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MUCC (ムック)

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New digital single | ジオラマ (Diorama) | 12/2


Vocal: Tatsuro

Guitar: Miya


Drums: SATOchi

Bass: Hiro [gone - 1999]


MUCC - official MySpace

MUCC - official site

Universal Music - official MUCC site


MUCC, though not exhibiting this since late 2004, is considered a visual band. Their music ranges from punk to hard and soft rock, and with the release of Horizont they have also incorporated a saucy tango/disco sound. MUCC isn't afraid to experiment and dive into different sounds showing their fans they're not just any rock band.

All four band members contribute toward the development of the music, and all, with the exception of YUKKE, have contributed toward the lyrics.

MUCC have already performed in various countries throughout Europe, and it seems they’re making it a yearly tradition to continue performing there. They've also performed in the USA at the anime convention Otakon in Baltimore, Maryland in August 2006.

Author : Cynthia (2007-10-30)


MUCC, whose name originated from a character of a children's TV show, was formed in May 1997 with the line-up of TATOO on vocals, Miya on guitar, Hiro on bass, and SATOchi on drums. Having caught the attention of Ao, leader of cali≠gari, they received a deal on the label Mismini coopersu Neurose.

Not wasting much time, they released their first demo tapes within a few months of each other: NO! (December 1997) and Aika (March 1998); these were distributed at their live performances. At the end of 1998, they released their third demo, which had a limitation of only 100 copies and was given away for free at their live.

The beginning of 1999 seemed very promising for MUCC as they had their first one-man live at the Mito lighthouse in Ibaraki in February and released their fourth demo Shuuka. Around this time, Hiro decided to leave the band, but was quickly replaced by YUKKE. In December, they released their first album entitled Antiiku.

In 2000, MUCC received attention from the press, making their first appearances in magazines such as Fool's Mate and SHOXX. That August showed two major changes for the band. TATOO changed his name to Tatsuro, claiming that TATOO was dead, and wanted to be called by his real name from then on. They also changed their name from MUCC to ムック (MUKKU in katakana).

The next two years were very busy for the band as they had several releases and were also featured on some TV shows such as Hot wave and Jee jee trap. MUCC's popularity was quickly growing; their album Homura Uta (2002) sold out so quickly that a 2nd pressing was released only a month later. In 2002, they began their own record label, Shu, under Danger Crue, Inc. after leaving Mismini coopersu Neurose.

In 2003, MUCC signed a contract with UNIVERSAL MUSIC and made their major debut with the release of their album Zekuu, dubbed a disappointment to fans who preferred their older work. Even with the new contract they did not leave their label, but rather distributed their releases through UNIVERSAL. They toured to promote the new album with the last concert being at Tokyo Bay NK Hall; a DVD of this memorable concert was released a few months later. At the end of the year, MUCC participated in the Beautifool's festival, which was organized by Fool's Mate, amongst bands such as Gazette, deadman, and Miyavi.

2004 started off successfully with a 10-concert live house tour in and around Tokyo. This was only the beginning of a myriad of tours and releases. By the end of the year they had released two singles, three albums, and one DVD. That DVD, entitled MUCC history DVD the worst, contained many extras for MUCC fans including footage of live performances, indies and major, their discography, PVs, and much more!

In August 2005, MUCC was invited to perform in Germany and France; one of the performances in Germany being Wacken Open Air, which is the largest heavy metal music festival in the world. 2005 also saw the release of three singles and one new album.

In 2006, MUCC stayed busy with the release of their single Gerbera in February, and a tour of Germany and France that spring. That year, they traveled even further to perform at the anime convention Otakon in the USA. This year also marked an experimental phase in the band's music, which was shocking to many fans. They released their album Gokusai and updated and fresh take on some of their older sounds combined with their new style, producing an extremely varied album.

In 2008, MUCC received the opportunity to perform throughout the USA with the Rockstar Taste of Chaos tour along with other Japanese artists such as D'espairsRay and THE UNDERNEATH.

Constantly moving forward with performances in and out of Japan, along with a fast-paced release schedule, MUCC's activities have yet to cease or slow down. The band is going strong and, with their growing popularity and success, it is likely that they will continue in this manner for a long time to come.

Author : Kay & Cynthia (2008-03-26)

Source: JaME

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Guest crescendoll

wth?! there was never a MUCC thread?! blasphemous!

i love these guyssss. still one of my favorite bands ever.

they played in my city last year~ ( i couldn't go though because i had an exam ughh )

my friend got me their autographed poster though <33

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Guest eyepatch

I love pretty much everything MUCC made from the beginning of their career to Gokusai. After Gokusai, their music slowly went downhill, and now they sound like every other generic J-rock band IMO. However, Homura Uta, Zeku, and Aishu are still amazing albums, and no matter how sucky I think MUCC sound now, they'll always mean a lot to me.

(Oh, and 逹瑯+YUKKE=♥ haha)

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Guest NO NAME?

I approve of their new album, 球体 (Kyuutai). In my opinion, it's pretty solid.

The intro to 讃美歌 Sanbika is gorgeous. For those familiar with classical musical, you have probably figured out by now that this is MUCC's rendition of Ave Maria (by Bach/Gounod) What's kinda funny is that when I first heard the song, I couldn't get the tune of Hotel California by The Eagles out of my head. That's not a bad thing. I love that song.

MUCC's 2009 Schedule

03.16.2009 - Rast, R.

translation : Jacob

source : Official site

MUCC released through their official website a cluster of news about their future plans for the rest of the year. First, the group announced three new releases: a new single for the fall, their first B-side collection and also a PV collection, though other details such as track list and dates are not available as of now. In addition, they will also hold an event concert tentatively titled "Bunka Sai" some time this year and will embark on a new one-man tour in May. This tour, titled MUCC JAPAN TOUR 2009"Kyuutai" , will start at Osaka Namba Hatch on the 12th and end at JCB Hall, in Tokyo, on June 17th.

Source: JaME


Anyone listen to their new song? It was uploaded on YouTube awhile ago, but it has been removed. Sounds like a track from their upcoming single?

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Guest NO NAME?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

JACK IN THE BOX 2009 SUMMER Appearance Confirmed!!



Makuhari Messe Hall 1-3

OPEN 11:00 / START 13:00


acid android / girugamesh / Ken / MUCC / SID / tetsu / ZORO / 44MAGNUM / BREAKERZ / cali∦gari / Kinniku Shoujo Tai


Source: MUCC's Official MySpace (entry)



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I can't believe I didn't find this thread earlier! It needs more love man, a lot more love. ;_;

I recently discovered MUCC so I'm not your hardcore I-know-which-singles-were-released-whenever fan. I haven't met many MUCC fans _online_ either but when I do, their opinions are "eh, they suck now" or "I prefer their older stuff." I heard lots of complaints about Sora to ito, like it's too "mainstream" but I thought it was interesting how they incorporated autotune. Seems like almost every song, in any genre uses autotune nowadays haha.

Time to listen to their latest album~

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Guest NO NAME?

^ Yeah, this thread doesn't get enough love.

I thought Sora to Ito was good. Definitely different from their older stuff, but I continue to have that song on repeat.

New releases!

Copied and pasted from an e-mail from CDJapan:


MUCC/Coupling Worst CDA

2857 yen US$29/97.51 Release Date:2009/08/19

Description:Greatest hits album release from MUCC featuring B-side songs released from indies label, and four rare songs.

URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=POCS-1028



MUCC/The Clips -track of six nine- DVD

3619 yen US$37/97.51 Release Date:2009/08/05

Description:Greatest hits DVD release from MUCC featuring all music videos released after their major debut.

URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=UPBI-1025



MUCC/Coupling Best CDA

2857 yen US$29/97.51 Release Date:2009/08/12

Description:Greatest hits album release from MUCC featuring B-side songs released after their major debut, and "Libra feat. Candle."

URL - http://cdjapan.jp/d.html?KEY=UPCI-1093

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Guest Kularu

I like their music!^^ Even if I don't listen to them so much...^^"

I'm happy to see that they come in France in few months!!^^

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MUCC's so great! I started listening to them a few weeks ago and I like how they don't usually make generic J-Rock music, their albums have different styles

I've listened up from the beginning till Houyoku right now, and Houyoku, Houmura Uta and Tsuuzetsu are definitely the best ones!!

and I kinda hated Zekuu and Kuchiki No Tou, they sounded kinda generic new metal, without too much nice melodies, but I don't know, I think I'm the only one who didn't like those albums :P

and I can't believe they're coming to Brazil! can't wait for their live!! ^_^

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Guest Amethist

I love MUCC, I've been a fan of them since 2004, when I discovered them through some VK books I bought at the time, and looked their music up on the internet.

My fave songs would be Zetsubou, 9gatsu 3ka no Kokuin , Ame no Orchestra and Fuzz I think :).

I also saw them last year in concert around October, and this year they will come back in October again, can't wait :D! Hope they do play the older songs this time though :x..

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Guest NO NAME?

^ You've been a fan for awhile now huh. Nice.

Posted this @ itai_tegami:


♫ ファズ (FUZZ)




Source: http://www.jack-itb.com/report04.php

Thank you!! / SATOchi <August 17th>

How have you been guys?

I turned to 30 years old!

Everyone tells me that men get more attractive after they turn 30 years old,

so I feel very excited.

I'll be sexier than now and rock your world!

Thank you for your messages!



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Guest NO NAME?

Old news. I just never posted here because this thread is not active.

MUCC is releasing a digital single Christmas titled ジオラマ (Diorama) and it will be available for purchase on iTunes.

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Guest sanjikan

MUCCCCCCCCCC. my other love.

i don't really like freesia much honestly (though the PV is pretty trippy in an awesome way), but i hope their new... errr "christmas" song is good. <3

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