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[Drama 2001] Beautiful Days 아름다운 날들

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Today i got a big new ;) Good , Bad , Weird is acquiring projection peacock at Việt nam :w00t::w00t: And I will go to watch this soon . >< I am so fluttering ><

Hi Fujiwara, that is great news. So.. you're a BD fan in Vietnam. :D Another LBH Vietnam-fan has seen the movie last week (Diamond Cinema?) and it was simply awesome.

Must not miss GBW (what we call the movie ^^).. it's receiving a lot of great response in Korea & everywhere. Please share with us your thoughts later.. here or LBH thread or GBW. :) We'd love to hear everything!

Enjoy! :lol:

The Good, The Bad, The Weird


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Third time.. lucky Jiwoo drama? :sweatingbullets:

September 17, 2008

Yoo Ji Tae Cast in Star’s Lover


Actor Yoo Ji Tae, who usually only acts in movies, will play in the much anticipated television drama “Star’s Lover”, previously known as “Oh! My Goddess”. He will be playing as an undergraduate trying to woo top star Choi Ji Woo.

According to a representative from SBS, Yoo Ji Tae has already reached an agreement with the production company. The only remaining step is to sign the contract, therefore this is as good as confirmed. The representative continued that with the addition of Yoo Ji Tae, the cast selection for “Star’s Lover” is already completed. The shooting will begin the latest in the start of October.

Although Yoo Ji Tae had acted in many movies, he only acted once in a drama which was a two-episode miniseries, Lost Baggage (Love Story) in 1999. Therefore, the casting of Yoo Ji Tae with Choi Ji Woo will no doubt help push the popularity of the drama.

In “Star’s Lover”, Yoo Ji Tae will play as an ordinary undergraduate, who falls in love with top actress Lee Ma Ri (Choi Ji Woo). “Star’s Lover” is scheduled to premiere in December, replacing “The Painter of the Wind“.

Source: hanfever.com


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October 2, 2008

He sparks kissing frenzy

Korean actor-singer Ryu Si Won mobbed by nursing aides during visit to Bishan Home

By Chang May Choon

KOREAN TV star Ryu Si Won, who was here for the F1 race, met hundreds of fans on Monday.



But it was on a visit to the Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled that he was mobbed.

Not by the residents there, but by the nursing aides from the Philippines. Some even managed to kiss him, leaving him looking stunned.

At the home, the humble star went around shaking hands, signing autographs and hugging some of the residents, who seemed happy to see him. But far more excited were the nursing aides, some of whom went wild.

More than 10 of them rushed onto the stage to take a group photo with Si Won, and while getting ready, one of them dabbed the perspiration on his face with a red T-shirt. Then, the unimaginable happened.

One nursing aide leaned forward and kissed Si Won's left cheek, triggering a copycat reaction among the others.


SMITTEN: Korean actor-singer Ryu Si Won (with an orange garland) being surrounded by nursing aides during a photo session at the Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled. --TNP PICTURE: GAVIN FOO

The emcee had to jump in front of Si Won to stop more of the women from sneaking up on him. It turned out that it was the first time that Si Won, 36, had ever got mob-kissed by fans.

Actor loves the thrill of car racing

And he counted four pecks on his cheek, no less!

With a laugh, he said: 'No fan has ever dared to come kiss me on my cheeks. Usually it's just hugs or handshakes.'

He was not worried or offended though, because 'I can understand how a fan feels about me'. And he is used to more dangerous situations - like crashing a race car.

The actor-singer, who is also a professional racer, crashed his car in a race last month. When asked about it, his immediate response was: 'It was not my mistake... I had trouble with the car.' The accelerator pedal had suddenly got stuck and he had to crash into a guard rail to stop the car. He woke up with 'some pain' in his neck the next day, but is okay now.

So, which is worse: To crash or to lose?

Passionate about cars

'Crashing is the worst situation, because you can't even try to win or do your best,' he told The New Paper through an interpreter. 'Even if you don't win, at least you gave it your best shot.'

The boyish star of popular dramas like Beautiful Days and Wedding was in town last weekend to do a special feature on the inaugural Singapore Grand Prix for a Korean cable channel.

When asked about the crashes on Sunday, he commented that two of them were 'driver's mistakes' and one was a 'mechanic's fault'. 'I saw it all from the paddock club, the VIP area with the best view,' he said matter-of-factly.

He enjoyed the three-day event and kept raving about the 'wonderful lighting' that was specially installed for the first F1 night race in the world. 'I really really wanted to join the race and be on the tracks myself, but I had to suppress the urge because only F1 drivers are allowed to race,' he said with a reluctant smile.

'But I'll be joining a race in Korea two weeks later, and I'll think of the Singapore F1 and do a good job.' He had to miss a wedding to be here for the race.

His actor pal Kwon Sang Woo was married to actress Son Tae Young in Seoul on Sunday. Si Won said he received Sang Woo's invitation first, and then he accepted the F1 job without realising that the dates would clash.

'My excuse is that I'm going to Singapore for work and not just to enjoy the F1 race, so I believe Sang Woo understands my situation. Anyway, I already sent him a red packet and flowers too.'

One may think Si Won places racing above friendship, but he insisted both are equally important to him.

'It's just that everything for F1 was already arranged when I realised the clash of dates, so I had no choice but to come to Singapore.' Not that he was complaining, though.

Si Won's passion for racing goes as far back as kindergarten, when he fell in love with cars and started drawing pictures of them.

Safe and slow

But it never occurred to him to be a racer until 1997, when he was asked to join a race as part of a variety show.

The descendent of a famous prime minister during the Chosun dynasty hopes to juggle racing with his showbiz career, which is mostly based in Japan these days.

What he loves most about racing is not the speed or the thrill of competing, though. 'There are so many things I like about racing, but the biggest appeal is that each race is a struggle with myself. I have to fight myself in order to win.'

Away from the race circuit, Si Won professes to be a safe and slow driver. 'I drive fast only on the race tracks,' he said. 'The more you get involved in car racing, the more you tend to drive safely on the normal roads.'

Before leaving on Monday night, Si Won also met 200 of his fans at K Union at Cineleisure. So, how far does he let fans go with him?

He said he draws the line at being kissed on the lips or butt-grabbed by fans who pretend to put their hands around his waist while posing for photos. 'I won't be that happy, and I'd feel very embarrassed when fans, especially the older women, grab my butt,' he lamented.

'But I won't push them away because then they'd feel bad, so I just let them be.'

One wonders though, is it worse to be butt-grabbed or to crash his car?

Source: The Electric New Paper (Singapore)


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October 9, 2008

Ryu Shi-won to Receive Presidential Award on 'Tourism Day'


Actor Ryu Shi-won, who has been at the forefront of promoting Korean tourism overseas, will receive an award for outstanding achievement from President Lee Myung-bak at the "Tourism Day" ceremony. Ryu's management agency R's Company said the ceremony will take place at the Lotte Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul on October 14.

Ryu plans to release his 8th single album in Japan on October 15 and hold a solo concert at the Tokyo Dome for two days from December 23.

Source: KBS Global


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Hey everyone and all BD fans around the world!

Super thanks, RUBIE and everyone for all the latest news and /or information, and for safe guarding this BD thread... thank you so much chingus.


My belated apologies to ELLABEL, KTH2015, KHIN MYINT, for not sending my BD copies to you ladies... my pc at home is under going some serious problems and I am waiting for my cousin to come by and fix it for me... not too sure when that will be because he's currently out of the country, but when he is back to the US, I will have him come and fix it.

In the mean time, please be patient and wait longer... once I know the time frame, I will update more here, so please check back later for more information.

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^^ No problem May dear... take your time.. we are only leeching from you so no worries.

I hope you are doing well.

We'll just have to use my old BD vcds and dvd with crappy eng subs if i miss Minchul and YS.

thanks for the heads-up, rubes.

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October 13, 2008

Ryu Si-won Celebrates Birthday With Honorable Mention


Popular actor and singer, Ryu Si-won, will receive an award of honorable mention from the president on October 14th at the Sogong-dong Lotte Hotel to commemorate “Tourism Day”. For the last three years, Ryu Si-won has been actively working as the promotional ambassador for Korean tourism, attending various events in hopes of revitalizing Korea’s tourism industry and glorifying Korea’s overall image.


Interestingly enough, Ryu Si-won recently celebrated his birthday on October 5th at the Olympic Hall inside Seoul Olympic Park. Over 3,000 of his fans attended the celebration, including guests from Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. At the event he expressed his deepest feelings and shared photos of his house that he took himself.


Coming October 15th, Ryu Si-won will be releasing his 8th single album in Japan, and is also planning to promote it with a series of exclusive concerts during the Christmas season from December 23rd to the 24th at the Tokyo Dome.


The photo courtesy of Digital Chosun Ilbo (http://english.chosun.com)

Source: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/CU/con...ll&keyword=

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Oricon Top 10 CD Singles Daily Charts - Tohoshinki (DBSK) takes the #1 spot (10.17.08)

October 15, 2008 by KNDY

On new release Wednesday. Which artist or band took the #1 spot for Japan’s Oricon CD Single Daily Charts?


DBSK » Lee ByungHun » Ryu SiWon


NOTE: This week is somewhat of a surprise. No one from last week’s top 10 is in this week’s top 10. That is a first! Also, another surprise is that the top 3 for Wednesday on the Oricon CD single charts are all non-Japanese and are Korean. Last week’s #1, Kumi Koda’s “TABOO” drops to #16.

  1. Tohoshinki - Jumon - MIROTIC
  2. Lee Byunghun - Itsuka
  3. Ryu Si Won - Kimi to Boku
  4. Yui Aragaki - Akai Ito
  5. ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION - Fujisawa Loser
  6. Ikimonogakari - Planeterium
  7. The Birthday - Namida ga Koboresou
  8. Sendai Kamotsu - Uma Nami de./Zekkomon
  9. RAG FAIR - Good Good Day!/ Let’s Harmony
  10. Rina Aiuchi - Kimi to no Deai ~good bye my days~

Source: http://www.nt2099.com/J-ENT/news/music-cha...-1-spot-101708/

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October 17, 2008

Lee Jung-hyun Returns to Korean Stage after 2 Years


Singer Lee Jung-hyun will return to the Korean stage after two years of absence. Lee will showcase her dynamic performance on October 18th at the 10th Korea-China Song Festival held to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between the two countries. The festival is to be held in the World Cup Stadium in Jeju Island.

Hosted jointly by KBS and CCTV of China, the Korea-China Song Festival will feature a number of hot artists from the two nations. Lee will be joined by TVXQ, Insooni, Girls’ Generation, and ShiNEE from the Korean side. The Korean and Chinese musicians will sing in duets and present a unique repertoire that integrates both pop cultures.

Lee is said to be very excited to be meeting her Korean fans again. She has been working mainly in China for the past two years, leading the new wave of Korean pop culture or Hallyu there. She is also working on her seventh album and looking into a movie role. KBS will air the 10th Korea-China Song Festival on October 26th and the Chinese audience will get to see it on CCTV.

Source: KBS World


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Lonely.. but never forgotten.. not ever.. :wub:

Looks like BH's new drama IRIS is still lurking & hiding somewhere while CJW's 'Star's Lover' despite the many delays it had to confirm before have been in full filming mode.. set to air very soon, too. And CJW had invited fellow actor Shin Hyun Joon (also her co-star in STH, Rondo to name a few) for a cameo appearance in the upcoming series. It's easy to see how good/prefessional they are and so supportive of each other.. a plus being in the same Olive9 agency.

Who knows.. one day.. the same cameo-collaboration will present itself for LBH and CJW.. now that they are both represented by the same international agent, Artist View.. along with their colleagues; Jung Woo Sung and Song Hae Kyo. Anything is possible.


Beautiful Days – N Seoul Tower

This refurbished tower which sits proudly atop beautiful Mount Nam is a popular place to shoot dramas and films. The lovers of Beautiful Days stood here to watch the sun rise and cast a golden shadow over downtown Seoul. Scenes from the wildly popular My Lovely Sam-soon were also shot here. In addition to its star factor, enjoy the other qualities of Namsan, such as the cable car, gardens, museum and of course the revolving restaurant at the top of the sky high tower.

Subway: Seoul Station (line 1 and 4), Exit 4 – take bus no. 0014, 402, or 02 to Namsan Public Library Stop. For cable cars, take line 4 to Myeongdong Station, Exit 3, and take the right path at the Pacific Hotel.

Tel: (02) 3455-9277

Website: nseoultower.com



wikipedia/N_Seoul_Tower wikipedia/Beautiful_Days

November 12, 2008

Seoul Tower Locked in Everlasting Love

By Park Ji-yun

Korea Times Intern


Countless “locks of love” hang on the wall of a terrace attached to Seoul Tower

on Mt. Namsan in central Seoul. Young couples hang their locks of love before throwing the key away

in the hope for eternal love./ Korea Times Photo by Park Ji-yun

Commanding a spectacular night view, N Seoul Tower on Mt. Namsan in central Seoul is emerging as a must-see for a growing number of couples, young and old. Along the ground terrace attached to the tower, hundreds of locks are hanging, showing off the eternal love of their owners.

The locks hanging on the fences with the keys thrown away are meant to ensure sweethearts’ vows to never separate are kept.

The idea of hanging locks originated from local tourists a few years ago who saw the same thing at Tokyo Tower. It is now enjoying a renewal after two TV stars, singer Alex and model Sinae, were seen dating there in the MBC reality program "We’ve Got Married." N Seoul Tower’s "Locks of Love’’ event was chosen as a reunion venue for the celebrities on June 15 and since then has drawn great public attention.

"Lock sales have increased sharply after the scene was broadcast,’’ said Lee Jung-hoon, a member of the tower’s management.

A couple ― Do-hyeon and Yun-sang ― visited the place to celebrate the 3,000-day anniversary of their first meeting. The lock they hung reads, "CYS, KDH since May 1, 2000. Let’s love happily forever." The couple said they plan to visit the "guardian’’ of their love again when they have a baby. "It is a very special moment for us as we promised to love each other at this beautiful place with all the other locks," Doh-yeon recalled.

The venue has also become quite international as foreign tourists, mainly from the U.S., Japan and China, do the same when they go to the top of Mt. Namsan by cable car or foot. A landmark of Seoul, the tower is 480 meters above sea level, standing atop 262-meter-high Mt. Namsan. "We’ve never seen such an event elsewhere. I think it is a beautiful idea for lovers," said Michelle and Michael, a U.S. couple who received a lock as their seventh wedding anniversary present from a Korean friend.

Most of the locks are decorated with drawings and stickers while some cannot even be called locks. Some used chain locks for bikes shaped as hearts, as well as pink and red heart-shaped ribbons on their locks. Now that there are so many locks hanging, tower staff members are worried about maintaining them. "From the weight of the locks, the fences are starting to bend. However, we currently have no plans to increase space," Lee said.

As the number of locks increases, so does the number of problems they cause. As almost all the fences are filled with them, it is hardly possible for children to enjoy the surrounding view. Since the event includes throwing away keys to prevent locks from being opened, there is a danger that other people under the terrace might be hit.

The tower operator put up a sign instructing lovers not to throw keys away and set up a "key bin" for them. Some couples also hang their locks in inappropriate places, such as road barricades.

In some cases, the locks seem to have no binding power for couples. Lee said he saw a man who had come two months earlier return with a different woman. "I was pretty shocked since I did the same with my girlfriend," he said. “Sadly, this episode proves that some loves cannot be protected even by hanging strong, hard metal locks."

However, no matter how much locks save true love, N Seoul Tower’s Locks of Love will likely remain a memorable event for many couples who are willing to share and express their love, he said.

Credits: coldmaze@hotmail.com


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A cool article at Kpopped related to the Locks of Love at Seoul Tower ^^

26 November 2008

Locks of love at N Seoul Tower


26 November 2008

Choi Ji-woo braves the cold on the Red Carpet


And speaking of Red Carpet.. both CJW and LBH recently.. :blush: .. he's at the 29th Blue Dragon (Nov 20) and she's at Star's Lover press conference (Nov 25).. :blush:


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October 7, 2008

Japanese Satellite TV to Hold 'Lee Byung-hun Festival'


Japan's largest commercial satellite channel Sky Perfect TV will hold a two-month-long special event during which it will feature films and dramas starring Korean actor Lee Byeong-heon. The event will begin this month.

Prior to the event launch, Sky Perfect TV produced and aired four different versions of a TV ad promoting the event. During the "Lee Byeong-heon Festival" period, the channel will air some of the actor's major works including "Addiction," "Once in a Summer," "Lament" (aka Elegy of the Earth), "A Bittersweet Life," "Bungee Jumping of their Own," "Happy Together" and the drama series "All In."

Source: KBS Global

Official Website skyperfectv.co.jp

There's also a special segment called 'Spotlight' that features an impromptu-styled on-the-spot Q&A session with LBH on various topics in highlight of the 2-month long event.

The full transcript courtesy a sweet Japanese fan posted at EverythingLBH thread, thanks to Elaine0712 for the wonderful sharing ^^


【A Korean boom】

The photography spot:  Extreme strain

A drama:  I am happy and early

Beautiful Days:  A trial and happiness

All In:  A beautiful memory

Unforgettable lines:  All In

A Korean boom:  The memory that passed

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Fans of Jiwoo, do check out

[sBS drama 2008] Star's Lover 스타의 연인 - Choi Ji Woo, Yoo Ji Tae, Cha Yeh Ryun, Lee Ki Woo, Choi Philip


November 28, 2008

Choi Ji-woo to Star in Melodrama


Major Hallyu star Choi Ji-woo has been gaining wide popularity not only in Korea, but from all over the Japan. Many fans will be happy to hear that she will be returning to television screens starting December 10 (Wed.) on Korea’s SBS TV drama <A Star’s Lover>.

This drama portrays a story most fantasize about, a story about falling in love with a top-star. This melodrama introduces two completely different people who meet in the tough realities of the real world and realize true love. <A Star’s Lover> has been a special project of SBS that took a year and a half to prepare, with the help of Japanese media production company, Dentsu.

In the drama, Choi Ji-woo plays the role of the female lead, Lee Ma-ri, a top-star who turns down the proposes of many men in order to find that one true love. Her counterpart is an aspiring novelist in graduate school, named Kim Cheol-su, and played by actor Yu Ji-tae. The drama also features a solid supporting cast of actors including Lee Gi-woo, Seong Ji-ru, Jeong Un-taek, and others, anticipating a successfully in-depth drama.

Source: Korea Sparkling

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It's too bad that CJW is never known for Beautiful Days.. maybe it's better that way..

December 2, 2008

'Celebrity's Sweetheart' Knocks on Viewer's Hearts

By Han Sang-hee

Staff Reporter


Actors Yoo Ji-tae, left, and Choi Ji-woo to star in “Celebrity’s Sweetheart,”

which will air 9:55 p.m. Dec. 10 on SBS

Princess Ji-woo is back. Choi Ji-woo, referred to as "Princess Ji-woo" by her Japanese fans and a famous hallyu star with her tall, model-like figure and innocent looks, is returning to the small screen with SBS drama "Celebrity’s Sweetheart.’'

Choi, who has been acting for 14 years, will play, not surprisingly, beautiful actress Lee Marie, who falls for a poor yet smart ghostwriter, played by fellow actor Yoo Ji-tae.

The press conference, which was held last week, was full of not only reporters, but also overseas fans hands with flowers and presents for the 33-year-old actress and fellow actors. "I was inspired by the movie 'Notting Hill.’ My goal was to offer a full gift set of 'melo' (melodramas)," said Bu Sung-chul, the producer.

Indeed, the short clip of the drama showed the perfect tools for a perfect Korean melodrama: a beautiful, yet lonely top actress, a poor but talented writer-to-be, a rich chaebol heir and even a nosy tabloid reporter. "It was actually a bit embarrassing to play an actress. The scenes where I had to walk the red carpet were actually quite awkward, because I had to act it. But the scenes where Marie becomes devastated by Internet rumors and wants to be someone special for only one person and not the public, was also easy to understand,’’ the star from "Winter Sonata" (2002) and "Stairway to Heaven" (2003) said.

Unlike veteran television star Choi, this is the first drama for Yoo, who became popular thanks to his performance in "Oldboy" (2003). "I found a new aspect of acting by shooting the drama. While acting in a movie feels like I become a part of the film, working on a drama is like growing side by side with the drama itself," said Yoo.

While Yoo was busy lecturing in classrooms and writing novels in the drama, Choi showed her feminine side with several scenes of her practicing ballet. The actress admitted that she learned professionally for the past eight months. "It was really me doing that scene!" she laughed.

When asked if she was worried of her typecast image as the damsel in distress, Choi smiled and said she didn’t think it was bad to have a certain image. "I think I have presented quite different roles in the dramas that I have starred in. I believe it’s important for an actor to show different roles, but I don’t think it’s bad to have a trademark image," she said.

The producer, however, thought Choi was perfect for the role and added that he was honored to be working with one of Asia’s top stars. "My goal was simple. I wanted to bring Choi, who is one of the best melodramatic heroines in both TV dramas and movies, and make a sweet and heartbreaking piece. Choi is especially good in sad melodramas, so she was fit for the role," he said.

"It’s warm and sweet, perfect for the winter season," Choi added.

"Celebrity’s Sweetheart" will start airing at 9:55 Dec. 10 on SBS.

Credits: sanghee@koreatimes.co.kr


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The Red Carpet series ^^

December 4, 2008 - 7th Korean Film Award

Isn't she just lovely, a beautiful lady Shin Min Ah :blush:






Source: empas.com

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December 18, 2008

Choi Ji-woo Makes First Appearance in 'Period Drama'


Actress Choi Ji-woo

It may come as a surprise that Choi Ji-woo has made her first appearance in a period drama in her 14-year acting career with the role of a traditional entertainer or gisaeng. But it happened in the new, contemporary melodrama “Star’s Lover.” The SBS show started on Dec. 10, and Choi plays a role of top actress Lee Ma-ri.

It is, in other words, only a role within a role. The scene sets off her beauty in traditional clothes and a folding screen with ume flowers. With her hair braided up, Choi looks like a painting that has just come alive. Production staff said Choi looks as if the legendary Chosun-era gisaeng Hwang Jin-yi came back to life.

Although Choi only appears only for a few seconds in this outfit, she spent three hours in makeup and getting dressed. “It was a bit disappointing as it was such a short scene, but now one of my dreams has come true: I’ve made my first appearance in a period drama,” Choi said.

Credits: englishnews@chosun.com


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Posted on 12.24.08 to CT Hall, Korean Dramas by hanfever

Ryu Shi Won Makes a Drama Return After Four Years


Korean star Ryu Shi Won will make a comeback to the Korean drama scene with the upcoming SBS drama “CT Hall”, where the last Korean drama he had acted was KBS’s “Wedding” with Jang Nara four years ago.

The representative from SBS announced on the 24th: “Ryu Shi Won has already gave the final confirmation and what is remaining will be to finalize the details of the contract. Due to the global economic recession, we hope that the TV stations, production companies and actors can unite together in order to overcome this crisis.”

“CT Hall” is the 4th collaboration between PD Shin Woo Chul and writer Kim Eun Sook. They have previously joined hands in “Lovers in Paris”, “Lovers in Prague” and “On Air”.

Currently, the male lead has been confirmed to be Ryu Shi Won while the female lead is still under selection. After confirmation of the main cast, “CT Hall” will begin its filming beginning February next year and is scheduled to replace So Ji Sub’s “Cain and Abel” in April 2009.

In addition, Ryu Shi Won will host the 2008 SBS Drama Awards together with Han Ye Seul on the 31st of December.

Source: hanfever.com, image from empas.com

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