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What Do You Like To Do In Your Free Time?


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Guest hungrycollegeboy

I don't really do anything productive... movies, music.....

I guess the only productive thing I do when I'm bored or free is animation, specifically south park style animation.

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What do you do when you're not studying, working or out with your friends
Looking for something to study, looking for work, or looking for friends.
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Guest asimpleHigh

play video games

surf the net


hang out and chat with my friends

talk on the phone

whine and complain about how bored i am lol

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i think most people actually dont have too much "free time" if you exclude eating and hanging out with friends as free.
there is probably 4 hours at most per day that could be considered free time for people who work and/or go to school full time.
when i have free time, i watch documentaries on netflix, the racoon one and the one about honey bees was very interesting.
i also impulse bought a Wii U on black friday 2 or so years ago, i didn't play it for a while, but Mario 3D world is actually really fun, and mariokart 8 is coming out next month, which i would buy for nostalgia alone, remembering the great mariokart 64

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Guest blubear905

Work out at the gym, read self help books, try new recipes, take selfies, plan my next vacation, do my nails, clean my house, do my laundry. I find house cleaning and laundry both extremely cathartic.

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Guest x0ny

With a 70+ hr work week and I manage to squeeze these in somewhere: 
Ride my bike in the backroadsBomb hills on the longboardWalk around and take pictures of the cityTry out new bars and restaurantsWork on personal projectsLearning new skills (currently learning leather working so I can make my own knife roll)Watching movies, lots of it.+ more random hobbies.

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Guest macloona

During my spare time I:

  • bake
  • play guitar
  • play piano
  • make youtube videos
  • take the train to the city and walk around the botanical gardens
  • read a book at the botanical gardens
  • take my dslr camera and do a scenic photo shoot in the city on my own (like a tourist)
  • take the train to the library and browse books
  • go shopping
  • go on soompi :)
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Guest Minty MinaD

Watching random shows, reading, cooking/baking, Karaoke, chatting, taking photos, attempt to learn a language, filming youtube videos, go around and explore...the list goes on and on

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