Sung Ryung Gets Lee Jong Hyuk's Faith

BY C Han | Apr 01, 2015 10:07 PM EDT 

'The Queen's Flower' Kim Sung Ryung Gets Lee Jong Hyuk's Faith

In "The Queen's Flower" Kim Sung Ryung succeeded in getting the faith of Lee Jong Hyuk.

On the episode of MBC special drama "The Queen's Flower" broadcast on Mar. 28th, Lena Jung (played by Kim Sang Ryung) shared her victory on the program and thereby gained the trust of Park Min Joon (played by Lee Jong Hyuk).

On this episode of "Find the greatest chef" Lena Jung shared her victory in the program and was a great help in raising the company's image.  Nonetheless, Park Tae Soo (played by Jang Yong) was upset about the $100,000 in awards and started to get angry at Lena Jung.  She then said that everything until now was all a scandal.

At this, Lena Jung said, "I don't want to stay in this company after suffering through all this mistreatment.  If I can prove everything by simply leaving this company, I'll do so." With that, she left the company and quit."

Afterwards, Min Joon started to grab Lena and say that she was earning his trust.  At this, Lena smiled in a mysterious way as she felt a bit enlightened knowing that he was having trust in her.

Meanwhile, "The Queen's Flower" is about an ambitious woman reuniting with her daughter that she had abandoned.

Source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/80206/20150401/the-queens-flower-kim-sung-ryung-gets-lee-jong-hyuks-faith.htm

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Guest kyung-jin

class="at_ttl"'The Queen's Flower' Lee Jong Hyuk Tells Kim Sung Ryung He Believes In Her

BY C Han | Apr 01, 2015 10:06 PM EDT

'The Queen's Flower' Lee Jong Hyuk Tells Kim Sung Ryung He Believes In Her

In "The Queen's Flower" Kim Sung Ryung and Lee Jong Hyuk started to form a strange vibe together.

On the 5th episode of MBC special drama "The Queen's Flower" broadcast on Mar. 28th, Lena Jung (played by Kim Sung Ryung) declared that she would quit the company because of all sorts of misunderstandings.  With that, Park Min Joon (played by Lee Jong Hyuk) started to cling onto her.

Before this, Lena Jung started to be the target of suspicions of the allergy incident and the Chef Na incident.  To Park Tae Soo (played by Jang Yong), she said, "I'll quit.  I really needed a position but I'm not going to work to my death."

Nonetheless, Park Min Joong (played by Lee Jong Hyuk) supported Park Tae Soo saying that the company image has gotten better because Lena Jung had passed over her winning position to the person in second place. Park Tae Soo later realized that he should be brought over and ordered so.

When this had happened, Park Min Joon caught onto Lena Jung in the parking lot.  Lena Jung said that she is no longer an employee of the restaurant and turned around.  Nonetheless, Park Min Joon asked if his trust was not enough and said that it was enough for him to end his clarification part.

Source: http://www.kdramastars.com/articles/80204/20150401/the-queens-flower-lee-jong-hyuk-tells-kim-sung-ryung-he-believes-in-her.htm

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