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Yep, it's 69.

Kubo metioned that he was an ex-porn star before he became vice-captain of the 9th division in this character interview article.

...serisously, if you believed that second part of my message, you're insane xP

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Spoilers for Chapter 203

*Deiroy really did live after Rukia's Zanpakutou, but he was reduced to a pile of frostbitten limbs and the like

*Before he manages to get away, an unknown character delivers the final blow and puts him out for good.

*Hoozukimaru (Ikkaku's Zanpakutou) reveals another Shikai ability. This time, while in split form, it creates some sort of funnel-type weapon.

That's all for now, but these are indeed the correct spoilers as they've come directly from Mayori on Futaba.


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Guest angelwings6117

That spoiler by DJUDGE where he was talking about the "funnel-type weapon"...was he referring to the sheath that Ikkaku uses? cause that's just dumb...

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Guest Take Five

what the hell...i downloaded 204 twice using two different browsers and both times, winzip says it's an invalid archive. ah whatever -__-

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