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Lee Jong Hyuk 이종혁

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest mochi_chan

Thank you cutiepie for the links.... Ilike his voice, sooo sexy :phew:

Btw, few days ago just find out that LJH also acted in 2006 SBS drama Crazy For You.... he look so gorgeous in pilot uniform... he play as Ryu Tae Joon (as cameo only) childhood friend and fall in love with Lee Mi Yoen who was supposed to married Ryu Tae Joon. But too pity as ussual he wont get the girl he's in love so deep because LMY's hearth go to Yoon Kye Sang :tears: and read from Crazy For U thread, he became a little villain in the end because want to win back LMY :vicx: but nevermind, I wont mind to see him being a little bad, instead of annoyed with his villain acted I became more like him hehehe.......... I am also a bad ajummah :lol::D

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Powerful Opponents Fanmade MVs From The OSTs by Oink (a.k.a Astralyz)

I just finished watching Powerful Opponents and pretty disappointed with the ending. I am a supporter of Young Jin (Chae Rim) and Gwang Pil (LJH)'s tandem. Lee Jong Hyuk is certainly one of the good K-Actors. I notice his performance since GREEN ROSE and I hated his character to death there but he plays a nice guy in Dr Kkaeng. In Powerful Opponents, Lee Jin Wook is certainly more good looking than him but I am attracted to his charismatic character that is why I am disappointed with how the drama ended. If it was not because of Chae Rim, the good performance of LJH and eye candy Lee Jin Wook, I probably would not finished watching this drama.

Anyway, these are the MVs I made from the tracks I like in the OST Album of this drama. Enjoy!

1)MV Powerful Opponents - To The Sky (Young Jin's Theme)

The OST "To The Sky By Pearl's Day (Son Min Jung)"

Clips : Young Jin's Scenes from K-Drama "Powerful Opponents/Rivals" (KBS-2008 )

2)MV Powerful Opponents - My Powerful Opponent (Young Jin and Gwang Pil Theme)

Song : The OST " Ji Kyuh Jool Ge - Lee Shin Sung (Feat. Henry)"

Clips : Young Jin and Gwang Pil's Scenes from K-Drama "Powerful Opponents/Rivals" (KBS-2008 )

3)MV Powerful Opponents - Come On Baby! (Young Jin and Soo Ho Theme)

Song : The OST " Come On B.B By As One"

Clips : Young Jin and Soo Ho's Scenes from K-Drama "Powerful Opponents/Rivals" (KBS-2008 )

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Guest adikkeluangman

Lee Jong Hyuk @ Musical Theater 'Singles'. It was on early this year.


c: windblog + YahooKR + adikkeluangman

I was looking for Son Ho Young stuff when I saw the last pic. I thought at myself that I know another guy in that poster. Then after hard looking and thinking it was Mr. Lee Jong Hyuk himself. On another note, Son Ho Young and Lee Jong Hyuk also act together in the movie 'Gold Digger Ms. Shin.' :D

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hi everyone! i'm newbie ^^

i just finished watching "powerful opponents" and like him hahaha :rolleyes:

i have some question - all the show he's in like "ya shi man man" and others, where can i find them?

i really want to watch them eventhough i don't understand korean. :unsure:

could you post his fan site link too?

pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :tears:

ps. what is the name of the song he sing?

ps.2 i can't download it. T_T

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Guest maya_zhu

Hai there...I am a newbie here...

I am very blessed can find LJH thread here...

I just finished watching Powerfull Opponent, and I am falling in love with him... :rolleyes:

Thanks for update his pics and news... GOD Bless U all!! :mellow:

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Guest chaieee

i'm a bit sad with the ending coz i really GP and YJ will at least end up together. anyway, used to hate him on green rose and not really a big fan of him but his role in powerful opponents endear him to me and that makes him lovable.

hope to see him in another drama! looking forward to it...

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