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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!

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Guest Bonnie

today is such a crappy day.

like, really.

-i got a C- on my philosophy essay that i worked SO HARD on. i actually TRIED HARD.

-i am getting my FIRST C on my report card. really. but its a good thing my parents aren't mad (:

-soo many mexican exchange people are over because their hosts are busy doing sports

-they made the whole house smell like stinky feet. seriously, go wash yourselves (no offense. this is just towards them)

-i am germaphobic so i cant stand this. i have to sacrifice my warmth in order to open all the windows T~T

-my sister's mexican exchange girl that she is hosting is so demanding. she wants to go to new york. guess who has to pay? US. and guess who just bought her mom a coach purse as a present? US! guess who has to pay for everything? US.

the reason why i am so pissed is because when my sister went to mexico for the exchange, her family payed NOTHING for her. i know mexicans arent as rich as some US citizens but PUH-LEASE. we have a recession here and you should at least chip in a little. i dont care if you just spent $600 on a freakin' laptop. be responsible and stop demanding for things. we're not the type of people you should take advantage of!

& you know what else? the girl has only been here for a week! next thing you know, she goes rumbling through our food eating everything! and when other mexican exchange students came over, she acted like this was her own house. she was like "do you want some food?" DUDE, she has NO RIGHTS to offer anything to them when its not even her place. okay, yeah we're taking care of her but she doesn't really LIVE HERE. i mean, i wouldnt be pissed if she stayed here for a month but it's only been a week.

also, although i am learning spanish, she should at least SPEAK ENGLISH. the point of the exchange program is for you to learn more of the language you are learning. you came to USA to learn more english. what language have you been speaking for the whole time? SPANISH! i dont understand much spanish nor do i want to try so hard to speak spanish to you when i am already having trouble with my spanish homework.

i know life isnt unfair but now i am just totally fed up!

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May I say that I genuinely hope that I am the only person here fighting CoVid?    It's miserable, and I've been struggling since mid-April.  Thought I had it licked but I hit a bad relapse a

It might be a good idea if he stops for a sem, because of the pandemic. I don't know how bad is it in your place, but if cases are rising, then perhaps he should stay home for some more months.  

Dear chingu, I am crying reading your story here! It's been a long time since I saw you in Soompi! Hang in there! You have to fight with bad times in order to get a silverline!  Yeah, I believe in it!

Guest rubyempress

I wish I hadn't done it. I lied and deceived when I could have chosen not to, to a kind person that has always treated me well. I feel terrible and am suffering from a mixture of self-revulsion, shame and paranoia.

I really wish I could have turned back in time and done the right thing. But it's too late.

Even worse I think they know. I was so entangled in my web of lies that I gave myself away. Now I am terrified that I have alienated those around me and lost any good-standing I might have once had.

I like a moron turned a perfectly fine day into one of horrendous, silent suffering. Through my lie I have harmed no one but myself and as a result suffer the most emotional retribution. This kind of bad day is the worst since you know you are solely responsible for bringing such terrible feelings upon yourself. If would be a lot easier if I had someone to blame.

Perhaps I am too hard on myself. A part of my soul urges me to go and tell the truth. Free yourself from this pathetic wallowing state.

The other part of me warns me to not be foolish, for my paranoia is currently out shouting my common sense.

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Guest crackers&cheese

Here we go again -all the tests/quizzes crammed into one week. The endless studying continues. Aughh.. Better not procrastinate.

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oh for gods sake.

stop sticking your nose into everything.

and dont get all pissed when you find out something you didnt know about before. =="

you simply talking to me on msn, makes me want to pull out my hair.

cos everytime you want to talk to me, your always accusing me of something.

why dont you just ASK me first instead of accusing me of stuff ive never done?

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Guest ekwenndy

What the heck happened to our friendship? I didn't do anything. It's not me. It's you all. I took our friendship for granted, thought that i could trust you all but this is what i get in return? You make me feel like hurling and throwing rocks and stuff at you all. Just so that I wont feel so disappointed that I once considered you all as my friends. What happened?

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Guest meilove

that house is beautiful but if i go to Garfield then screw it!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!

and it better not be haunted!!!!!!!!

and that neighborhood is horrible!!!!!!!

if only that house was situated on Moonbeam

man that would be PERFECT

and i would have no complaints

this sucks

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john tesh. my parents don't have jobs

we might have to sell the house

i don't have a printer how the john tesh am i supposed to print pictures for my projects?!

and mymom can't print it for me anymore and john tesh i have around 5projects/presentations + this week

which id dint begin to work on. john tesh this...

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Guest Desda

everyone hates me.

everyone has something against me today. (some people won't stfu right now...)

it makes me sad...very sad when people say, "Stop bothering me," to me.

I guess you don't want me to care, huh?

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Guest x d u c k ii e

Holy - _____ - ! I was the victim and you made me sit in that room like I was the one who was wrong .

Dude !! I was the one that had my sweater drawn all over , pushed around .

& Then , this girl comes and says that it was just a game so you believed her ? - _ - !

Freaks youuu ! This is why I don't like being in this school ,

You guys tell us to complain . & When we do you have nothing to do about it .

I want to leave this stupid school already and go to another better school - ___ - ;;


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Guest koneko26

i have too many things going on.

a paper due tonight.

another paper due thursday.

2 more papers, 3 tests, and 2 projects all due next week.

too much work.

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Guest iheartcandy4ever

my friend & i ended up kissing at the movies.. like crazy

& then my mom called me

& my friend had to drop me off in the middle of the movie

(needless to say i felt guilty as heck for making him drop me off in the middle of the movie)

and then my mom yelled at me for leaving without asking

when in reality i actually called her about 20 times before going and left like 5 mesages to tell her that i was going

it was HER fault for not picking up the phone.

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