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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!

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May I say that I genuinely hope that I am the only person here fighting CoVid?    It's miserable, and I've been struggling since mid-April.  Thought I had it licked but I hit a bad relapse a

It might be a good idea if he stops for a sem, because of the pandemic. I don't know how bad is it in your place, but if cases are rising, then perhaps he should stay home for some more months.  

Dear chingu, I am crying reading your story here! It's been a long time since I saw you in Soompi! Hang in there! You have to fight with bad times in order to get a silverline!  Yeah, I believe in it!

Guest jepho*

seriously, words have no meaning anymore.

you say one thing, but you don't mean it.

i wish there was SOMEONE in this world i can actually RELY on...whatever the occasion.

it's so damn frustrating.

& i think tom's gonna give me a visit...bc i feel my mood swinging ;)

it better not be during break or ima flip a car.



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Guest mezzed


I have an effin myspace stalker!!!

Creeps the crap out of me.

When I don't write back, isn't it logical to stop?

Instead, when I block you, you make your sister message me? & say that you're 'sorry'?

What is wrong with you?!!!

You're ugly & is such a nerd!!

You're disgusting & pervy & just ewwww.

I don't talk to you at school at all so what are you doing?

I replied to your constant messages ONCE!!!

& the logical thing to do when I stop is STOP!!!!

I'm not taking Japanese 4 next year because you scare the crap out of me & freak me out!

OH my goodness what am I going to do?

I swear an internet restraining order is going to be on its way.

Though I doubt there is such a thing.

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Guest starstung

Why can't Monday be tomorrow so I can appeal already? I really think I have a chance at getting into Francis Lewis HS with a 90 average. :) I must I must I must!

Oh yeah, saw a fight today. Everyone was watching. All because of facebook and some essay comments there.

And that is why I do not want to go to Bayside HS because THOSE immature classmates will be there. Well, most of those brats.

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Guest riPWNS

Why cant you give me the freedom i deserve? Im not a little kid anymore.

I definitly know i shouldnt be treated like this.

+ Will you please stop messing with my mind? I know your trying to prove a point. I get it already.

I dont like you either, so get off my back and stop flirting with me. Your giving me false hopes.

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Guest shhmaiim.

you completely destroyed my most perfect night.

i'm so worried about seeing you on sunday,

i have no idea how i'm going to react.

gah, why did i call YOU?

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Guest Yuna N.

i feel john teshing rather infelicitous .

i want to go on a vacation, just on my own,

run away, all on my own,

where i know nobody, and nobody knows me.

THAT would be my john teshing sanctuary

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Guest xdanbi

I thought I got over it. I keep telling myself I'm over it, but those miniscule moments of my life when I forget to keep my mind occupied, I remember and it's killing me. I hate breaking people's hearts. I hate it so much, but what I hate more is that I can't make my happiness the greatest priority.



I replaced gym with another math class so that I could be two years ahead in math amongst my peers, so I figured I'd be out of shape and fat when I was signing up for that. And you know what? This worked better than my stupid months of failed diet attempts and exercise. I even run better god damn it.


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Guest shinjasu

... my iPod was so broken this morning.. so I took all my birthday-present-money

and bought a new one >_> ..

and now that silly old one is working again!!! what is going on with this thing?

.. I never ever did anything bad to you, so why won´t you just stop annoying me? T^T


I wanted to save the money for my holiday T____T

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