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Valkyria Chronicles

Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

Action, Adventure, Historical, MilitaryValk_hero_vf3.jpg~original

QUOTE Synopsis

Valkyria Chronicles is set in a fictitious continent reminiscent of 1930s Europe. The continent, called Europan, is divided into two main powers, the Imperial Empire, a monarchy in the east and the alliance of democracies called the Federation in the west. In this world, there is a very important resource called ragnite, where ragnite crystals are used in practically everything, from fueling weapons of war to the use in medical treatments. Since ragnite is such an important resource, the Federation and the Empire are constantly at war with each other for ragnite. The story takes place in the neutral country of Gallia, known for its bountiful reserves of ragnite, when the Empire decides to invade and seize the ragnite for themselves. The story follows Welkin, the son of a former war hero, Isara, Welkin's "darksen" adoptive sister and daughter of a genius engineer, and Alicia, a member of the Bruhl town watch as they fight the Imperials in the ragtag Gallian militia group, Squad 7. Squad 7 fights to regain their homes and livelihoods with Welkin as the squad leader and commander of the Edelweiss, a special tank created by his and Isara's father, Alicia as a scout, Isara as the tank pilot of the Edelweiss and engineer, and a variety of colorful individuals.

Volumes: 4 (Complete) https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=31893Anime Episodes: 26*This series has games released.
i love it! it's super cool and the tanks are just awesome! coz they're deflective lol xD

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Guest amydien

Haha, I heard this was originally a game, but I havent played it. Im watching the anime though...initially because HIMEKA sang the OP :D but Im finding the story quite interesting to watch :)

On the 2nd ep, I love how Welkin was like 'So, when are we escaping?' LOL. :lol: He's an interesting character...

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Guest Kazen88

Is it just me or are the battles in the game really hard? :( Sometimes it takes me 3-4 tries to clear a chapter.

I love the game though, beautiful and engaging.

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Guest kuavang<3youngbae

ohmygee. i love this game(;

i use to play it in pS2, but we

sold it, s i haven't played it since.

they should make one in xbox XD

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Guest Golden Zeta Gundam

sorry to bump this up but

the Anime sucked when they got to Naggiar plains..

the game was the best thing ever really.. and the 2nd Game on the PSP is out so get it!!!!

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