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[drama Japan 2009] チャンス!chance!

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


Title: チャンス!

Title (English): Chance!

Tagline: 彼女が成功した理由

Tagline (romaji): Kanojo ga Seiko mini coopera Riyu

Format: Tanpatsu, in two parts

Genre: Comedy

Broadcast network: Fuji TV

Broadcast date: 2009-Mar-07, 2009-Mar-14

Airtime: Saturday 23:10


Horikita plays a 22-year-old who struggles to find a job, finally landing one at a travel company. Kuroki plays a career woman at the same firm who happens to have the same last name. One day, they mistakenly take each other's cell phones, and as a result, Horikita's character ends up having to give a critical presentation. This becomes her "chance" at success. --Tokyograph (http://www.tokyograph.com/news/id-4353)


Horikita Maki

Kuroki Meisa

Gekidan Hitori

Hamada Gaku

Okada Yoshinori

Hiraizumi Sei

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

I will definitely catch some of this, since Kuroki Meisa is in it.

I dunno about Horikita Maki though. <_<

I have yet to find a common ground with Maki's acting.

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Guest bunNyarmy

Yay! Maki!

I'm definitely going to enjoy watching dramas this spring :3


I'm wondering if Gekidan Hitori will play her love interest?

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