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Zero No Tsukaima

Guest regt123

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Guest regt123

who else saw this awesome anime? :D

season 2 was so awesome

the last episode made me actually cry D;

season 3 was ok but the last episode sucked a bit cause it just left it with a cliffhanger

who here thinks a season 4 is in the making? ;]

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Guest xdeathberry

dude I seriously hope they make a season 4.

I mean, who's the other hand of God or whatever?

Starts with a W but I don't know how to spell it. haha


Something like that.

haha but I really liked this series.

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I liked this anime/manga..^^

It was pretty cute after my opinion, but ehm is I the only one who gets so pissed off with all the girls surrounding Saito? And all the big boobs? Like oh my lord, they are about to not fit into clothes.. <_< I have nothing against big boobs, but yeah sometimes in this anime it's pissed me off, and hmm Louise is so sweet;*

Saito should look only at her, and no one else! No wonder why he gets beaten 24/7, seriously :lol:

Btw anyone who know whatever there be a season 4 or not? Cause the season 3 left us pretty much hanging..

As much as I believe there's gonna be a season 4, but I heard if there was to be, it would be out this July. But I heard nothing??

And ahh, I wants to see Louis travel back to Tokyo with Saito, hahah I wonder how they will live then?? :D

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