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*front page links edited 1/31/11 ----- Share and Recommend!

Since there's already a fashion blog thread, I thought I'd start a beauty blog one.

Here's some of the ones I like/find really helpful.

english speaking blogs

vanitygluttony.blogspot.com/------fairly new, works in beauty industry, nice pictures, detailed reviews & swatches.

cafemakeup.com-------great if you love high-end makeup brands, nice pictures.

http://bestofbeaute.blogspot.com/------a lot of high street product reviews/swatches for those who live in the UK

http://iamgrape1119.blogspot.com/------single eyelid, uses mixture of drugstore/high-end brands, tutorials, great reviews

bangbangsheshoots.blogspot.com------British born Chinese living in Japan, so a lot of Japanese product reviews

heatheretteblogs.wordpress.com------clear pics, lots of swatches and helpful overviews

http://karlasugar.net/------SWATCHES GALORE\

retailtherapy.onsugar.com-----Singaporean blogger, tons of hauls and FOTD, mostly highend products


mostly pictures, so you don't really need to know how to read chinese

http://www.wretch.cc/blog/arora------high end products, swatches and tutorials

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Guest illumine*

Here are some that I highly recommend:


Tutorials & reviews.


Tips & lots of reviews.


Mostly Asian products reviews.


LOTSSS of product reviews (cosmetic & skincare).


Mostly Asian cosmetics/skincare.


Product reviews & swatches (mostly high end/Asian cosmetics).


Product reviews & swatches.

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Guest HeartOfRose

^reiberry's voice is annoying >__< i stopped watching her videos because of it.

Someone once posted a link to this beauty blog but it's in a different language and not translated. I wish someone would :(

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Make-up 411

Make-up 411 is a great site. The website is run by Make-up Magazine, whose publisher is an Emmy-award winning make-up artist. I used to intern there and the guy really knows his stuff. :)

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Guest luthien


this is actually a forum..

I love this blog.. over a year ago it was just her writing and posting step-by-step tutorial. Too bad it's only in Thai, but she has amazing skills and great tips to share. Her catch phrase is perfect for her too, "Makeup is magic!"

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Guest blisskiss

thanks aliceee and o1honey! ^^

my daily reads include:






also, www.xsparkage.com is amazing!

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