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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!

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May I say that I genuinely hope that I am the only person here fighting CoVid?    It's miserable, and I've been struggling since mid-April.  Thought I had it licked but I hit a bad relapse a

My last two doctors have retired, unfortunately, and I've had difficulty in finding another.  Many doctors do not want to deal with my genetic auto-immune disability because they do not understand it

Try not to pressure him.  Although you know things from experience  and you want to share that knowledge for his benefit, your son has to be able to make his own decisions and his own mistakes.    Wis

Guest badstar

WTF is wrong with you people?

You are fairly new to this!!!

Stop acting like you are already known!

Because YOU ARE NOT!!!

And don't ever let me wait, you don't know who you're messing with!

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Guest qurewz
Guest janelforsure

OH.. MY.. GOSH. You are horrible! I absolutely hate you! I constantly complain because you don't

know what it's like to BE in there. Yeah right, they "don't" complain. They complain behind

your back. I just have no problem saying it to your face because I really don't care what

you think of me anymore because I don't wanna put up with it. & YOU, are you really the only

one who can act like that? Noooo. So if that next time rolls around & you act like that towards

me, trust me when I say I WILL NOT hesitate to do so too. & the least you can do is back

me up >.> You NEVER do & it absolutely bugs the life out of me. I just let it slide. Don't

expect me to do the same, because I'm done. I've done it for you SO many times before, &

I don't EVER get the same defense. Oh, you. I always wonder when it'll be over. But you're

more into her than I thought you were, so I guess I'll wait. But when the time rolls around when

you're not with her anymore & my feelings change for you, I apologize in advance.

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Guest safelittlethoughts

I wish people could stop ignoring me, especially my friends. I try everything to get their attention and I'm like a ghost to them.

and you, STOP RECYCLING ME! One day you like me. Another day you throw me away. What am I to you!? You know how much it hurts to see you flirt with her after all we've been through? What ever happened to "I don't wanna be in a relationship with a girl who's in my class because I'll get shy when people awe at us"? Yet again, she's in our class and people always point out the point of you. Do you even know that she likes someone else? She's only using you for your brain! What did she ever do? I bought you a t-shirt from your favorite store and new guitar picks for Christmas, baked you cookies and mini muffins for your birthday, and confessed my feelings. All she did for your birthday was give you a hug and THEN asked for your geometry homework. What ever happened to our hugs, cuddlings, and holding hands? You rarely talk to me now.

gosh, i hate this feelings. the feelings of jealously

ahhh i rant too much.

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Guest michelle_h93

why do you keep leaving me?!?!? first, you break up with me even though you say you still have feelings for me. now, you want to move in with your dad farrr away from me. you say that nothing will be able to make you stay--not even me. do you have any idea how that makes me feel?? my heart is breaking. i love you with all my heart and i want you back. im so scared that ill never see you again... i swear, you are my first love. i want you to stay... i know how your mom treats you... i know im being selfish, but youre everything to me... youre my best friend... i trust you with everything. what am i gna do without you...? ill be lost without you... please don't go... please... this is an endless nightmare... </3

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Guest whatever000

fml x 10^10000

who gets into a fight with their best friends over something retarded as this? i hate doubtful and sardonic people. get off your damn high horse.

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Guest tranceeee

bird's dying. BUT THATS NOT JUST IT ..my fcken DAD says i killed it and he was laughing it off! HE SAID I KILLED IT WHEN HE TOLD ME TO FEED THE BIRD and now its choking on the grain i fed it, when initially i didnt want to feed it!! nxt time, i'm never freakin' helping him cause he's such a fcken d1ck.

FCK YOU DAD you piece of cr4p!

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Guest daulism

"Wow, you have chubby cheeks!"

T______T Nargh I'm so dark fat and ugly. That guy likes someone else?! How disappointing! D:

I want my Daesungie of a boyfriend to come right now ):

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Get over it. It's the past, why can't you leave it there & stop trying to bring it back. Leave me out of your situations. I don't even know you anymore, I never knew you in the first place. I thought I did, but you were just putting on a good act. Don't blame me for your mistakes, learn how to face them yourself. I'm sick and tired of this. It's been how many years? Learn how to grow up. You got him at the end, didn't you? I never fought for him, anyway. You were the one who told me you'll let a guy go easily for your friend, right? I don't care that you didn't keep your words, but the thing is I kept mine and you still go around saying I'm not a good friend & spreading rumors all around your school. I told you if you liked the same person as me, I'll let him go. I never fought for him, I only liked him until I found out you two were just two dumb two-faced people. It's annoying, just leave me alone. I told you guys that I have nothing to do with you guys anymore, so stop trying to pull me back into your life because I don't want to make the same mistake twice. It's only a trap you two are setting up for me, I'm not dumb. I know.

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Guest Joanne <3

I hate it when people take my camera and start dirtying it with their oily, grubby fingers by taking a thousand pictures of themselves, and then proceeding to look at my pictures without asking for permission. It really, really, gets on my nerves.

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