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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!

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Guest Ryan852

If you are a person with standards that are way to high just do us a favor and get away from me! I will not be with a person who has to "settle" for me. WAAHH i hate relationships. Oh well guess i have to settle too. :rolleyes: not to sure yet...

blah high school is stupid.

College doesnt seem much better!

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May I say that I genuinely hope that I am the only person here fighting CoVid?    It's miserable, and I've been struggling since mid-April.  Thought I had it licked but I hit a bad relapse a

It might be a good idea if he stops for a sem, because of the pandemic. I don't know how bad is it in your place, but if cases are rising, then perhaps he should stay home for some more months.  

Dear chingu, I am crying reading your story here! It's been a long time since I saw you in Soompi! Hang in there! You have to fight with bad times in order to get a silverline!  Yeah, I believe in it!

Guest J i j i - n e k o

So... while thinking through what to wear for our school's Spirit Week next week (specifically Disney Day for Wednesday), I was considering dressing up for either Tinkerbell or Lilo from Lilo & Stitch... I don't own a Stitch plushie, so I checked online to see if the Disney Store still had it or not, and they do, listed under 2 for $20. Then I remembered how two of my closest friends decided to stop by Disney Store together at the last minute to get me 2 for $20 stuffed animals for my birthday present last October (I didn't have a birthday party this year 'cause I was under a lot of pressure from Early Action college applications work, so I wasn't expecting much. -_-; )... One was Squirt from Finding Nemo and the other was Lucky from 101 Dalmatians... Those two are good movies but they're not my favorite Disney/Pixar movies. They could've at least given me stuffed animals from my favorite movies, since they SHOULD know what they are (I rant about them online from time to time x];; ). I chose their birthday presents (their birthdays are later than mine) with serious considerations, since it'd be the last birthday gift I'd be giving them until our graduation. My old $120 Wacom Pen Tablet for one (she wanted one badly since I met her) and for the other Katamari Damacy for PS2 and some sort of Peter Pan musical DVD I found in Amazon (she is a HUGE fan of Peter Pan, so I tried to find some kind of Peter Pan-related item that is less common)... Right now, I suddenly feel like they don't even consider our friendships as dear. :/

...phew this is long. It seems like no big deal but this is really getting on my mind right now.

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Guest tofupanda

You seriously need to STFU. I don't know how even half of the people in our school stand you. You're such a arrogant jerk and make the most unnecessary comments. I can't believe I thought you were even cute at one point. No...now you are just an obnoxious jerk that seriously need to be shot in the head. Please...please...just STFU. Before I do it myself.

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Guest EHNerJI

today.. doesn't seem to have been a good day.

i honestly thought that this could go on forever.

silly of me, right? haaaaaa. losing so much in one day.

how can i deal? hmm. i thought it could be okay,

i thought i could smile again. but why now? ._.;

why does everything decide to pile onto me all at once?

i really did promise myself.. not to give up.

but how can i keep that promise when it's this difficult?

idk why.. i was so foolish and i believed that maybe..

i could succeed this time LOL. yeah, very stupid indeed.

i kept telling myself that it wasn't true.. couldn't be.

but, experiencing it with my own eyes today....

how else can i interpret it? the way he .. embraced her like that O.O;

i was so surprised and my heart just shattered at that moment.

what i'd always longed for .. i could see it, but the person recieving it,

was not me .. it's difficult to even pretend anymore.

and the fact that everyone wants to rub it in ? even if they aren't trying to..

i just want to scream and let it all out.. but it's stupid, really.

i just feel like it's too much to handle right now .. i don't want to face it >.<;

and on top of this... the feeling of my heart being crushed yet again.

it really is a lot to bear.. but overtime i hope it'll get better? =/ idk...

i just take everything too seriously. my smiles are fading.

the one that could always make me smile, why can't he anymore?

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Guest BattleRoyale

omg i bloody hate mac computers dont know how to use them freaken frozen disc stuck bloody ARRGGHH!!

and leave me he bloody heck alone i dont want to talk to you blooddyyy!!!!

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Guest creaturedreams

I failed Accounting topic test hardcore!! :(:(..just because our averages are high as if make it epic impossible v.v", sigh now down to avg of 75ish%

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Guest min_60


when your internet is not working right and your mail doesnt come in as you wish, please do not shout at me. Its not like I want that to happen.

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dang, 2 medal ahead of us? i feel so tad guilty.

and be in school during full rehearsal is super tiresome. yes, i've been going back

and forth of both place for nth times. shoot. please come faster, Saturday. let's end this. grr.

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Guest bbaumgul


and the memory card.. with all those pictures on it...



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Guest the sweetest prince

There are so many stupid mods here on soompi its ridiculous. There was a mod who moved a topic into the 'other celeb photos' section even though there was no pictures in the thread and then the topic starter got a warn for it. Stupid abuses of power like this really richard simmons me off. Even though I didnt agree with the topic starter, the mod didnt have to shut the topic down, just move the topic somewhere else.

Also, my thread was shut down because it violated with some mods ultra conservative views. Maybe they thought a gay thread would corrupt the youth or something stupid like that. the reason i was given was that it was shut down due to some innapropriate comments...MAYBE YOU GUYS SHOULD LOOK AROUND ON THE THREADS YOU PATROL! Jesus Christ, there more space wasters starting threads like:

"my gf dumped me, but are we still going to the dance?"

"I think im pregnant, should i take a pregnancy test?"

I got so much feedback from posters on here who agreed with me that the mods closing my thread down was complete idiocy, too bad its impossible to post anything that might be deemed negative from these emotionally sensitive mods. and I might get reprimanded for posting this, but hey, a rants a rant.

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