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Cha Seung-Won 차승원


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차승원 . Cha Seoung-won . 車勝元


Name: Cha Seoung-won [차승원 | 車勝元]
Born: June 7, 1970 | Anyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea
Body: 188cm | 80kg | Type AB
Religion: Catholic (baptismal name: John)
Education: Seoul Jamjeon Elementary School > Sincheon Middle School > Dan-Kook High School > Sungkyunkwan University (Department of Film, Television and Multimedia / Dropped out)
Debut: 1988 Model Line 18th Member | 1997 movie Holiday In Seoul
Family: Wife, son, daughter
Hobbies: Weight training, Mountain biking 
Agency: YG Entertainment [ HP | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | VLive ]
Links: [ Homepage | InstagramDaum Cafe || JP-FanCafe-Instagram | Weibo ]

[ kofic ] CHA Seoung-won:  Born in 1970, Cha Seungwon started out as a fashion model in 1988, just after high school, but it was when he moved to acting in the late 1990s that he rose to stardom. After he was cast in a small role in the melodrama <Holiday Inn Seoul> (1997), Cha made his television debut with the 1997 sitcom <New York Story>. Although he played a dandy businessman in the hit sports drama <If the sun rises in the west> (1998), Cha failed to draw attention. It was eventually his participation to various talk shows in 1998 that got him noticed, and soon thereafter he started to receive more important roles starting with <Ghost In Love> (1999). After a cameo appearance in the influential comedy <Attack The Gas Station!> (1999), Cha was part of the main cast for <Fin De Siecle> (1999) and was offered the lead role in <Black Honeymoon> (2000). Just when he made a strong impression with his performance as a serial arsonist in <Libera Me> (2000), Cha took his fans by surprise when he ventured into comedy with Kim Sangjin’s <Kick the Moon> (2001), which released to commercial success. Cha then appeared in a number of comedy films such as Jang Jin’s <Jail Breakers> (2002) and Kim Sangjin’s <Ghost House> (2004). Putting aside the comic roles he had come to be known for, he then appeared in the grisly period-set thriller <Blood Rain> (2004) and the drama film <Over the Border> (2006), the latter of which - about a North Korean refugee trying to start a new life in the South after his wife stayed in the North - proved that he has more range than many would have given him credit for. After the thriller <Eye for an Eye> and the period action film <Blades of Blood>, Cha ushered in the next decade with the Korean War film <71: Into the Fire> (2010), playing as a vicious North Korean general. Following a successful take as a haughty star in the hit romcom series <The Greatest Love> (2011) that brought him many endorsement deals, Cha teamed up with Jang Jin once more in 2014, starring as a transgender detective in the colorful noir thriller <Man on High Heels> (2013). After a 3-year long gap, he returned as a real-life cartographer in the period drama <The Map Against the World> (2016). He then joined the main cast of the thriller <Believer> (2017). He then headlined <CHEER UP, MR. LEE> (2019), his first comedy film in more than a decade. With the blockbuster action film <Sinkhole> (2021), of which he is the leading actor, Cha is confirming his status as a star of Korean cinema.


[ koreanfilm ] Cha Seung-won (b. June 7, 1970) embarked on a career as a model in 1988. After finding success in modeling, he was cast in the TV sitcom "New York Story", which would eventually pave the way for his debut in film.  Although his debut film Holiday in Seoul (1997) and many of the films to follow did not establish him as a major star, in 2000 he would score a significant hit playing the villain in firefighting film Libera Me. The following summer, the runaway success of Kim Sang-jin's comedy Kick the Moon (over 4.3 million tickets sold) secured his place in the industry as a leading actor with strong star appeal. All of his films since then have been successes at the box-office.  In early 2003, Cha took on a slightly more serious role as a corrupt schoolteacher who is transferred to a country school in the film My Teacher, Mr. Kim. The film grossed over 2.4 million admissions and drew Cha additional praise for his acting abilities. His next role then re-united him with director Kim Sang-jin in a successful comedy {Ghost House} about a man who buys a dream home, only to discover it is haunted by a young female ghost.  In 2005 Cha put aside the comic roles he had become known for and appeared in the grisly period-set thriller Blood Rain. The film's better than expected commercial success confirmed Cha's popularity among Korean audiences. In late 2005 Cha will appear for the first time in a film {The Big Scene (also known as Murder, Take One)} by renowned comedy director Jang Jin.
Extracted from Mr. X’s Sep-11-2005 review of 2005 movie “Blood Rain”
Cha Seung-Won ironically said, in an interview after the screening of the film: “I finally graduated from middle school. Now the real studying begins.” He’s got a point. While Koreans have elected him as one of the few bonafide box office draws, it was a long and painful process for him. Starting with modeling in the late 80s, getting a few decent roles in TV Dramas, finally debuting on the big screen, with only one-dimensional characters which did little to further his career. Then came ’리베라 메 (‘Libera Me’), not exactly a great film, but his performance there raised more than a few eyebrows. Do we have a good actors on our hands? It wasn’t until Cha met and started working with Kim Sang-Jin and writer Park Jung-Woo that his potential got fulfilled. Several surefire comedy hits followed, establishing him as the (male) King of Comedy. Women loved him because he showed warmth, he was masculine without unnecessary machismo, and had a great sense of humour; men respected him because he was like the older friend next door, who acted tough but was always great fun to deal with. But the moment you realize people really like your work, something changes. You stop thinking about the quick bucks, and start worrying about your future. For how long could he continue to do comedies? Until people got tired of him? Then that positive greed and hunger to become a better actor comes out. One could safely say ‘Blood Rain’ is the turning point of Cha’s career. Assuredly stoic and stubborn in the first part, slowly allowing his conscience to get the better of his rationality in the second, Cha gives what could be considered his best performance to date. Charisma and ability to deliver ad-lib aside, this role required a lot of focus: he couldn’t explode with his screen presence, because Won-Gyu’s tongue is sharper than his physicality. For that reason alone, his efforts doubled, and although it’ll take time for him to adapt to his new ‘clothes,’ and maybe even more to be accepted by critics as a ‘serious’ actor, I think he’s got all the potential in the world to do that.



[ 2005-2014 starnews ]

FILM (src: kobis )
Opening Year / Title / Role / Total Admissions (people)

  • 2021: ‘SINKHOLE 싱크홀’  as Jung Man-soo 정만수 [2,188,683] // Kim Ji-hoon
  • 2021: ‘Night in Paradise 낙원의 밤’ [NETFLIX] // Park Hoon-jung 
  • 2019: ‘Cheer Up, Mr. Lee 힘을 내요, 미스터 리’ as Chul-soo 철수 [1,181,960]
  • 2018: ‘Believer 독전’ as Brian 브라이언 {special appearance} [5,063,620] // Lee Hae-young 
  • 2016: ‘The Map Against the World 고산자, 대동여지도’ as Kim Jung-ho 김정호 [974,262] // Kang Woo-suk 
  • 2014: ‘Man on High Heels 하이힐’ as Yoon Ji-wook 윤지욱 [341,606] // Jang Jin 
  • 2012: ‘The King of XXX-Kissing’ as himself {cameo}
  • 2010: ‘71: Into the Fire 포화속으로’ as Park Moo-rang 박무랑 [3,385,706] // John H Lee 
  • 2010: ‘Blades of Blood 구르믈 버서난 달처럼’ as Lee Mong-hak 이몽학 [1,407,681] // Lee Joon-ik 
  • 2009 ‘Secret 시크릿’ as Kim Sung-yeol 김성열 [1,046,787] // Yoon Jae-gu 
  • 2008: ‘Eye for an Eye 눈에는 눈 이에는 이‘ as Ahn Hyun-min 안현민 [2,058,764] // Kwak Kyung-taek
  • 2007: ‘My Son 아들’ as Lee Kang-sik 이강식 [488,221] // Jang Jin
  • 2007: ‘Small Town Rivals 이장과 군수’ as Jo Choon-sam 조춘삼 [1,269,142] // Jang Kyu-sung
  • 2006: ‘Over the Border 국경의 남쪽’ as Kim Sun-ho 김선호 [252,457] // Ahn Pan-seok 
  • 2005: ‘Murder, Take One 박수칠 때 떠나라’ as Choi Yeon-ki 최연기 [2,475,291] // Jang Jin
  • 2005: ‘Blood Rain 혈의 누’ as Lee Won-kyu 이원규 [2,274,995] // Kim Dai-seung 
  • 2005: ‘Lovely Rivals’ as Kim Bong-doo 김봉두 {cameo}
  • 2004: ‘Ghost House 귀신이 산다’ as Park Pil-ki 박필기 [2,890,000] // Kim Sang-jin 
  • 2003: ‘My Teacher, Mr. Kim 선생 김봉두’ as Kim Bong-doo 김봉두 [2,472,135] // Jang Kyu-sung
  • 2002: ‘Jail Breakers 광복절특사’ as Choi Moo-seok 최무석 [3,101,900] // Kim Sang-jin 
  • 2002: ‘Break Out 라이터를 켜라’ as Yang Cheol-gon 양철곤 [470,557 (Seoul)]
  • 2001: ‘Kick The Moon 신라의 달밤’ as Choi Gi-dong 최기동 [1,608,211 (Seoul)] // Kim Sang-jin 
  • 2000 ‘Libera Me 리베라 메’ as Yeo Hee-soo 여희수 [553,560 (Seoul)]
  • 2000: ‘Black Honeymoon 신혼여행’ as Kim Joon-ho 김준호 [36,218 (Seoul)]
  • 1999: ‘A Century's End / Fin de Siecle 세기말’ as Sang-woo 상우 [39,636 (Seoul)]
  • 1999: ‘Ghost in Love 자귀모’ as Na Han-soo 나한수 [362,935 (Seoul)]
  • 1999: ‘Attack the Gas Station! 주유소 습격사건’ as runaway youth [2,310,000]
  • 1998: ‘If the Sun Rises in the West 해가 서쪽에서 뜬다면’ as Byun Ji-min 변지민 [145,752 (Seoul)]
  • 1997: ‘Holiday in Seoul 홀리데이 인 서울’ [36,474 (Seoul)]

Year / Network / Title / Role

  • 2022 - ‘Our Blues 우리들의 블루스’ as Choi Han-soo 최한수 // Noh Hee-kyung
  • 2021 Coupang Play ‘One Ordinary Day 그날 밤‘ as Shin Joong-han 신중한 // Lee Myung-woo

  • 2017-2018 tvN ‘A Korean Odyssey 화유기’ as King Wooma 우마왕 
  • 2015 MBC ‘Splendid Politics | 화정’ as Prince Gwanghae 광해군
  • 2014 SBS ‘You’re All Surrounded 너희들은 포위됐다‘ as Seo Pan-seok 서판석
  • 2011 MBC ‘The Greatest Love 최고의 사랑’ as Dok Go-jin 독고진
  • 2010-2011 SBS ‘Athena: Goddess of War 아테나 : 전쟁의 여신’ as Son Hyuk 손혁
  • 2009 SBS ‘City Hall 시티홀’ as Jo-gook 조국
  • 2003 KBS ’Bodyguard 보디가드’ as Hong Kyung-tak 홍경탁

  • 1999-2000 SBS ‘Woman on Top 맛을 보여드립니다’ as Seung-il 승일

  • 1999 MBC ‘Roses And Beansprouts 장미와 콩나물’ as Choi Gyu-dae 최규대
  • 1999 KBS  ‘Someone is Watching Me 누군가 나를 훔쳐보고 있다’
  • 1999 SBS ‘Love Story - Message 러브스토리 메시지‘ as Jung In-gi 정인기
  • 1998-1999 ‘Angel's Kiss 천사의 키스’ as Jang Tae-joo 장태주
  • 1998 MBC ‘Shy Lover 수줍은 연인’ as Lim Sung-bum 임성범
  • 1998 MBC ‘Women VS Women 여자 대 여자’
  • 1998 MBC ‘Barefoot Run 맨발로 뛰어라’ as Lee Ji-hoon 이지훈
  • 1998 SBS ‘Song of Wind 바람의 노래’
  • 1997 SBS ‘New York Stories 뉴욕스토리’


  • 2013:  ‘Bring Me My Chariot of Fire 나에게 불의 전차를’ as Lee Soon-woo 이순우


  • 2020-05-01~07-10: tvN ‘Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village 5 | 삼시세끼 어촌편 5’
  • 2019-03-15~05-24: tvN ‘Korean Hostel in Spain 스페인 하숙’
  • 2016-07-01~09-16: tvN ‘Three Meals a Day: Gochang Village | 삼시세끼 고창편’
  • 2015-10-09~12-11: tvN ‘Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village 2 | 삼시세끼 어촌편 2‘
  • 2015-01-23~03-20: tvN ‘Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village 1 | 삼시세끼 어촌편 1‘
  • 2015: KBS2 Happy Sunday 해피선데이 ‘The Return of Superman 슈퍼 앤 이 돌아왔다’ {special appearance}
  • 2014: MBC ‘Infinite Challenge 모한 도전’
  • 2014: KBS2 ‘Happy Together 해피투게더’
  • 2014: MBC ‘The Descendants of Korean Independence Army 카레이스키 150년만의 귀향’ {narration}
  • 2011: MBC ‘MBC Special Changsha 50th Anniversary Special Feature - Choong Joo Sung Sim School Baseball Team 충주 성싱 학교 야구부’ {narration}
  • 2011: MBC  ‘Joo Byung-jin Talk Concert 주병진 토크 콘서트’
  • 2010: KBS2 ‘Kim Seung-woo’s Win Win 김승우의 승승장구’
  • 2009: SBS Good Sunday 일요일이 좋다 ‘Family Outing 패일리가 떴다’
  • 2007: MBC ‘Golden Fisheries 황금어장 Knee-Drop Guru 우릎팍도사’
  • 2006-02-26~04-16: MBC ‘Cha Seung-won’s Health Club 차승원의 헬스클럽‘



  • 2012: T-ara ‘Lovey-Dovey’
  • 2011: T-ara ’Cry Cry’
  • 2008: Kim Jang-hoon ’Rain Shower’ 
  • 2003: Position ‘Desperado’
  • 2002: 4U ‘In My Heart’
  • 2001: Position ‘I Love You’
  • 2000: Kim Jang-hoon ‘I am a Man’
  • 1998: Uhm Jung-hwa ‘Poison’
  • 1998: Kim Jang-hoon ‘Even if the World Fools You’


[ Chajumma | newsen 2015-01-09 ]





[ ArenaHomme 2016-09 ]

[2019-03-04] The 53rd Taxpayer’s Day: Model Taxpayer
[2017-11-03] The 8th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards: President's Commendation



[2017-11-02] The 1st Elle Style Awards: Super Icon-Man
[2016-12-06] The 11th A-Awards: Stylish Actor
[2016-10-09] The 1st tvN10 Awards: Variety Grand Prize (Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village 1, 2), Best Variety Content (Three Meals a Day series)
[2015-12-30] MBC Drama Awards: Top 10 Stars 
[2015-04-24] The 10th Asia Model Awards: Asia Star Award [Actor section]



[2011-12-30] MBC Drama Awards: Miniseries Best Actor, Best Couple (The Greatest Love)
[2011-12-09] The 24th Grimae Awards: Best Actor (The Greatest Love)



[2011-12-06] 2011 Korea Lifestyle Awards: Best Dressed 

[2011-11-03] The 4th Style Icon Awards (SIA): Style Icon of the Year (Grand Prize), Style Icon 



[2011-09–02] The 38th Korea Broadcasting Prize: Individual Award for TV Talent (The Greatest Love)



[2011-07-06] The 5th Mnet 20's Choice: Hot Drama Actor, Hot Male Body 



[2010-01-15] The 5th Asia Model Awards: Asia Special Award (movie section)
[2009-12-31] SBS Drama Awards:  Drama Special Actor Award, Top 10 Stars (City Hall)
[2008-12-08] The 1st Korea Jewelry Awards: Sapphire Award



[2007-12-12] Korea Fashion & Design Awards: Fashion Icon
[2007-09-14] The 15th Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Actor (My Son)



[2007-02-07] TVCF ADVERTISEMENTS Award 2006: CF Model section Award
[2003-12-31] KBS Drama Awards: Best Actor, Popularity Award (Bodyguard)
[2003-12-10] The 16th Grimae Awards: Best Actor (Bodyguard)
[2003-03-26] The 39th BaekSang Arts Awards: Best Film Actor (Jail Breakers)
[2003] Korea Advertisers Association (KAA) Awards: Good Model
[2002] The 25th Gold Awards Festival: Best Actor (Kick The Moon)
[1999] The 16th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards: Best Dressed Model
[1997] Model Center Adieu Fashion Festival ‘97: Grand Prize (fashion section)
[1996] Korea Fashion Association: Male Model of the Year
[1995] Korea Fashion Photographers Association:  Model of the Year
[1995] Korea Model Association: Model of the Year
[1995] The 12th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards: Model Award
[1995] Model Line '95: Best Dresser
[1995] Korea Fashion Association: Male Model of the Year














[2019-10-01] Interview: CHEER UP, MR. LEE Director LEE Gae-byok: x 
[2019-09-03] CSW: One Of The Actors Directors Most Want To Work With: x
[2019-09-04] True gentleman Cha Seung Won emits radiant aura on HighCut: x
[2019-09-04] In ‘Cheer Up,’ there are laughs and tears: x
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[2016-08-09] Cinematizing Korea's greatest mapmaker daunts top cast: x
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[2015-03-25] Cha Seung-won has to act hungry for power: x
[2015-03-20] ‘Chajumma’ signs ad deals: x
[2015-03-18] Cha Seung-won to star in ‘Minions’ as voice actor: x
[2015-01-12] ‘Three Meals a Day’ spawns spinoff: x
[2014-06-01] Gender focus of noir film: x
[2014-05-29] Cha Seung-won garnered as woman in ’High Heel (2014)‘: x
[2011-06-27] [INTERVIEW] Actor Cha Seung-won: x
[2011-06-24] Cha Seung-won: I wanted to show the cute side to men: x
[2011-05-03] TV soap to peek into celebrity life: x
[2010-04-27] [INTERVIEW] Actor Cha Seung-won - Part 1 | Part 2
[2010-04-20] Traces of Lee Jun-ik's work in "Blades of Blood": x
[2010-01-20] Cha Seung-won's Movie Picks: x
[2009-12-02] [INTERVIEW] Cha Seung-won - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
[2009-11-19] (Review) Clever scenario, polished production in thriller 'Secret': x
[2009-04-29] More romantic comedy for prime time: x
[2009-04-21] City Hall to Bring Public Officials to TV: x
[2008-07-24] Eye Spies Perfect Crime: x
[2007-04-24] Movies Reflect on Contemporary Fathers: x
[2007-03-22] [REVIEW]’Small Town Rivals’ puts comic twist on friendship: x
[2006-04-30] (Review)'South Over the Border,' touching romance of N. Korean defectors: x
[2006-04-27] Go South: x
[2005-08-11] ’The Big Scene’ showcases a clever detective thriller: x
[2005-08-02] Cha Seung-won: Not Groomed for Stardom: x
[2005-04-13] Dogged Cha Seung-won: Movie Tears of Blood: x
Data: gathered/translated/updated from Namu | YG | kobis | kobiz | 
Images: re-uploaded from Naver + CTTO (all copyrights/credits belong to original sources+creators)
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Guest kdramafanusa

Eye For An Eye (Nuneneun Nun Ieneun I) (2008.07.30)


My Son (A-deul) (2007.05.01)


Small Town Rivals (Yi-jang-gwa Gun-soo) (2007.03.29)


Over The Border / South Of The Border (Gook-gyeoung-eui Namjjok) (2006.05.04)


The Big Scene / Murder, Take One (Baksuchil ttae tteonara) (2005.08.11)


Blood Rain (2005.05.04)


Teacher Kim Bong-du (Seonsaeng Kim Bong-du) (2003-03-28)


No. 815 / Jail Breakers (Gwangbokjeol Teuksa) (2002.11.21)


Kick The Moon (2001.06.23)


Ghost House (Gwisin-i Sanda) (2004-09-17)


Libera Me (Liberame) (2000-11-11)


Images: Cine21

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Guest kdramafanusa

TV Series

* Bodyguard <보디가드> (KBS, 2003-07-05 ~ 2003-09-14) *

2003 KBS Drama Awards: Winner of Best Actor & Popularity Awards


* City Hall (SBS, 2009.04.29 ~) *





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Guest jastinel


Thanks Helena for making this thread for CSW!

I`m starting to admire this man, because of his achievements and his looks.

They say that Suna is a multi-faced actress and I would say CSW too.

He looks different in every role that he has done, I wonder what will be his image in City Hall.

Where can I watch his movie, My Son?

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Guest valley girl

Wow thanks For making his Thread Kdramafanusa anyway he has 2 Kid

oldest is 1989's Born ( unbelievable !!) kkkk Boy, and another is Daughter

he is the hottest tall actor too kkk

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  • 2 weeks later...

awesome..thanks Helena for starting his thread! i've seen most of his works but my favourites are 'The Big Scene' and 'Ghost House'..i never get tired of watching them.

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  • 1 month later...
Guest jastinel

Kdramafanusa, do you have a video link of Cha TV guesting in Sang2plus and Golden fishery, and he will be guesting also in Family outing.

His busy promoting City Hall and I love to see more of him. His funny and good looking...his my man!

Kdramafanusa, do you have a video link of Cha TV guesting in Sang2plus and Golden fishery? he will be guesting also in Family outing.

His busy promoting City Hall and I love to see more of him. His funny and good looking...his my man!

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Guest kdramafanusa

^ Hello everyone & thanks for posting.

I'm sorry for not updating things as often as I should, I will try my best. I gathered articles on him, I need to organize them first.

Inez: We have the same taste in men. :lol:

Jastinel: Will look for the clips & movie(s).

Valleygirl: Yes, he's the hottest tall actor!

Here are some news articles on CSW's appearance on Family Outing.





:wub: :wub: :wub:

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i think CSW looks good with KSA..they're both stylish models, glad that they do a drama together.

CSW..tall, tanned and manly..what a guy!..lucky wife too, i remember i saw some pics of him with his kids sometime back..

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Guest *alodia*


i would love to see his kids...

it's quite difficult to look for info about him...

i soooo love him in bodyguard. me and my mom were swooning over him!

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Guest *alodia*

I asked a Korean friend about him (my friend is in her early 30s - if that matters). And this is what she said about Cha Seung Won. It's kinda interesting since we know very little about him, so i thought of sharing this:

CSW was a legendary fashion model in Korea and he became an actor many years ago.

Many years ago, when he wanted to start his acting, there was a strong prejudice about fashion models among entertainment fields and watchers. Fashion models would not be a good actor because they were too tall compare with actresses and their acting is too stiff.

However, he was the first model who stopped the prejudice and became a very famous actor.

After that there were many fashion models foe examples, Kang Dong Won, Kim Sung Soo, Kang Ji Whan and so on… entered dramas and movies as an actor.

His personality is very funny and unique.

He married when he was 20 or 21 years old with old girl (4 years or more^^;;) and his son is almost 20 years old now.

However, he looked good enough to see ^^.

Also, he has a young daughter too.

Even, he is a father; he played as a young unmarried man in several movies, so we have no "old man" images from him. Unfortunately, he had tooth corrective (I don’t know why^^;;) he looked too long and had hollow cheeks, but his body proportion is still perfect fortunately.

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Guest *alodia*

by mzpakipot on City Hall thread

can't help to comment on background history of Seung Won...all i have to say is, lucky girl (his wife) hehe!

well, i'm curious on how his teenage son looks like...so i went and lurked around his cafe...

here's Cha Seung Won w/ his two kids (circa 2005??)

like father like son...tall and handsome! ^^


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Guest jastinel

I can see a great actor, a good man, a loving husband and father in him.

Just like my husband....hehehe!

Yes, his wife is very lucky and Cha too, I think his wife has been a great inspiration on him, to think he got married when his only 20,

she`s been very supportive on his career.

Still, no one can tell me if Cha had a kissing scene on his previous projects.

Where can I watch his movie My Son? DL link please!

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thanks mel and mzpakipot for the pics!!..yes, he's got such a beautiful family and better watch out for his son...he's going to be a hottie like dad! ;)

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