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Celebs That Gross You Out?

Guest bonitagirlx

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Guest bonitagirlx

well do u know when u watch a movie and like theres this romantic storyline and the man just grosses you out rather than make you swoon?

i think kevin costner in "robin hood; prince of thieves"

and nicholas cage in "city of angels"

they just... didnt do it for me...

how about u?

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Guest jiwoneex3

well, idk,

johnny depp in Edward Scissorhands grossed me out like crazy.

but then, after watching it again, i found him attractive because i know he's hot in real life (:

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Guest cantthinkofaname

i would say..that edward cullen guy


but it was backward...after watching the movie i was like

"he's okay"

but then i read the book and i was like

"oh my gosh his character is so cheesy"


but he's still hot though

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