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[Variety] Super Junior Full House 슈퍼주니어의 풀하우스

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sPark*[i feel weird calling you spark..hehe..what`s ur real name? :)]..i noticed Shiwon and Heechul`s closeness too! hehe..those two are so cute together xD! i love it when they were on the bed..hott moment..lol. Did you guys notice how Shiwon was trying to block Kangin when he was trying to hit Heechul? haha..they`re so funny!

Oh yea..and it`d be great if you put a synopsis of the first epi. on the front page! It`d help people like me understand some of the parts when they were speaking Korean!


Thank you for the caps maysia! Those were some of my fave. parts! omg..look at Shiwon`s dimples!! I wish Kyuhyun was on longer..he looks so adorable!!

lol. my real names sally =]]

shiwon is such a bodyguard. =]] <33

this ep was sooo cute! i laughed my heart out!! im really glad that heechul, kibum, and siwon are in this. they usually have busy schedules and you almost NEVER got to see them in suju show. the only thing i dont like is that there's no eeteuk!! i mean you put it in a couple of my favorite members but you take one out??!! lol. i cant wait for the next one. one girl goes shopping with heechul!! i would die if i could go shopping with heechul....

i think its only the ppl who actually live with them but probably the others will come and visit =]] i mean without almot half the group they cant really call it superjunior. right? lol

omg. I just finished watching the episode. It's so funny! I love it when they try to speak english because I can understand and it's hilarious too. And I also noticed that HeeChul and SiWon are close too! ^^ KiBum's like their translator.

the part where they finally see the girls is funny because they all start screaming "HI! HI! HI! HI!" and they were so excited, like little kids ^^ and then when the girl asked shindong who he was, omg I died. then there was the part were EunHyuk said "whats your room number" hahas. was he reading that off the book? when the girls started seaking korean, the guys' expressions were priceless. man there were so many good moments. like the titanic one, and then when thy were playing the game or whatever.

I think this is gonna be one of my favourite shows from now on. (:

those are my fave parts too. actually the whole thing was my favorite.

thank you for the great caps. =]] <33 to everyone who contributed.

IF SOMEONE MAKES SUBS I WILL UPDATE THE FIRST POST. i better go update it now since someone put caps up =]] i want to reply to every single post but they're all so good =XX lol. so i just replied to a couple <3

btw if anyone wants any particular part translated im willing to do it in my spare time. i dunno if i'll get it done quickly (unless someone else can do that too) i would make subs, but i just dont have the time right now. sorry~

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Guest ..natz..

oh gosh i cannot express how funny this show is..

i just love to see them tryin to speak to the two girls..

HAHHA especially hee chul..

man..GOSH..phew..all the laughter..

i have to say the Eva girl is prettyyy!!

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AHH COOL even if I have heaps to download, I'll download these. ^^

I'm gonna be so jealous while watching this. Living with all those hotties. AND MY OPPAS! But I wanna see how they interact. ^^

Plus everyone says it's funny. Ahaha.. I WISH MY NET WAS FAST ALREADY T___T can't wait until it's finished download! xD

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Just watched it not long ago.

They were like flipping the book or something to speak to her in eng and when she started speaking in korean,

HAHA! That expressions were priceless!

Damn hilarious!

& that "Titanic" thing, WTH!

So cute can? ;D

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Guest DBSKlover

wow..thanks for the YSI link..i m trying the first epi..looks great..

ahh..kibum so cute..he was looking some where else..kakaka

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Guest june_showers

wow haha woke up this morning and saw this, it's so surprising too cause i don't think iv'e heard anything bout it before..haha seems you guys enjoy it even if you can't understand korean, so i'm going to watch this as well haha, but hmm i wonder what will happen during the stay, i mean surely it's not like the guys are gonna argue and bicker over the two girls right...hmm haha k going to go watch haha, thanz forall the caps and links!

o if anyone comes across chinese subs then i'll be more than happy to help translate to english..

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Guest Rena_Jaejoong

yah colud some one plz make eng sub for it

cuz i only understand when they saind in english

it very nice episode i really love it

dongy so cute ><" kibum too >////<

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oh yeah, since eva is older than them, are they gonna call her noona??? lol

and anya is around the same age....or do they not refer to each other like that??? i cant wait to see whats up next ahaha

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Guest weiwei_9

OMG it's so funny, and siwon is so hot !!

but i don't understand what they said, if only someone could sub this, plzzz

thanks in advance !!!!!!!

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Guest xingjing

AH! This sucks, I can't understand the Korean parts. :(

But I can tell right away this show'll be priceless. MWAHAHAHAHA.

Anyways, I'd SO sign up to be one of them. [of course, I can speak chinese so mebbe Hankyung can translate for me!! :)]

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Guest sarangie


another super junior show~~~

i really enjoyed their Mystery 6 show thingy...

but this???

two females staying at their house?????????????

ahhhhhhh...not fair... :tears:

wished i could sign up for this thing... :D

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