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[japan Movie 2008] K-20: Kaijin Niju Menso Den

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Kaneshiro, Matsu to star in "Niju Menso"

Toho has announced that it is producing a movie titled "K-20: Kaijin Niju Menso Den," directed by Shimako Sato.

The story revolves around author Edogawa Rampo's infamous criminal, Kaijin Niju Menso (also known as the "Fiend with Twenty Faces"). However, the movie is not an adaptation of Rampo's works; rather, it is based on a related novel by playwright So Kitamura.

The action is set in a fictional town in 1949. Takeshi Kaneshiro stars as a magician who has been set up as Kaijin Niju Menso, while Takako Matsu plays the daughter of a zaibatsu family who is being targeted by the criminal. Toru Nakamura has been cast as the detective Kogoro Akechi.

"K-20" will be shot in Japan and China between January and April, and is set for release in December 2008.

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