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keroro gunso

Guest hafriz

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Guest hafriz

Sergeant Frog
Keroro Gunso is the story of an alien frog commando team stranded on Earth when their invasion force abruptly abandons them. The 4-frog platoon is headed by Sergeant Keroro (”keroro” is onomotopaeic, considered in Japan to be a sound made by a frog), who is taken in by the very family whose house he attempts to invade.

The show, divided into fifteen-minute episodes, follows Sgt. Keroro’s attempts to take over Earth while building Gundam models in his spare time. Hilarious puns, jokes and spoofs of other animes pepper Keroro Gunso, along with funny and touching storylines and characters.

Volumes: 24 (Ongoing) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=5577Published by: Tokyopop (uo to vol 20)Anime Episodes: 358




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Guest choco_biscuit

i think keroro's an anime for kids coz my cousin's crazy bout it.. well im nt one tho.. haha but i still luv it .each time i watch it it's so hilarious and funny!!! I luv their second ending theme!

I luv tamama.. i swear he was a girl wen i first saw the cartoon. :P

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Guest haruka314

oh my gosh.. because of this.. i love TAMAMA so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ^____________^

he..? (i think it's a he?!)

looks soooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest Amethist

I love this series!!! It's one of my faves ^^!!

Lol I remember before Tokyopop licented the manga I was so curious about it..And when I read the manga I was found it awesome XD!! The anime is also gooed :P..

My fave characters are Natsumi and Giroro..lol I even cosplayed both of them last year at an animeconvention XD..

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Guest rainette

i like this anime!! :D

I love sergeant the most, he's so emotional and yet humorous at the same time.

I din't quite like kururu for his laughter. haha but yeah his inventions are cool ;)

p/s: mois is so cute! and i'm a girl =="

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Yeah I am wondering as well. The episodes are weird. They start at like 101. Does that just mean it's season 1, episode one? And 113 is season 1 episode 13? I want to know how many seasos and episodes there are?

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