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[Drama 2001] Beautiful Days 아름다운 날들

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Sunday June 14, 2009

Lee's Hip Korea

A star talks about his upcoming Hollywood experience and being part of a documentary about South Korean pop culture



IN Asia, South Korean actor Lee Byung Hun is a big star. He is, after all, one of the major stars of the hallyu (Korean wave), the surge of popularity that Korean pop culture has enjoyed around the world for the past few years.

Lee made his TV debut in 1991 in the drama Asphalt My Hometown after a successful audition for the Korean Broadcasting System in Seoul. “It was just something I did as a whim but I ended up making it,” he says in a recent e-mail interview.

Since then, the 39-year-old actor has appeared in a number of Korean television series such as Beautiful Days (2001) and All In (2003), and movies, including last year’s blockbuster The Good, the Bad, and the Weird (2008).

But Lee is an enterprising celebrity who wanted to look beyond the camera: he dabbled in jewellery design in 2005 – he designed for Japanese brand Samantha Tiara – and in 2008, he released a best-selling Japanese single, Itsuka. When asked which he preferred, acting or singing, Lee replies: “I am an actor. I like to act. Singing was just something I did for my fans.”

Lee, who speaks Korean, English, and “a bit of Japanese”, will be appearing in his first Hollywood movie soon: the summer flick GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, where he will play the villain, Storm Shadow. Fans may be miffed that Lee’s face will be hidden for most of the film since Storm Shadow is always masked, but Lee doesn’t mind, saying that it is “true to the original character”.

To prepare for the role, Lee went through a fitness programme and had to undergo “action training” with other actors. But in the end, the biggest challenge for him turned out to be dealing with the different language and culture, he says. “It is hard to show certain emotions while speaking in a different language. I used to just worry about showing my emotions but in Hollywood I had to worry about language as well,” says Lee, who is currently filming the Korean drama, IRIS. “I hope people enjoy the film,” says Lee about GI Joe. “It will be a fun film that families can watch together.”

Many South Korean actors are taking tentative steps into Hollywood: Jeon Ji-Hyun recently starred in the Hollywood production Blood: The Last Vampire, and Korean-American actor Daniel Henny (star of the 2005 Korean TV series, My Lovely Sam Soon, and 2006’s Seducing Mr Perfect) is in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and, later this year, will be in the American TV series, Three Rivers.

Lee believes that this is a good thing: “There is no competition in my eyes. I hope that more Korean actors and directors make movies not only in Hollywood but worldwide.”

Speaking of roles, Lee has taken on yet another role – that of cultural ambassador. He will be profiled in the second episode of Discovery Channel’s Hip Korea, where he will introduce viewers to cool hang-outs, such as the wine bars of Apgujongdong and fashionable Myondong, and also talk about South Korea’s youth-driven pop scene.

“I thought that Hip Korea would be a great way to showcase South Korea and how Korean entertainment has evolved throughout the years,” says Lee, who filmed the documentary off and on from October last year to April. “I would like people to remember the passion of the Korean people, and that the Korean culture is unique, and that Korea is a great place to visit,” he adds.

And when in South Korea, be adventurous, he advises: “I would recommend that tourists see and eat as much as they can because there is much you can do. If you are closed-minded, you may miss good things.”

Source: The STAR online

Lee Byunghun talks about Beautiful Days

on the Discovery Channel's HIP KOREA of Seoul Savvy


A lot of Beautiful Days were shot on location around Seoul. We filmed in some amazing places but the one people remember most is the subway.




Co-star, actress Choi Ji Woo & some of BD classic scenes were also featured in the Seoul Savvy on NHK

  1. Cherry blossom
  2. Subway date
  3. Rooftop Reconciliation
  4. Victory Records' Crown Prince
  5. Beach Scene
  6. VR Kiss NG
  7. Hearts of Roses Proposal
  8. The Truth Shatters

LBH talks about Lee Minchul

At the beginning of the drama, he's so cold, arrogant.. he doesn't believe love. The drama goes on, he changes himself. He knows what real love is. Even he cries in some situation.

He opens his mind little by little. Those kind of things made people love the character.

Seoul Savvy Streaming (Korean version) at www.mgoon.com

Blurry captures by EverythingLBH l rubie

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June 30, 2009

Lotte World opens 'Star Avenue'


Taking a full step toward marketing Korea's most sought-after superstars among overseas fans, Lotte World opened yesterday "Star Avenue," a memorabilia hall that displays all things related to celebrities -- just not the stars themselves. "We believed that we needed something to appeal to the rising number of tourists to Gangnam (southern Seoul) region," said Choi Hong-hoon, public relations team chief for Lotte World.

The opening ceremony was attended by several of the featured stars and hundreds of their adoring fans.

The Avenue, located on the first underground floor near the South Gate of Lotte World, is divided into five different spaces. The "Star Showcase" corner exhibits costumes and accessories donated by the stars, along with a star magazine video featuring the latest celebrity news.

Nine stars are featured including Rain, Tong Vfang Xien Qi, Big Bang, Park Yong-ha, Song Seung-heon, Choi Ji-woo, Ji Sung and Kang Ji-hwan, along with Japanese celebrity Ikko. "Star Center", located at the center of the avenue accommodates a huge, 360 degree, high definition screen which features clips of the celebrities.

"Music Star" hall allows visitors to choose and listen to their favorite songs which they can burn in CD format to take as souvenirs. Fans can also send letters using a touch screen program.

"Drama Star" features recreated film sets of popular drama series such as Daejanggeum and East of Eden, where fans can pose next to life-size models of their favorite stars.

Hours of operation for the Avenue are from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The entry fee is 10,000 won although anyone with a Lotte World Adventure "one-for-all" ticket will be able to enter free of charge.

Lotte World in Jamsil-dong of Songpa-gu, which is also home to a hotel, duty-free shop, department store and a musical theater, will celebrate its 20th anniversary on July 12.

When it first opened it was the world's largest indoor theme park. Since then, Lotte World has become a signature amusement destination not only for children, but for adults as well who had eagerly welcomed the opening of the adventure park.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Lotte World has organized a number of diverse and exciting events, including a "Lotty's Adventure Parade" featuring 200 brightly-lit, airborne actors and dancers. On the day of the actual anniversary there will be a special event where 20 couples (who are 20-years-old) will cut a 20-meter-high birthday cake. There will also be a musical, samulnori (Korean farmer's dance), as well as a lucky draw for overseas trips.

Lotte World and its adjacent Magic Island were the first Korean theme park in 1995 to open at night and, since then, have introduced many daring new rides such as the Gyro Drop (1998), Gyro Swing (2001) and the Atlantis ride (2003). Lotte World went through a major renovation in 2007. As a further expansion of the business, Lotte World plans to open a water park in Jangyu, South Gyeongsang Province in 2011 and will also participate in a comprehensive entertainment complex development in Shenyang, China.

By Lee Joo-hee (angiely@heraldm.com) via koreaherald.co.kr

More celebrity PHOTOS at kr.yahoo.com - image1 l image2

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Thanks to the highlight by ylin at EverythingLBH, original capture from mainichi jp

Website: jp.lottedfs.com


LBH and CJW featured in the newly-launched Lotte World's Star Avenue. Amongst the stars attending, CJW was present at the officiating ceremony on June 30th. However, LBH who had just returned from filming IRIS in Hungary, was represented by his sister instead.

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July 3, 2009

Actress Choi Ji-woo Signs Agreement with UP School


Actress Choi Ji-woo has signed an agreement pledging 100 million won to the UP School Program of the Busan government’s project aimed at improving the city’s educational environment. The signing ceremony was attended by students from Deokmun High School for Girls--Choi’s alma mater--along with her former teachers and education officials.

The UP School Program was launched by the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education and the Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry to improve the educational environment in the city’s schools. As of May this year, over 1,500 companies, organizations and individuals had donated 13 billion won toward the cause. The donations have been distributed to schools to improve students’ learning environment and help low-income families.

Jangan Elementary School, which was on the verge of closing due to a small number of students, has seen more students since it received the donation. Other schools have also greatly benefited from the campaign. They have expanded their free lunch and school bus services for students. Choi says she hopes the campaign will help students better concentrate on their studies and enjoy their school years. She also called for public interest and help.

The mayor of the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education, Seol dong-geun, said Choi Ji-woo has been sparing no efforts to improve education in Busan despite her busy schedule, and that her pledge of a donation was a "beautiful act of repaying the public for their love." He presented the actress with an appreciation plaque.

After the ceremony, Choi visited a special purpose school in Daeyeon-dong, Busan to encourage its students and their parents as well as present them with gifts. The Busan-born actress has acted as PR ambassador for the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education since 2005. She has carried out diverse activities to improve education in Busan and has regularly provided her alma mater with scholarships.

Source: KBS Global

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Thanks to ylin at EverythingLBH for the Minchul captures :blush:





An all-time BD treat.. Minchul-ssi.. :wub:


Captures credits as stated --

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Discovery Channel's HIP KOREA - Seoul Savvy feat. Lee Byung Hun and Beautiful Days

Thanks to the sweet sharing of friends from the bottom of my heart

Beautiful Days was one of the dramas that sparked the Korean Wave, a region-wide craze for all things Korean.

Producer Kim Jong Hak
(KJH Productions, BD distributor in 2001)

Korean actors are able to use their eyes and everything else to express themselves in great detail.

This makes Asian housewives think "I have been misled by my husband all this time". "I should have been loved like that."


Choi Ji Woo
: Lee Byung Hun plays the role of a very rich CEO of a company and I played a poor girl. Lee Byung Hun tried to accommodate my character. Since he fell in love with me, he ended up riding the subway a lot. It was tragic and heart-breaking in a word, a melodrama.


CJW + BD ngs
: He's really funny.

When I was doing a close-up shot, he would make really funny faces.

People don't understand why I am laughing. It's supposed to be a serious scene you know.


People ask "Do Korean men really cry a lot?"

"Do they really plan surprise parties that often for women?" "Do they really kneel down and give you flowers?"

: No way!


Lee Byung Hun talks about Korean screen heroes

Before, being physically powerful and brusque was considered masculine. But now it seems being aware of the physiological differences of men and women and being able to understand and be considerate of what women need is what considered masculine.

Captures from Discovery-NHK by EverythingLBH l rubie

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Discovery Ch
: Byunghun is a chameleon, never predictable, always surprising.

He can literally be whatever you want him to be. :blush:


: I've known Lee Byung Hun for ten years and I think we're pretty close.

But even so, whenever I see him he's different. He's different today and he's different tomorrow.

He'll probably seem different the next time I see him.

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BD-GIF courtesy dcinside


Minchul, the man he is.. always keeping all his emotions inside until he appeared aloof and cold to the outside world. When he had to end his relationship with Yeonsoo, he chose to be other than himself in order to break her spirit. How more cruel can a man be?

Minchul only shed a single tear at his mother's funeral, and brushed away an angry tear in front of his father when he found out about Sungjae's real identity but when he had to break the heart of the only woman who understood him.. only then, his tears flow freely.

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09banner_6.jpg"Beautiful Days" Location Tour




Source: travel2.innolife.net

:sweatingbullets: This is directly translated by the google-translator.. fans' utmost discretion needed.. obviously..

[Course Description]

Tour has been completed the total GUDDOMONINGUTSUA "Beautiful Days" tour location! "Beautiful Days", March 2001 - 5 Love orthodox・story aired on Monday. Traumatized like the four young people were a vintage drama depicting a dynamic form of love. Lee is now the top Hallyu stars, Choi Ji Woo, Ryu Si-won cast, the location information of every nook and cranny of this drama was very popular in Japan! ! In addition, Lee Byunghun's home (exterior) and a favorite food and it is a fantastic tour and press down firmly private.

Travel Date: December 2007 -- (shouldn't it be 2009??)

List Price: 100,000 won (please sign up for the five days prior to participation.) Lunch (PUDECHIGE)

Personnel Minimum: 3 persons ** ** 2 = 130,000 won

Information guide:

Major hotels in Seoul

→ Subway station with Young-soo was on the bus and gave MINCHORU

→ umbrellas in the Sung Jae Young-soo on his way home

→ slope of the member firms of Lee Minchul

→ ( Entertainment BH)

→ Location walk by carrying a drunken MINCHORU

→ Young Soo PASUKUCHI (café meeting, second floor office where Mr. Yang Mimi Muse)

→ bakery love melon

→ home of Lee Byung Hun

→ Lunch

→ Narae house (to live rent-free room at the Young-soo roof)

→ Kim Young-soo and Narae home

→ send the stairs and went to Young-soo of the Young-soo, a traffic accident where Minchul

→ → → N Seoul Tower wedding hall (with Young-soo rendezvous of Senna)

→ The Cathedral (Minchul proposed to the Young-soo, the church gave the engagement ring)

→ bills

→ Lee Yonsei University (the university Sun-jae attended)

→ Sinchon Station

→ Seoul

→ Monchul home dissolution of the major hotels in the city


Duration 09:00 ~ 17:00


* Please apply for the five days prior to participation.

Pickup Location: (welcome / welcome major hotels in Seoul)

Location SENDINGU: (major hotels in Seoul)

* May be other additional costs.

* May be delayed due to traffic some time to tour.

- 2 days before tour departure: full refund

- 1 days before tour departure: 50% refund of fees

- Day Tour: tour, no refunds or changes

Details in Japanese at innolife.net

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August 20, 2009

Star Hall of Fame Celebrates Choi Ji-woo


Choi Ji-woo

Actress Choi Ji-woo, one of the figureheads of the Korean Wave, will be honored by the Star Hall of Fame at the 2009 Seoul Drama Awards hosted by the Korean Broadcasters Association.

The awards committee on Wednesday said in a showcase scheduled from Sept. 4 to 13 at the Gwanghwamun Square in downtown Seoul, a special exhibition about Choi will be on display in the Star Hall of Fame booth.

The Star Hall of Fame was established in 2008.

The award ceremony will take place at the Olympic Park in southeastern Seoul on Sept. 11.

Credits: englishnews@chosun.com

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Fan art that my friend make it..so wanna share here..coz she's watching BD now..and she like it a lot..not finished it yet ^^

From Jiwoo Thai board by Jasmine125



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Thanks wrblee, it's really good to see BD sharing from time to time. :blush:

Btw.. if there's any Byunghun fans in Kdrama-Thailand board.. hope they can join in our petition to him.

Link at my siggy and instructions at EverythingLBH thread, just one page before the current page.. the last post..

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Guest arielcc

I fell in love with this drama years ago and recently, bought the Full DVD since it was one of my all time favourite Kdrama.

When I started watching it, I fell in love with all it over again. Love the chemistry between LBH and CJW. Love the intensity in all of LBH's scenes.. a lot of stares but speaks so much. Now I remember why I loved him in this drama.. :P

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January 13, 2010

[Concert] 5th Anniversary of ZERO debut


Singer ZERO (= Pak Song-chol) to commemorate the 5th anniversary of his Japanese debut on March 28 in Tokyo. The event planned for singer who have been active and building a name in Japan will also be showing video message from actor Ryu Si Won who acted in 'Beautiful Days' in which ZERO had sang its most popular soundtrack 'Promise'.

Source: news.nate.com

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* Title: 아름다운 날들 / Ah-reum-dah-woon Nal-deul

* Episodes: 24

* Broadcast network: SBS

* Broadcast period: 2001-03-14 to 2001-05-31


Beautiful Days (Ah Reum Dah Woon Nal Deul) uses some of Korea’s well known actors to deliver a story of two orphan girls, two step-brothers and their entangled tale of greed, secrets and disloyalty. The story gives the main characters a chance to gain wisdom through life experiences. Both the story and the actors execute a great melodrama.

The story is dynamic and realistically written. Showing the source of each main character’s notable traits from painful experiences, the story starts in 1975, then forwards to 1985 and 1995, and finally picks up 5 years later in 2000 where most of the story takes place. Within the first two decades shown, the audience learns why Min-chul is unloving to most people, why his younger sister, Minji, is rebellious, and why Sun-jae is so obedient to their father. In 1995, the audience learns why there is heartache between Sina and Yonsoo. Even while the story falls short to offer definite conclusions to sub plots, it does offer closure by establishing the main characters’ evolution or growth. Just as the audience is shown the source of the characters’ troubles and pains, the drama continues to unravel situations that force the characters to change. The realism and complexity of the characters starts with the story; however, the cast does an excellent job of bringing them to the screen.

The cast works great together. First, Lee Byung Hun shows Min-chul as the resentful, cold-shouldered son to his father, brother and step-mother. While to Minji he shows Min-chul as the caring, trusting brother. Both are attractive personalities that together make up a complex character. When he and Choi Ji Woo are in a scene together, Lee Byung Hun is strikingly bold and demanding, sometimes not saying much at all. In fact, some of the drama’s best scenes are ones in which Lee Byung Hun doesn’t have many lines in but requires just as much performance. For example, when he and Choi Ji Woo are in the movie theater, not a single word is said, but the heartache and pain Min-chul feels is shown in his expressions. As for Choi Ji Woo, she begins portraying Yonsoo as a strong woman that is cautious of Min-chul. Her stuggle to trust herself plays out well. Next, Ryu Shi Won is noble as the intimidated brother and offers a certain amount of gentleness to the Lee family. Finally, Lee Jung Hyun and Shin Min Ah both represent the younger disobedient sister well, making the outrageous squabbling scenes convincing.

The story and cast of Beautiful Days illustrate characters’ trials and growth skillfully. The complex beginning establishes a great source for the drama’s development while the well rounded characters are carefully crafted and displayed. The two elements, story and cast, brings one of the better performed Korean dramas to audiences.

As for the music of Beautiful Days with Korean Pop Star, Lee Jung Hyun, as part of the cast as well as a story that revolves around music industry characters, the drama has amazing power ballads and lovely musical scores. Both Lee Jung Hyun and Ryu Shi Won have tracks on the OST and when hearing their renditions the memories of the pain and happiness the characters endured in the drama are easily relived. The actual Korean musician Zero is also featured on the OST, bringing a soothing voice to climatic ballads, like Yak Sok (track 2), that makes the heart soar.


* Lee Byung Hun as Lee Min Chul

* Ryu Shi Won as Lee Sun Jae

* Choi Ji Woo as Kim Yon Soo

* Lee Jung Hyun as Kim Se Na

* Shin Min Ah as Lee Min Ji




drama wiki











































































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February 15, 2010

[10LINE] Lee Byung-hun

Senior Reporter.Kang Myoung-Seok Editor.Lee Ji-Hye, Lucia Hong


Clockwise from top center, actor Lim Chang-jun, actor Song Seung-hun, actress Choi Ji-woo,

director Kim Ji-woon and actress Kim Tae-hee [10Asia]

Lee Byung-hun

He grabbed people's attention as soon as he made his acting debut. And he did great. He would then encounter a crisis but everytime, he would somehow find his way back. And he went around the world to look for new work. This is the life of this top star whose life is like a drama or drama turns out to be what his life is.

Related excerpt only, for full article please refer the source provided

Choi Ji-woo

Female actress who starred opposite him in SBS drama "Beautiful Days" and movie "Everybody has Secrets." The transformation Lee showed from starring in "Happy Together" solidified the character he played in "Beautiful Days." This showed Lee as a cool team leader but at the same time the bad guy with high ambitions. In melodramas, there aren't many characters that have various inner sides and once again he was able to be acknowledged for his capabilities. He was able to fulfill the role of the male lead in "Beautiful Days" and transform himself into a casanova dating three sisters in "Secrets." As a star, Lee has the capability of bringing the melodrama to the film. He is able to portray that quality on the screen and also show that on the outside.

Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok two@10asia.co.kr Editor : Lee Ji-Hye seven@10asia.co.kr Editor : Lucia Hong luciahong@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved> 10.asiae.co.kr

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