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Miyavi And Melody. Got Married

Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

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Guest vindemi

^ maybe that's when it started xDD and 9 pages in two days lol.

Shotgun marriage eh....I wish them the best too =D

-sees millions of fans dropping like flies-

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Guest saranghae24

O__O miyavi is married to melody. a total shocker! but i am happy for the both of them. i wish them happiness. congrats to the couple!

i am still in shock. miyavi!!!!!

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Guest distorted-daytime

I got an SMS from my friend about this while I was in line and I was like WHAT o_o

Very, very unexpected. I'm still quite shocked up to now. Haha.

And a blurry pic:


Miyavi in a J-melo episode. First meeting with Melody, I think.

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omg hahah okay this is so uncalledfor and unexpected o.o but oooh she's really darn pretty! and i hope they both have a happy lasting relationship(:

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Guest traveler

WOW this is shocking. I love Miyavi and Melody both so... yeah.

I'm sure they make a great couple. I wish them a great marriage <3333

They're gonna have cute babies, haha.

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My friend told me about this and I was like

" what the? " haha

so unexpected !

BUT both are 2 very talented people!

so good luck with them on their future together ^^

I wonder how their babies are going to turn out? D:

like half rock and half r&b? o0; haha

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Miyavi is married ~

total shock

I don't know Melody but him yes

and I loved him from the first minute I saw him

well, wishing them all the luck

but I'm having some problems with imagining Miyavi as a dad

with a kid running around him?! :lol:

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aww....i found it so cute^^

thanks so much for the link. wow, you can tell how smitten he is by her from their first meeting on that show :D.

watch the way he looks at her :lol:.

aww...*sniff, sniff* so cccuuttee, i'm so jealous lol. well, i hope they're happy together and also their new member

of the family teeheehee. i support them FIGHTING!!

oh, and one more note. i noticed these artists keeps falling for people they meet on talkshows :lol: is that only me?


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Guest leelee.



I never would've thought that Miyavi would get married at 28(?)!

Holy shizz man. I definitely did not see that one coming.

Oh yeah, and congratulations to the newly married couple~!

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Guest v3rmillion

woah, random/unexpected much?

lol, I haven't seen this J-melo episode yet. but I remember seeing the one where Roma Tanaka and melody were ... yeah XD

but anyways, congrats to both of them! :)

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Guest Choco_Muffin

Wow. Who would've thought they'd be married to each other? Their styles of music are completely different. I really like melody. though, she has such a sweet, sincere voice.... (: Haha, congrats to the new couple!

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