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[Variety] Super Junior Full House 슈퍼주니어의 풀하우스

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Guest mrshyunbin

i just watched it and its so cute :]

those girls look alot older though to me i dunno

i'm so jealous though, the russian girl is kinda annoying 0.o mayb its jus me

she's so mean to hee chul

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Waaahhh ~~

i really enjoyed this new show ^^

they all look so HOT with their new hairstyle :) [especially SiWon and HanKyung hehehe~~ and there some members that i never noticed before.. so.. yea i have to admit that they really look cute hehehe]

i made some caps ^^



the new member : Kyu Hyun

he look SO YOUNG O__O


SiWon................ *faint*


*smile smile*





-____- zZzZzzZz~~




omg.... so HOT!!! :blush:





we are SUPER JUNIOR!!!!


DongHae look cute now.. ^^


TITANIC!! hahaha~~


this is CD!!! [omg, it was so funny~~ kekeke~~]


waaahh~~ this new hairstyle make him look REALLY GOOD x__X


[HQ] Super Junior - 060527 - Full House [PART 1] [800x600]

>>> http://clubbox.co.kr/maysialee <<<



CREDITS : maysia@soompi.com

[i'm uploading the HQ version [800X600] into my clubbox now ;) ] DONE

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sPark*[i feel weird calling you spark..hehe..what`s ur real name? :)]..i noticed Shiwon and Heechul`s closeness too! hehe..those two are so cute together xD! i love it when they were on the bed..hott moment..lol. Did you guys notice how Shiwon was trying to block Kangin when he was trying to hit Heechul? haha..they`re so funny!

Oh yea..and it`d be great if you put a synopsis of the first epi. on the front page! It`d help people like me understand some of the parts when they were speaking Korean!


Thank you for the caps maysia! Those were some of my fave. parts! omg..look at Shiwon`s dimples!! I wish Kyuhyun was on longer..he looks so adorable!!

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this ep was sooo cute! i laughed my heart out!! im really glad that heechul, kibum, and siwon are in this. they usually have busy schedules and you almost NEVER got to see them in suju show. the only thing i dont like is that there's no eeteuk!! i mean you put it in a couple of my favorite members but you take one out??!! lol. i cant wait for the next one. one girl goes shopping with heechul!! i would die if i could go shopping with heechul....

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Guest mintiful

lmao.. that part where they were waving HI was so funny.. :D they look so excited!! also siwon and heechul are so close. they were like hugging in the bed! haha.. lovely caps.. the titanic part! lmao.

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omg. I just finished watching the episode. It's so funny! I love it when they try to speak english because I can understand and it's hilarious too. And I also noticed that HeeChul and SiWon are close too! ^^ KiBum's like their translator.

the part where they finally see the girls is funny because they all start screaming "HI! HI! HI! HI!" and they were so excited, like little kids ^^ and then when the girl asked shindong who he was, omg I died. then there was the part were EunHyuk said "whats your room number" hahas. was he reading that off the book? when the girls started seaking korean, the guys' expressions were priceless. man there were so many good moments. like the titanic one, and then when thy were playing the game or whatever.

I think this is gonna be one of my favourite shows from now on. (:

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Guest ♬ J A N E T ;D

This show is going to be great!

Super Junior <3


Just wondering, do you think those foreigners really don't know who Super Junior is? ^^

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I so enjoyed watching episode 1. It was really hilarious and i thought Donghae was so sweet and his english isnt that bad hehehee. They seem to be very lively and not shy meeting new people. The girls are lucky and im impressed they can write and speak korean. There are alot of funny parts that has been talked about in the previous post!

Thanks Mady for the caps aww donghae and siwon's caps makes me *drool* lol!!!! Cant wait till next saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest candy012

within the first 5 min. i fell in luv with this show. wonder where they came up with the concept and how they found the girls. it's so funny. even though i don't understand everything they say, it's just so cute seeing them trying to speak english. heechul is hilarious as always. i am so happy to see kibum on this show, b/c u hardly see him on any other stuff except for rainbow romance and occasionally performing with the boys. plus he is my fave, now i can see more of him. hope he is on every week for this show. plus he can show off his english...can't wait for next week's episode...

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Guest Ella_Kwan



IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I just watched this and it is so funny!!! Hahaha, Kim Heechul was hilarious! "This is CD...no, C-D!" ahahahahaha! They were like O_O I can't wait for the next episode! ^_^

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Guest heartdrops

Oh man, this show is soooo hilarious.

More funny entertainment for my on Saturdays.

I love it when they speak English, they crack me up so bad.

I can't wait for next week's epi.

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Guest xgoody2shoes15x

lol the show was HILARIOUS~~ i laughed soooo much on it lol...

it was so funni when they were trying to speak english when they first met the girls, and then donghae took out his little english book nd started saying things from it... lol nd eunhyuk was like "what's your room number?" :D

heechul nd ana are really funni when they're arguing, but i think ana's a bit rude... >_<''

nd kibum was SOOO CUTE when they were discussing about letting the girls come in the beginning... he looks really good with hats (:

hehe i cant wait till next week~!! ^^

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Guest xjuliex16x

This show is just hilarious!!.... I can't stop laughing at the way the guys act..... I love that part where they're trying to communicate with the girls in English, that was so funny and then when EunHyuk ask "What's your room number?" I laughed so hard my stomach hurted.... then when the girls was speaking in korean, the looks on the guys face was priceless, they just look so cute..... I can't wait till episode two, it looks interesting.....

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