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Guest NO NAME?




Alternative title: セブンゴースト (Japanese)

Genres: comedy, fantasy

Plot Summary: Out of 500 students in the military academy, only 20 will pass the difficult graduation exam to become begleiters (Assistant Executive Officers). Teito Klein, the chairman’s favorite, is one of them. He is disliked by the other students because of his relations with the chairman and his mysterious past. After Teito and his best from, Mikage, finish the first phase, Teito begins to have strange dreams again about a man. Later on he eavesdrops on people talking about him. During this conversation, Teito recognizes the man in his dreams and another man that killed him. When he is caught he is sent to prison, but escapes with the help of his best friend. Teito left Mikage and was found falling from the sky and unconscious by a group of guys.

Original run: November 25, 2005 – ongoing

Volumes: 16

Official website: 02snowblind (Japanese), 07ghost (English)



Genres: action, comedy, drama, fantasy

Plot Summary: Set in a gothic fantasy world, this is the story of Teito Klein, an orphaned slave who became the top military academy student. However, an unexpected turn of events left him pursued by the forces of the Barsburg Empire. Now an escaping convict, Teito's sheltered by the church and it’s law of sanctuary. Here, he discovered many mysteries surrounding himself, the church, and the Empire itself. The fact that he might be connected to a dethroned king and the mystical stone of god, 'The Eye of Mikhael' made him the target of the empire more than ever. Fortunately the church is under the mythical 7 Ghost protection. But who are the Ghosts really. Will Teito be free from the military's clutch, And what of his said mission to uncover the history. And who is the military's Chief-of-Staff Ayanami exactly. Teito's future seems to have spiraled into an unexpectedly perilous path.

Vintage: 2009-04

Opening Theme: "Aka no Kakera (緋色のカケラ)" by Yuki Suzuki

Ending Theme: "Hitomi no Kotae (瞳のこたえ)" by Noria

Episodes: 21

Official website: アニメ「07-GHOST」公式サイト (Japanese)

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Guest retarded_sponge

I really like the manga. Great art, solid story. I wish there were more promient female characters incorporated though.

Oh, I also could do without the blatant shounen-ai vibes.

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Guest LittleShine


I LOVE the manga. I had absolutely NO CLUE that it will be turning into an anime (i should have expected it though).

I'll definitely watch this <3

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Guest akito&agito

^ Haha I'm up to ep 4 and wondered the same thing!

I wonder how he manages to fight, like when he needs to spread his arms...

It made my laugh so much just thinking about Frau~ and that book <_<

Also, Mikage~ he better not die or anything. I'll kill Ayanami myself, if that is even his name.

He's got the voice actor of Azien from bleach... argh, annoying.

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Guest amydien

^lol, yeah I feel uncomfortable watching Teito wear those chains. Even his feet have those too. But he can still run and not trip on it :lol:

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Oh me love this anime/manga!!<333

But well I cried so bad during ep 5-7?? *sniff* it was sad=/

Also ep 17 is up so far with sub, I can't wait for ep 18 to come soon.

And the 3 handsome bishop ghosts is so handsome :w00t: Hahah I love them, lol so funny and sweet^^

I really love this anime/mange so far, but damn this serie makes me cry and sob so much through the whole series;P

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Guest amydien

omg I love how this show is going along. Ep 17 left me hanging >___<

Frau-Teito moments make me giggle LOL.

I think I'll read the manga after this series is over, there's so much mystery in every episode!!!

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Guest meimei__KOUSEKI

*spoiler warning!

i'm in love with this anime!

*if you're friends with me on my lj, you'd know :P *

i almost cried when Mikage died, hell..i probably did cry.

his relationship with teito was so solidly developed!

and i'm sorta scared of Labrador a bit... how can he say scary stuff with that sweet looking face? xD

and Castor, damn...hot megane bishop!

also...Hakuren dislikes women! i was so happily shocked!

not to mention he's voiced by my fave Jun Fukuyama!

and OMFG FRAU AND TEITO! Like at that ep where Rozette took Teito to where Frau was...

he was like, "your smile will put me at ease..."

and Teito was blushing like a cute little uke omg! *non-yaoi fans, don't kill me*

i'm reading the manga and watching the show! it's seriously amazing!

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Guest ShadowMax76

^ you can use the spoiler code.

i liked the manga better. i know it's hard to include everything, or perhaps that it's not a great thing to copy everything in an adaptation,

but... D: seriously, cut out the chibi joke in ep1?? >.>" not to mention the violence censoring

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Finally ep 18 is out with sub! But it was so short though=/

Is I the only one who thinks that the Eye of Mikhael or whatever it was is handsome?? :rolleyes:

Hahah I love when it's awakened;D

Also why on earth does there exist such handsome looking death gods/bishops??Gosh it's killing me! :blush:

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