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August 29, 2013
Han Chae-Young, got a son six years after the marriage
Source: Innolife Korea

An actress Han Chae-Young got a son on 28th. On 29th according to BH Entertainment, Han Chae-Young delivered the son by cesarean on 28th, and the mother and the son are both healthy. Han Chae-Young lived in America a month before, and returned to Korea before the due date. Also this delivery made the family happy because it has been six years after the marriage. Han Chae-Yung married Mr. Choi on 2007. Until now they delayed to deliver the baby because of work, but the fact was known to public while she shot the drama ‘Ad Genius Lee Tae-Baek.’

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August 29, 2013
Han Chae Young gives birth to a baby boy
By Korea Star Daily | KpopFighting.com 

Actress Han Chae Young was revealed to have given birth to a baby boy yesterday afternoon.A representative from her management agency, BH Entertainment, revealed today, “Han Chae Young gave birth to a baby boy at around 1PM (KST) at a Seoul hospital yesterday.”
The representative continued, “It was a caesarean section, so the time of recovery is likely to be longer as opposed to giving birth naturally. Both Han Chae Young and her baby are in good health. She will be focusing all her attention towards raising her baby in the short term.”
Han Chae Young got married to a business man who was older than her by 4 years in June 2007. She then announced that she was into her 11th week of pregnancy while filming her KBS 2TV drama ‘Ad Genius, Lee Tae Baek’ in March of this year.
Han Chae Young then headed overseas to her mother-in-law’s place in America to do pre-natal care after concluding her drama filming, before heading back to South Korea earlier this month to get ready for the birth of her baby, which comes 6 years after she got married.
By: Park Jin YongCopyright@KpopFighting.com

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August 29, 2013
Han Chae-young gives birth to boy
By Ahn Joo-hee Korea JoongAng Daily

Actress Han Chae-young gave birth to a son around 1 p.m. Wednesday at a hospital in Seoul, according to local media reports. Both the mother and son are reportedly healthy and the boy is not yet named. 
After wrapping up filming on the KBS drama “Advertising Genius Lee Tae-baek” in March, Han reportedly traveled to her family’s home in America to prepare for motherhood.
Han married a businessman in 2007 and the baby is the couple’s first.
“She will focus on taking care of her baby for a while and is expected to resume work next year,” her agency said. 

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August 29, 2013
Han Chae Young Has Her Baby And It's A Boy
by Joan MacDonald KDramaStars
 Actress Han Chae Young is the mother of a new baby boy.
"Han Chae Young gave birth to a baby boy at around 1PM (KST) at a hospital in Seoul yesterday," said a representative from her agency, BH Entertainment.
The actress, who has been described as Korea's "living Barbie doll," required a caesarean section to deliver her son but both mother and child are doing well.
"Since it was a caesarean section, the time of recovery is likely to be longer," said the agency representative. "Both Han Chae Young and her baby are in good health."
When asked about her immediate plans the agency would only say that for now "she will focus all her attention on caring for the baby."
While she plans to stay in Korea long enough to rest up and spend some quality time with her new baby, she does plan to return to the U.S. and will continue to work as an actress wherever the best roles take her. The actress is a popular Hallyu star in China and regularly receives offers to star in Chinese dramas and films.
Han received prenatal care in America, where her husband and parents live, before returning to Korea to deliver her child. It has been six years since Han Chae Young married Choi Dong Joon, a Korean-American financial expert, who is four years older than her. This is the couple's first child.
She announced her pregnancy in March when she was still filming the KBS drama "Ad Genius Lee Tae Beck," then left for the U.S. to spend time with her family. According to BH Entertainment, she considered giving birth in the U.S. but then, without publicly stating her reasons, decided against it.
"After taking everything into consideration she decided she would do best in Korea."
Han was born in Daegu, South Korea, but her family moved to the U.S. when she was eight years old She grew up near Chicago and attended high school there. She was discovered on a return visit to Korea and it was in her debut in the Korean horror film, "The Record," that her shapely figure first earned her the Barbie doll nickname. She attracted attention for her role in the drama "Delightful Girl Choon Hyang." Shortly after she played Lee Byung Hun's love interest in the fantasy film "The Influence." For English-speaking roles, she has signed with Creative Artists Agency in Hollywood. 

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August 30, 2013
Han Chae-young Has a Baby Boy
The Chosun Ilbo

Actress Han Chae-young has given birth to a boy. Han gave birth by Caesarean section at a maternity hospital in Seoul on Wednesday, according to her agency BH Entertainment.
"Both mother and baby are in good health, and all her family are happy," said the agency.
It also added that she will devote herself to childcare for a while before returning to work next year.
Han returned to Korea to give birth early this month after staying at her parents' house in the U.S. 
Han married to a businessman four years her senior in June 2007.

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September 14, 2013
Han Chae Young reveals a photo of her son's feet STARN News 57655555.2.jpg
Han Chae Young showed a photo of her son’s feet.

On September 13th, actress Han Chae Young uploaded the photo on her Weibo and wrote “This year’s birthday is even more special, because I am with a new family member. Thank you for your congratulations, and I am looking forward to see you.”
The photo shows a cut of Han Chae Young herself, and her son’s small feet.
Han Chae Young’s son was born on August 28th.
Netizens who saw the photo left comments, such as “You are still looking beautiful”, “The baby must look beautiful”, “I envy you so much”, and “Congratulations”. /Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji en@starnnews.com

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September 15, 2013
Actress Han Chae Young in Talks to Join SM C&C
by crystalcove soompi.com

SM Entertainment‘s subsidiary SM C&C might be seeing its family of entertainers and actors grow.
Actress Han Chae Young is currently in talks to sign with SM C&C, and if finalized, will be joining Kang Ho Dong, Kim Ha Neul, Jang Dong Geun, Shin Dong Yup, Han Ji Min, and more in the fast-growing company.
In August, her six-year contract with BH Entertainment ended, and out of various offers, Han Chae Young seems to have chosen SM C&C as her new home, with the final details being worked out between the two sides.
Until the ink is dried however, BH Entertainment is and will be taking care of Han Chae Young due to their good relationship. It’s good to know that both Han Chae Young and BH Entertainment know how to take care of each other.

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September 25, 2013
Lee Young-ae files report on netizen
Source: StarNews via Hancinema.net

Lee Young-ae and her husband Jeong Ho-yeong charged a few netizens and bloggers for spreading rumors about their family relationship and age.
Lee Young-ae's legal representative said, "Lee Young-ae and her husband filed charges on the netizens and bloggers for violating the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information".
Rumors that were spread online said that Jeong Ho-yeong's son was the CEO of Rush and Cash therefore their wives Lee Young-ae and Han Chae-young were mother and daughter-in-law. They claim their reputations have been 'defamed'.
Also, the age and personal information about Jeong Ho-yeong was mentioned here as well, also stating that he was a sponsor to illegal trades.
The spokesperson said, "These people were spreading false rumors about Jeong Ho-yeong and his wife Lee Young-ae as if they personally knew these people and considering the properties of the Internet which has significant amount of influence and diffusion, the damage to Jeong and Lee are outstanding which makes things worse".
"Keeping silent about this means afflicting more damage to Han Chae-young and her family as well so they decided to sue for defamation before it does anymore damage".

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September 26, 2013
Lee Young-ae denies strange rumor
By Lee Sun-min Korea JoongAng Daily

Actress Han Chae-young is strongly denying rumors that leading actress Lee Young-ae is her mother-in-law. 
The unusual gossip that Lee’s husband was secretly the father of Han’s husband whipped up quickly online yesterday. 
But it did not take long for Lee’s lawyers to pounce on the rumors. “Many netizens have defamed the dignity of Lee’s family, posting false information online as if it is the truth,” said the lawyer for the law firm Da Dam.
The firm filed complaints with the Yongsan district police against some of the netizens and online bloggers who spread the reports. “Keeping quiet can result in defamation, so we decided to sue in order to correct the situation,” said the representative.
Han’s agency has also reportedly said that Han is perplexed by the rumors as her husband is not a celebrity and his information is not widely known by the public.

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September 27, 2013
Actress Han Chae-young Signs with SM C&C to Join Jang Dong-geun
KBS Global

Actress Han Chae Young, 33, has chosen SM C&C as her new home by signing a contract with the company recently.

SM C&C announced on Sept. 26, it signed an exclusive contract with Han and it would attempt to make her Asia’s top actress, using its business know-how at home and abroad. Han Chae-young will be joining actors Jang Dong-geun at SM C&C, along with Kong Hyeong-jin, and Kim Soo-ro and broadcasting celebrities such as Kang Ho-dong, Shin Dong Yup and Kim Byong-man.  Han is presently considering acting in a new work. She is to restart activities soon. 

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October 7, 2013
Han Chae-young considers comeback
By Lee Sun-min Korea JoongAng Daily


Actress Han Chae-young, who most recently starred in the KBS drama “Ad Genius Lee Tae-baek,” may be about to return to television for the first time since she gave birth to a son in August. 
Han is currently considering an offer to star in the drama tentatively titled “Pretty Man.”
The actress is reportedly split over whether she should make her return on TV or in the movies.
If Han accepts the offer, she will be playing a character named Hong Yu-ra alongside actor Jang Geun-suk, who has already been confirmed as a lead. 
Jang will play a freewheeling bachelor who slowly learns the most precious value in life is love. 
The drama is scheduled to air at the end of next month. 

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more..  sunshineemine.blogspot.com.tr/2014/03/park-hae-jin-kim-ha-neul-yoo-in-na-han.html

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