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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

Miyavi And Melody. Got Married

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

edit three: couple blog confirms, edit four: miyavi's myspace blog
from: http://www.sponichi.co.jp/entertainment/fl...0090326039.html

Newspapers have just reported that rock musician Miyavi (age unknown) and singer melody. (27) are married. It is also said that melody. is currently pregnant. The couple apparently held a private wedding party, but so far details have not been revealed regarding the date of their marriage or the length of their relationship. Miyavi is expected to make a direct announcement to his fans during a concert in Tokyo on April 5.

melody. retired from singing at the start of this year to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

- tokyograph

there are no pictures of this yet, so to those who don't know who miyavi and melody are...






edit one: i remember watching this on NHK World last year, so i thought i'd share this here too.

this interview was done last year... for J Melo where melody. used to host.







edit two: melody comfirms on her myspace (thanks planetarium15!)

March 27, 2009

Thank you so much for your warm messages!!!

It makes me very happy and relieved~!

About the news that went out yesterday,

Im really sorry that everybody had to find out this way.

Actually, we were planing on coming out publicly about it when the time comes,

which was next month, after he goes independent.

But the news got out before hand and we found out about it yesterday morning also.

So I sincerely apologize from my heart that it couldn't be me to tell you all directly.

You all know I really wanted to right??

He is also struggling with this situation, because we wanted to explain everything, but can't because of the position he is in at this moment...

But don't worry, because when the time comes, like I said earlier, we'd finally be able to share with you maybe more in detail!!

As for now, I am doing fine as always... Bubbly as ever! And yes, what did I tell ya!

talk about good news!!

I'll write again soon!!!!

edit three: miyavi confirms on his blog (thanks ms.incredible!)





所属事務所のPS COMPANYを卒業し


ちゃんと自分の口からファンの皆には報告したかったの で正直、残念じゃないと言えば嘘になります。

何よりも不本意ながらこういう形で出た事で傷つけてし まった仔雅の皆、本当にごめんね。





Believe wat u believe.

Trust wat u trust.

I'm just here.




rough trans by me coz i'm tired:

it says they will have a formal announcement

of their relationship on April 5.

and that he is graduating from PS Company.

And he wanted to say to all the fans that

it's not real that he regrets this.

edit four: miyavi's myspace blog today (thanks LoveHLi!)

Thank you for your sweet sweet messages.

First of all,

let me apologize that I couldn't announce it myself before the news came out.

But I still can't say anything for certain reasons.

What i wanna yell out for now is...

Who the john tesh would wanna hide some thing important for him from his fans who love him ?

Who the john tesh wouldn't wanna share some thing happy with his fans who are supporting him?

Who the john tesh would wanna on purposely betray the fans he loves?

Who the john tesh would wanna make his fans sad like this?

You know I wouldn't.

What the john tesh can I believe ?

Who the john tesh can I trust ?

Where the john tesh is love?

But I know that what happened is all my responsibility.

And I'm john teshin' stressed that I can't explain anything in japanese right now.

But I will make an announcement for sure.

Whether you believe me or not,

I'll keep saying I LOVE YOU no matter what.



as you can obviously see, i'll be updating the first post :X

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thats an odd couple.

their music is like completely two different world.

i need to see a picture of them together, i can't seem to put the two together lol

i really like melody though. Realize was a great song.

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Guest shingoon


THAT IS SO UNEXPECTING. Miyavi and melody are like two diff worlds. Nonetheless, they are both my fave jpop singers. Congrats~~

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...am i the only one that's like...err complete shocked? I'd never thought that they even knew each other. But good for them if it's true <3

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!! is this for real? i am so so shocked...i never thought melody. was like even to rockstars? uhm...i guess i always had the impression of her as somebody whose sweet and shy? maybe because of her vocals....oh well, wish them both the best!!!

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so many celeb shotgun marriage nowadays :o but congrats! even though I hate him

[did I hear Miyavi fans dropping dead like flies? :P ]

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Guest Mirae-chan


That was.. completely out of nowhere and unexpected and wow seriously, they don't seem to match except for their names lol. o_o

Ehm, congrats I guess.. *still in shock* horray for two of my favourite Japanese artists though WOWow erm..

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Guest tian82

shotgun marriage kinda popular in these days at japan's entertainment world.... har...har...har

the two of them kinda mis-match.....like heaven and earth..... har...har...har......pardon me......(-_-)

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is this melody the one who sung the ost for Dragon Zakura?

why most of japanese artists married coz pregnancy (not like they're not love each other >.< )

anyway congratz to them they will make a cute baby

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NO.WAY. Miyavi married o.O and is going to be a daddy. WOW

I love it though when 2 totally opposites (at least their music & style) are together.

well congrats :D ...






Nooooooooo Miyavi <333

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WHAT THE..........



Okay, so first my love Leah Dizon runs off and gets married and now Miyavi, too?



Wow, Miyavi - married. And expecting!

Melody is really cute and pretty though. I'm sure their child will be devastatingly gorgeous.

I'm just having trouble picturing Miyavi as a father figure. He's so... child-like.

This is totally shocking.


Wasn't Miyavi born in 1981?

Or is he pulling a Gackt now?

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HUH? WHAAAA? Dude that's so so SO unexpected.. I mean there like completely different for each other.. '_'

Well congrats to them anyways!

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