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How do you lose appetites?


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I am glutting
Gosh I don't know whats wrong with me, is it because my dad is a chef and his undenying love for food influence me and my eating cycles? Or is it because Im such a cow T-T

I don't know what to do guys but I have GOT to stop this eating I mean graduation is coming up and If I look like the cow lookalike that I look now than thats gna suck.

Guys what should I do? How do I stop this appetite of mine? And I dont even have motivation- all my friends never want to go out exercising with me and certainly I dun wanna go by myself. *sigh* so all I do is stay home and eat..eat...eat...and eat till I cant eat nomore.

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Guest chuiee

omggg u must have lots of yummy food at home <3

hmm dirnk lots of water? exercise? and control urself..

i read somewhere u have to think like : the chocolate brownies are delicious but me in a sexy tight prom dress is more delicious LOL

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Guest Juli~<3

i know how you feel. my dad is a chef too and everything is so yummy. i normally just shut myself in my room to stop the scent from entering lol

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Guest sonhyangel

i do that too-___-;;

but just dont eat calorie dense foods...

lots of water!

and if you're hungry, eat! because if you try to cut your body off from fats completely, it will start storing the fat, instead of disposing of it (hehe) so it's best to eat, just make sure that they are healthy things~

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^ thank you all for your replies...

its_IOwnA / chuiee : eh...I dun realli like the fact that my dad is a chef I mean its nice to have food laying around but the tempation stinks- i just cant control it when i see pastries he makes GAH >.<

steamed bitter vegetables... eww >.< I dun remember the last time I ate steam vegetables.... -_-

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i always lose my appetite after watchin` a nasty gore movie =x blood sheddin` makes me gag.

but i guess water helps also..

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Guest ♬ J A N E T ;D

Don't eat fatty foods passed 6.

And if you feel like eating something passed 6 then fill your

stomach with vegetables and water. Like nibbling on carrots. =]

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Guest rukiholic

If you want to try curbing your appetite, I always think of how the food look when it's in a blender. Somehow, it just always seems to make me stop eating. xD

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Guest sl33p1n6b34uty

opposite for me i guess..lol my dad is a chef and i refuse to eat whatever he cooks..he's used to the restaurant style of cooking which i can't stand so thus i dun eat

to lessen your appetite is to drink water it fills you up faster

another thing is to only eat until you are full...and eat when you are hungry not just when you are a lil bit but like really hungry

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if I watch yucky stuff. like animals eating each other [nature channels] or like i don't know. if i see something disgusting i lose my appetite.

i lose my appetite real easily o_o haha

but uhh like if i do, i eat veggies XDD haha

for some reason i can't eat any sort of meat or any food that has the color red in it when i lose my appetite.

i guess you can just fill your stomach up with good stuff XD

don't drink too much water, its not good for you.

lacking water can kill, too much water can also kill.

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Guest s0urp@tchk!d

watch the "battle-sh!t" scene from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. that will for SURE help you lose your appetite. lol

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Guest bAbO

i remember on this korean show (진실게임)

this girl lost like 15 lbs in one week.

and she said if you brush your teeth a lot..

it helps to control your appetite.

i'm not sure if that's really true.

DRINK WATER, definitely.

for me, i usually SLEEP.

sleeping prevents me from thinking about food.

you can pass a lot of hours w/o eating by sleeping.

and when you wake up, you usually feel too nasty to eat.

that keeps food away from me for a while.

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I dun like watching nasty movies...I mean I can barely stand looking at Michael Jackson =X

Drink lots of water...yeah but if u eat and drink alot of water, doesnt that jsut make u fatter?

I dont eat fatty foods passed 6 either I eat like way before 6, like at 4 or 5 I will start eating...

Blender? *shivers* ewww >.<

Yeah i should start kicking in some of them veggies huh? ^-^

Battle? as in swords and gore... I dun think i can stand that for very long...my attnetion span is low when it comes to fighting stuff- its just not me.

Yeah I guess brushing your teeth keep the flavor out of your mouth that way u dun feel a tempation to eat?

As for sleeping I dun think I can sleep w/ a starving stomach- its kinda hard..I am a night eater LOL I know bad right?

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Guest xl0lxl0lx

water, more water, n even more water.

no, it will not make u fatter to drink right after eating or whenever.

eating food high in fat in the morning increase appetite. suppose to eat whole grain for breakfast, also increases metabolism

chewing gum constantly would work, but i get grossed out if i have the same piece of gum in my mouth for longer than 5 min

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