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Wallace Huo 霍建華 Official Thread


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  • 4 years later...

2011 hahaha wow wow

super rookie fan here!!! Saw him on tv a few times, commented that this guy is handsome but never bothered to search him up until LMIYD came about :tears: 

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Guest Tinkiebell

Congrats, @BellyButton ! :D 

So I'm actually new to the Chinese entertainment scene. I was more into the Japanese and Korean ones, until a friend of mine recommended Nirvana in Fire (superb series, by the way). So I was watching Nirvana in Fire on Viki when I stumbled upon Love Me if You Dare. And while watching the first episode of Love Me if You Dare and getting intrigued by how compelling and fresh the series felt like, I just couldn't resist the eye candy that the male lead is and kept thinking to myself, "Who is this beautiful, beautiful man?" So I got interested and was searching more about him and I ended up watching The Battle of Changsha. That series is now up there in my top 10 list of the most prominent Asian series. 




And now I'm just looking forward to seeing more and more of Wallace Huo's project. :) 

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LOL, you great gals make me feel so useless since I am supposed to take care of this thread, as promised.  Sorry.  And thank you very much for keeping up with the pictures whilst I am still snoozing on LMIYD.  @ricenamja Could you help me?  You know Mandarin and I don't so keeping up with weibo news is more difficult for me.  Thanks.

Let's start with the latest news.  Congrats to Wallace for winning two awards at the 2015 National Drama Festival, Beijing:

1) Most well loved character - BZH (Tiffany Tang won the female award)

2) Most popular actor (only one award)





Fan video of Wallace accepting the award and short speech: http://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:c94ffe84fc03d8b290d5777af5acdcf5

Link to English subbed speech: http://www.wallacehuo.info/Awards-and-Nominations/Dec-2015-National-Drama-Festiv/



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@BellyButton haha SURE! Will be glad to help you :D 

Wallace is such a sweet guyyy :blush: read this fanaccount on weibo!


Yesterday's recording for the National Drama Festival was 6 hours long. After Wallace had received his award, he chose to not leave but went back to his seat and continued watching the rest of the awards ceremony. Before the end of the festival, the host JinXing said "No matter whose fan you are now, I propose that everyone gives a applause to one person ---- Wallace Huo! Thank him for sitting all the way till the end and his respect towards National Dramas! This is a professional spirit!" 

(credits 草图君 on weibo)


Fanvideo of Wallace giving a flying kiss and waving to fans!! SO CUTE :heart:http://www.miaopai.com/show/J~nR~zV8btTdMxltoZRZfA__.htm


And more pictures from yesterday~~~~~






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On 12/12/2015 at 9:38 PM, ricenamja said:


Since i'm a new fan, does anyone know if Wallace actually smokes in real life? :o 

He smoke in real life but since late 2013 he's been quitting smoking.. 2014 & 2015, he was seen to eat lollipop and chewing gum all the time (to control his addiction I guess).. I hope he manage to abandon this bad habit.. 

On 12/14/2015 at 8:29 PM, angelangie said:

not sure what series / drama this is taken but i bear no owner ship :) if u happen to know the creator give me a beep i post the cr to her / him

cr: as tagged


This pic looks like it is either from Paladin 3 or Perfect Couple.. 

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On 12/20/2015 at 3:26 AM, ricenamja said:

Hehehe do watch this fancam guys~~~~ he is super adorable omg :love::heart: 


Hahahaha.....  I think the fans are super cute too.  They keep saying 'he is adorable'.  And 'whatever Hua Ge does, he is adorable'.  

This is an old v of Wallace singing with Della Ding at Della's concert 2014.  I like this vid because the fan keeps squealing 'he is handsome' and 'she cannot take it anymore'.  The fan makes me laugh.  She is so cute.





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Wallace's new movie <<致命倒数>> (Reset) will be airing next year 2016. He will be playing the male lead as Cui Hu (崔琥)

Produced by Jackie Chan and directed by Hong Seungyoon. Filming is still taking place in Busan, South Korea. :D 

Hopefully more details will be out soon!


Wallace Huo

Yang Mi

Liu Chang

Zhang Yi Han

Jin Shi Jie




Short trailer


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