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Seto Koji (せと こうじ) ( D-boys ) Thread


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Atashinchi No Danshi, Kamen Rider Kiva, Koizora, Ju-on, Aberenbo Mama
Hello ...

since I saw no one started this thread so I decided to make Seto koji threa.d..is it official ?

lol~I don't know :mellow:

Here we go~



* Name: 瀬戸康史 (せと こうじ)

* Name (romaji): Seto Koji

* A.k.a : Setomaru

* Profession: Actor and singer

* Birthdate: 1988-May-18

* Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan

* Height: 174cm

* Star sign: Taurus

* Blood type: A

* Talent agency: Watanabe Promotions

TV Shows

* Koizora (TBS, 2008)

* Kamen Rider Kiva as Wataru Kurena / Kamen Rider Kiva (TV Asahi, 2008)

* Abarenbo Mama as Naoya Abe (Fuji TV, 2007)

* Happy Boys as Kyoichi Segawa(TV Tokyo, 2007)

* Rocket Boys as Makoto Kanno (TV Tokyo, 2006)


* Oha Setomaru


* Tenshi ga Kureta Mono (2007)

* Tonari no Yaoi-chan as Chibe-kun (2007)

* Hit Parade as Tiger's member (2006)


* Jgroup: D-Boys



well~I like him..he was Sakurai Hiro in Koizora drama version..cool !!

and he was Kamen Rider in Kiva series..extra cool !!

and he is Kikumaru Eiji third generation of tenimyu..kyaaaaaaa~~~~ :w00t:

do you like him ?

isn't he cute ?

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Aww Koji. I still remember him when he first joined Tenimyu. It's been a long way since then.

4 pics of his photoset from Tenimyu [Rikkaimyu First Service]





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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Yeah I luv Seto Koji too, yesterday I read a lot of articles all about him in various japanese magazine in Libro Ikebukuro book shop....I luv him in Kamen Rider Kiva & I watched his mini concert in Shibuya 2 months ago B) We're not allowed 2 take picture of him :fury: :angry:

Taken from my Seventeen Koizora poster


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Guest shiningstar153

I know this guy! :D He's the lead vocalist of the rock band TETRA-FANG, originally formed to sing the main theme of Kamen Rider Kiva! (I have all their albums! Seto Koji is a really good singer. ^.^)

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Guest lilmariah35

I really don't know him... I never watched any of his dramas. So I'm praying that they cast him in maki-chan's new drama. XD

I love japanese boys with lots of moles XD

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wow! never knew he had no thread here...i thought it was just at the later part of the category...

I loved him in Koizora..sorry to all Miura Haruma lovers but i find Koji's acting more natural...

this kid is really talented <3

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I am Miura Haruma lovers too but I totally agree Koji acts better in Koizora..too bad people keep comparing them and saying Haruma should be HIRO without even watching the drama T_T :unsure:


he was so cute with his mole right.. :)

you can start by watching KOIZORA the drama version..because the movie was played by HARUMA..


SO HOT !!!

He can be cute and hot st the same time ^_^:D

I agree..

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