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Recommendations For Awesome Japanese Dramas/series

Guest ma99ie

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Guest ma99ie

Hana Yori Dango 1 + 2.. anymore? ^^
I've been studying Japanese for a year now and I got kind of depressed after realising that I understood more Korean than Japanese. Hrm yes - this is what happens when you watch too many Korean dramas :sweatingbullets:

My cousin lent me Hana Yori Dango to help saturate me with Japanese stuffs and homg, I was hooked. Makino + Domyoji forever! Never mind my not-so-secret crush on Hanazawa Rui :blush: I probably should watch just heaps of anime in Japanese, but there's just something about watching real actors that makes me pay more attention over animated ones.

ANYHOO can anyone recommend me some Japanese series that you really loved? I heard One Litre of Tears was good, but I'm pretty terrible when it comes to sob-fests (ie. I will probably drown in all my tissues - it was bad enough when Makino broke up with Domyoji in the rain in HYD: Season 2. Sigh.. ), so I want some funny ones too!

Thanks everyone! *gleefully skips off to listen to Flavor of Life for the 120485th time*


Some oldish ones (from 2007 backwards-ish or so) would be good because my download speed sucks, plus it's heaps easier for me to just go out and buy subbed ones at my local Chinatown. Otherwise I can just YouTube/CrunchyRoll it to my heart's content :)

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Here are some of the Jdramas which i really enjoyed watching:

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - another super hot drama

Nobuta wo Produce

First Kiss (Starring Inoue Mao)

Long Vacation

Love Generation

Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend)

Mei-chan no sh!tsuji

Code Blue

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^^ those up there are really great dramas

you should totally watch Hanazakari no Kimitachi esince Oguri Shun (Hanazawa Rui)is in it and it is a comedy which

will make you laugh so hard especially the character, Nakatsu (played by Ikuta Toma) ^_^

Here are some other ones I enjoy watching:

-Gokusen 1, 2, 3 (In part one- Oguri Shun is in it along with Matsumoto Jun who play Domyoji)

^ each part has different guy character in it but really entertain to watch and has a lot of comedy scenes in it

- Nodame Cantabile (omg this drama made me laugh so much my stomach hurt the next few days)

- Ryusei no Kizuna

- Attention Please

- Yukan Club

- Maou (Japanese version of The Devil (Korean)- this drama is pretty dark itself

- Kurosagi

- Liar Game

- Bloody Monday

- Galileo ( I only finish half of this drama but has to put it on hold since I got busy with school but so far its really good)

the ones I bold up are my favorite u should totally check it out if u like comedy :D

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If you like romantic comedy type then:

Nodame Cantabile: kindda wacky but hilarious. There's a reason why everyone recommend it ^_^

Zettai Kareshi (aka absolute boyfriend): kindda boring at first for me but pick up in the end.

and supposedly Meichan is also good but I haven't watch it yet so I can't comment on it much.

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Guest novemberbaby

You might want to try:

Anego (OL's quest on finding a husband, but somehow she gets tangled up with a younger man in the office.)

Boku Dake no Madonna (College student comes home to find a mysterious woman sleeping on his bed...)

Brother Beat (Three crazy brothers with an equally crazy mother.)

Hana Kimi (An entire school full of hot guys.)

Kimi wa Petto (A woman takes a cute guy as her pet.)

Love Revolution (30-something woman's journey on finding Mr. Right.)

Lunch Queen (A woman who loves to eat stumbles into a family of brothers that run a restaurant.)

Mop Girl (A girl who works at a funeral service can travel back in time to save victims.)

Proposal Daisakusen (The guy's been in love with his best friend forever and he travels back in time to "try" to confess to her before she gets married.)

Kisarazu Cat's Eye (Guy has only months to live so he and a bunch of his wacky friends go out and do a bunch of things they normally wouldn't do.)

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I'm not sure if you'll like this one but I really like the Trick series (three seasons, two movies). It has a bunch of cultural references that might fly past a few people's heads but regardless of that, it's still a very funny drama starring Nakama Yukie and Abe Hiroshi. Other older doramas that I enjoyed were GTO and Hero, both funny with a few emotional scenes here and there. I will say, though, that these dramas aren't very romance-focused.

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Guest queena

i just finished watching love shuffle... its kinda hard to find but its suuuuuch a good one! and of course nodame cantabile and absolute boyfriend... they are all good!

also if you are ok with the not-so-cutesy drama last friends is really good. its unique and the acting is really good!

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Guest ripgal

Ditto on Nodame Cantabile!

If you love classical music and comedy, this drama is one YOU MUST NOT MISS!

Hana Kimi isn't bad either...it has a similar feel to HYD.

For the older ones, hmmm... you could try Hero, Mukodono 1 and 2...

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Guest ma99ie


You guys are awesome! :D I'll write all these down for next time I hit up my DVD store.. I'm going to be so broke but so giddy xD I think might pick a top 5 after some Googling.

I think I might start with the Matsumoto Jun/Oguri Shun/Inoue Mao ones.. I'm still on a HYD-high lol. I'll wean myself off it slowly.. eventually. Maybe not heheheh.. the new J-drama with Matsumoto being half-Filo half-Japanese will be interesting to watching - looking forward to that :)


Edit: Last Friends looks like Skins (UK series) which I really like. Will look into that - thanks! Lunch Queen looks a bit like Coffee Prince, otherwise methinks I'll start with Hana Kimi, Nodame, Maou, Orange Days, mayybe Liar Game..

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I recommend:
Nankyoku TairikuHotaru no HikariRunaway ~Aisuru Kimi no Tame ni~ = equivalent to Prison Break (USA)!
Mop GirlAkumu-chanOtenki OneesanLong VacationMr. BrainNobunaga no ChefHungry!Absolute Boyfriend/Zettai KareshiDetective Conan/Metantei Conan

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Guest soleil4177

^ Yeah, I love My Boss My Hero too! Also, Nobuta and Hana Kimi. I would also recommend BOSS, Gokusen, Galileo. 

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hammer session, boss, mr. brain, nobuta wo produce, nodame cantabile, ideal son, lucky 7, nazotoki wa dinner no atode, aibou, heaven's coin, double kitchen, kaibutsu-kun, yamato nadeshiko shichi henge, yokai ningen bem

[edit] summer proposal, my destiny, yasuko to kenji, deka wanko

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Guest pooh77

do you knowthe title of japanese drama which Kyoko Fukada and Hideaki Takizawa was appeared at there?she had leukimia at there.. that's "kamisama" drama??

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