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[reality 2009] Project Runway Korea 프로젝트 런웨이 &#5307

Guest abloom

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My first official thread here! Considering how popular the American/Canadian/British versions have been around the world, I'm surprised when I didn't find a thread in soompi dedicated to the newly premiered Korean version.

I'm a big fan of Korean fashion as well, so that's another reason why I'm so interested in it. Too bad that I haven't been able to find it online.

Project Runway Korea [2009]


Project Runway Korea (Korean: 프로젝트 런웨이 코리아) is the Korean version of the American reality show Project Runway. It is Korean television's first localized franchise from a foreign-language reality competition, and the third Project Runway version in Asia after Malaysia and the Philippines




Choi Hye-jung, 29 years old

Chung Jae-woong, 26 years old

Kim Hong-bum, 31 years old

Kim Jae-min, 22 years old

Kyung Cho-rong, 29 years old

Lee Eun-jeong, 38 years old

Lee Myung-sin, 23 years old

Lee Seung-hee, 34 years old

Lee Woo-kyung, 27 years old

Nam Yong-seop, 30 years old

Shin Jae-eun, 42 years old

So Ye-in, 26 years old

Yoo Sang-uk, 28 years old

Kye Han-hee, 22 years old


Official Website

Official Blog

Any other information is appreciated...

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Guest Zealousy


No one posted here yet? I really liked the first episode. Its just like the U.S. version.

Looking forward to more.

Ahh! I liked Kye Han Hee, too bad she got the boot.. rooting for Kim Jae Min or Choi Hye Jung now.

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Guest yogurtlicious

interesting, i've always liked Korean fashion better (or rather Asian fashion in general), than American fashion for some reason XD Is this show on youtube?

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Guest Sekai no Hikari

You can find them at Aja-Aja.


It's a pretty horrible show. Not only are all the Korean versions of Heidi, Nina, Tim, etc so obviously trying to emulate their predecessors, the designers so far have produced straight Dongdaemun C.R.A.P. If you look closely at all their designs the tailoring (or lack-of, since they hardly make anything that isn't baggy or for the curveless) is AWFUL. Just horrible. Not a smoothly tailored seam or a French stitch for this crew. Proportions are awkward, their draping skills are junk... not to mention the model lineup is composed of whatever tall, skinny girls they could find (read: faces are not up to caliber). Even the "winning designs" were contrived. The judges looked as if they were fishing for something to compliment since everything was bad.

Although Korean girls seem to be known for their fashion sense (which I see more as "cute" than actually fashion-forward), the majority of the best-dressed celebrities/models in Korea do not wear Korean clothes (with maybe the exception of TIME since they put out some pretty nice, simple pieces). The Dior or Alexander McQueen dresses you might see on a Korean woman is representative of a good ability to shop- not necessarily potential to design.

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The American one is beign filmed at my school :D

But i think the Korean one would be interesting haha.

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EPISODE 1 *FreeGo^^*

^^Not sure if this thread should be in this section but thanks for posting the links anyways. I've been wondering where I could watch this show =) The original Project Runway rocks, also loved the first (& thus far, the only) Australian edition but I am extremely curious to see how the Korean version measures up. Sekai no Hikari's comments are making me a bit weary!

P.S. I heart WITH S2!!!!!! <3

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Guest garnet07

I liked watching the US version so tried watching the Korean version since they're always so fashionable on dramas. Some of the contestants are interesting. But the winner they chose ... I thought her dress wasn't that great. Seemed to lack balance or something wrong with the front. As for the person who got booted out, well the manager helping them out did warn her that there was something off with the top part and she needed to fix that. But since she didn't listen, that's her fault. Dude, he's a fashion director for a reason so listen to him when he advises you. Yet, she just shrugged it off and continued doing her "not old or simple" style.

Edit: After watching / skimming some of episodes of Project Runway Philippines version (thanks for the tip guys since I didn't know there was one), the Korean version has a looonnnnggg way to go. I mean sure they didn't get to choose the fabric to design with, but there wasn't any dress that I liked from the contestants. Hopefully, they get better in the upcoming episodes.

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Guest jaejoongie <3

I watched the first three episodes. It is entertaining, but I was pretty disappointed.

The first episode was good and the designs were cool and i was really excited.

But then the second and third episode designs sort of sucked overall (my opinion). I didn't feel the wowness I felt when I watched project runway America.

But then on the plus side, I can feel that all the designers are trying to be creative. I think the reasons the designs are lacking is because all the designers lack time to show their full potential.

And the models aren't that good either. Maybe it's because of the way they filmed it, but it looks like a lot of the models have unprofessional attitudes with not as much experience.

But as the show progresses, the design will get better and all the sucky people will get cut out XD

and the sewing room is a total MESS. Like a total trash place. (at the end of 3rd episode) lol. Oh well, they're all busy.....

Lol I can't tell if the guidance person is a girl or a guy... he always dresses in a suit so i think he's a guy. But then his voice makes things iffy.

I think the short girl with glasses is going to win..... she has that kind of feel.

Is it just me or is lee so ra just blah?

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Guest fallenframes

i just found out about this and was really excited!

however, reading the overall comments here, it doesn't seem that good. >.>

thanks withs2 for subbing this...

i'll watch episode 1 and hope i won't be disappointed.

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