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[sitcom 1996] 3 Guys 3 Girls 남자셋 여자셋

Guest jgabriel2005

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Guest F2TSweetS

ahh i miss this sitcom so much T__T

^ it ended way long ago.. this sticom started

in 1996 and ended in 1999. It was famous in

the 90s..but I really want to see it again! It's been

so long and I was so little to remember a lot of the

episode/shows.. I was 6 years old at the time it started and

9 when it ended

I'm trying to find the dvd.. I wonder if there is

one.. please anyone tell us, if you know it's selling somewhere!!

cuz I don't see it in yesasia or ahnnyoung..

but yeah, my all time fave sitcom <33

my only one I liked... namjasetyujaset <33

ahh. and I heard it's rare to find episodes on cb

for this sitcom. I wished they did though.

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oww.... mann.... i really wanna see this sitcom..

i'm going to propose it to be airing in any local tv of my country... (hope they'll do it!)

and... you all wont mind if i quote your comments here ryt..? :)

just to improve my argument there... :D

thx a bunch!

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Guest F2TSweetS

does anyone know when this show broadcasts on arirang everyday?

around what time in korea does it broadcast? so I can match it up

with my time.... thanks if anyone would let me know! :]

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Guest mrs. pakman

i miss namja 3 yuja 3! i used to LOVE this sitcom. somebody please let me know where i can watch it again.

i don't have arirang. =(

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Guest aikomidori

Oh wow...I remember back in the days when I used to watch this sitcom! It was agessss ago :sweatingbullets: I wish I could see it again - it was really hilarious! :lol:

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Guest lenakeem

omgg. i remember this ha.

i used to wathc it like everydayy

i rmember some of the episodes.

like the scarey one where the lights went out and they told ghost stories.

and another one where sleeping pills got mixed up with pills that were

supposed to keep you awake. and then another time when someone swallowed

a ring that was hidden in ice cream for a propose or something like that

ha good ol days.

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Guest haneul<3

Oh my gosh... I remember this sitcom. It was so much love! I miss it so much =.=;; I hardly remember much of it except for the fact that I really enjoyed it<3 (And that one girl's funky "lightning" hair! xD;;) Almost as much as I love HighKick at the moment XD But yeahhhhh, I was wondering if anyone knew about this. I didn't know there was a thread on it! [:

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Guest hschoe

i remember this show! my older sisters used to always watch it back in the day and i would always watch it too.

it's kind of like the korean version of "friends". very funny show! i wanna see it again!

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Guest greeny

thx for sharing whatittoya136!

trying to dL it... :)

anyway, here is a post from LeeEuiJeong thread... by cksdayoff :

here is a clip of Namja Set, Yuja Set aka 3 Guys, 3 Girls. Its a scene where Lee Eui Jeong gets kissed and she goes nuts, lol!


Lee Eui Jung was one of my favorite actresses. She was really unique in that she was beautiful yet was naturally funny.

She was also the host of Kippun Woori ToyoIl (Happy Saturday) from 1996 to 1999?

btw, remember that one episode of 3 Guys, 3 Girls when Hong Kyung In had to get a circumcision? Haha, I think that was the most memorable episode for me.

[thx again for sharing this scene cksdayoff...!]

bout the story of the scene, did she angry to SoJiSeob (KimCheolSoo ?) cause she think he kiss her lips secretly..? while the fact is the other guy in white sweater who had kissed her..?? blame my poor K..! :blush:

anyway, i only notice LeeEuiJeong, SoJiSeob, and WuHeeJin there.. who is the others..? are they the other leads?

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DUDE im so glad that some people actually still remember thisss!!! i thought i was the only one trying to look for them. no offense to nonstop series .. nonstop is nothing compared to this sitcomm! at times i search for dvd sets online but i could never find any ): they should make copiesss, they would make lots of money. i was pretty young when i watched this like 7 or 8 years old .. so its kinda vague in my mind but i particulary remember seoung shin hoon and his gf that looked like betty boop! (:

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Song SeungHun? How come I didn't know about this?! :wacko: Haha. I better start watching now. Are the episodes on YouTube?

SERIOUSLYYYYYYYY! hottie songseungheonnnnn? :D in a sitcom?

where can i watch this or download thissssssss?

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