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[Drama 2004] When A Man Loves A Woman 남자가 사랑할때

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Guest puppyiz

[sBS] Ko Soo, Park Jung Ah, Park Ye Jin, Bae Soo Bin


[ SBS2004 drama ] WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN 남자가 사랑할때 NamJaGa SaRang Hal Ttae

Also credited as : When Man Loves / When A Man Is In Love

[ Other Titles : (Hanja) 當男人戀愛的時候 | (Hiragana) : (男が愛する時) 男が愛するとき ]

Title in Hiragana many thanks to Sarry-san (soompi.com)

Broadcasting Network : SBS

Aired : Sept.30,2004 ~ Nov.18,2004 - Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 9:55pm (KST)

Total Installments : 16 Episodes

Websites : SBS | SBS GLOBAL


Director : Kim Jong Hak

Producer : ChoiYoonSeok 최윤석

Scriptwriter : KimYoonJeong 김윤정




KO SOO 고수 as Kim Ji Hoon 지훈


PARK JUNG AH 박정아 as Seo In Hye 인혜


PARK YE JIN 박예진 as Park Jeong Woo 정우


BAE SU BIN 배수빈 as Kang Seok Hyeon 석현

Extended Cast


LEE BO HEE 이보희 as Madam Park Hwa Yeong (Jeong Woo's Mother)


KIM HYEONG JUNG 김형종 as Dong Shik 동식


JEONG SANG HYUN 정상훈 as Jong Man 종만


KIM JI WAN 김지완 as Yong Ho 용호


HA JAE YEONG 하재영 as Mr. Suh Tae Cheon ( In Hye's Father )


JEONG DONG HWAN 정동환 as *Chairman Kang Jin Gyu 강진규 (Seok Hyeon's father)


IM TAE YEON 김태연 as Lee Yi Jin 이진


LEE HAE MI 이혜미 as Seon Ju 선주


Jong Man's Girlfriend


Seok Hyeon's Mother

Brief Synopsis ( Contains Spoilers )

Credits (caps by me) | wiki.d-addicts.com | SBS

After the death of his parents, Ji Hoon ( Ko Soo) moves into the home of Mr. Seo Tae Cheon (In Hye's father).


Ji Hoon falls in love at first sight with Mr. Seo's daughter, In Hye (Park Jeong Ah).


Later Ji-hoon becomes good friends with Seok Hyeon (Bae Su Bin) .

One day, In-hye decides to leave home for Seoul to pursue her dream of becoming an accomplished cellist, without telling Ji Hoon.

Seok Hyeon also decides to move to Seoul after he learns that he is the love child of President * Chairman Kang(JeongDongHwan), a wealthy hotel magnate.


When Ji Hoon finds out that In Hye left for Seoul without even saying goodbye, he finds his way to Seoul to look her.


One day, while Ji-hoon is riding the subway, Jeong Woo (Park Ye Jin) takes a liking to him and decides to steal his necklace to get his attention.

Through this incident, Ji Hoon gets to know Jeong Woo and settles down in Seoul by enrolling in the same bodyguard school that Jeong Woo is attending.

The bodyguard training school finds a part-time job for Ji Hoon and Jeong Woo, which is an assignment to guard Chairman Kang for one day.

Ji Hoon protects Mr Kang at an evening party hosted by the Chairman himself, and by coincidence, Ji hoon also meets In Hye and Seok Hyeon.

* edited by puppyiz

intertwinedfatelnt1.th.png intertwinedfatefw6.th.png

The fates of four young people become hopelessly intertwined after this fateful meeting



Download : HERE

- OR -

M.N.J. 2 - nam ja ga sarang hal ddae (when a man loves)








Disc 1: M.N.J Vol.2 - Fourteen Story

01. Total Eclipse - M.N.J.

02. ba raem - M.N.J.

03. I Don't Wanna Say Good Bye - M.N.J.

04. mi ryun - M.N.J.

05. sarang eu ro - M.N.J.

06. nam ja ga sarang hal ddae - M.N.J.

07. se sang uh di eh suh do - M.N.J.

08. Memory - M.N.J.

09. Everyday - M.N.J.

10. geu dae ga gyut eh it suh do - M.N.J.

11. Love - M.N.J.

12. boo tak hal gge - M.N.J.

13. nae mam sok eh nul - M.N.J.

14. dan ha roo man - M.N.J.







Disc 2: When a Man Loves OST

01. Moonlight

02. One Rainy Day

03. ba raem (Piano)

04. I Don't Wanna Say Good Bye (Piano)

05. One Rainy Day (Violin)

06. Love In Autumn

07. Parting In Autumn

08. Love In Autumn (Piano Trio)

09. nam ja ga sarang hal ddae (Piano)

10. Hero

11. Tears

12. mi ryun (Piano)

13. Between Autumn & Winter

14. Autumn Breeze

15. Tears (Violin)

16. Longing After Parting

17. Autumn Breeze (Piano Trio)

18. Tears (Cello)

source : daramji* [ Drama & Movie OST thread ]

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Music Videos


Official MusicVideo : I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye by Group M.N.J. </a> [ kosoopaew ]


ko soo Fan Vid- when a man loves a woman ,OST [kosoopaew]


Ko soo FanVid - When a man loves a woman (by meeso 1)


Ko soo FanVid- When a man loves a woman, (by Meeso 2)

<b>Official Images </b> (<i>Please do not HotLink. </i>) : here

credits SBS [ reuploaded by Petra ]

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translated Episode / dialogue summary

When A Man Loves A Woman EPISODE 7

Characters :

Ji Hoon = JH

In Hye = IH

Jung Woo = JW

Seok Hyeon = SH

Dong Sik =DS

Madam Park = MD

Chairman Kang = CK

Part 1 KoSoo: When A Man Love.E07 Part1of7

JH Are you still seeing Seok Hyeon ?

Is it too tough for you to break up with him ?!

IH YES.. It used to be, but not any more for now.

I wanted to be with you --- But ,Now It is too late .

JH : Seo In Hye

IH : JW likes you – She likes you a lot..

JH : What are you saying ?

IH : She is my good friend ..

I would,'t want her to be suffer ?? Go to JEONGWOO. She would be deeply shocked .

JH : If You don’t want to hurt her , then stop doing that. Don’t ever leave.

IH ;:Ji Hoon

JH: Stop it before me , JEOng Woo and Seok Hyeon will be more exhausted

IH : HOW ? I can’t .. because of me .you are in the hardship.

JH : It doesn't matter to me. I can endure it.

IH : No . I ‘ve brought you to the difficulty . but JW always supports you.

JH : So ?

IH : Go & see JW and be with her. …Please do so .

JH : Alright --- Fine if that 's what you want. I will do so .—If it makes you happy .

—I will see with JW—NO, not only PARKJEONGWOO—

Even with anyone else . Will this be fine then ?

JEOng Woo is talking with Seok Hyeon

SH :Whatever it is.. I think we have dinner some other time .

JW : Sure .

SH : Until then .

JW : Excuse me…please answer this one question ?

The girl whom JH loves when he was in high school was --- In Hye ? right ?

SH : That was the issue of the past . It ‘s no longer important .

. What matters is now. Now In Hye is with me. JH belongs to you , JEONG WOO sii , isn’t so ?

Until then.

(3:41 JW was lying down on the floor. JH came in )

JH : I called , nobody answers the phone. Is it your intention ?

JW : If you know that no one here . Why do you come here ?

JH : Why don’t you wait for me while at the hotel ?

JW : I think You need time for long talking . Why don’t you tell me about In Hye ?

JH : JEOng Woo … I--

JW : No need for apology .

I was thinking of treating you a meal. But It ‘s your mistake.

Next time probably . Don’t think to much . I am alright . Let’s be my Fighting- mate.

JH : Jeong Woo

JW : I now I hate myself . hit me with your fist .

JH : Park JEOng Woo…

JW: Lets start .

JH : What are you doing ? Enough now .

JW : Don't you know shut up .

JH : Yaa.. Jung woo you are so fearsome.

JW : Stand up , not yet enough

JH : Fine very well ......

JH : Are you alright ?

JW : I am warming up .

(Helps JW up )



JH : Oh yeh Park JEOng Woo is good in fighting.

JW : You deserve more but It is enough for me.


JW : ISSH ! Not fun at all .tiresome .Walks away

JH : I -- like you. I don’t want to loose a good friend like you.

JW : But I have a condition.

JH : Say it .

JW :Treat me drinks….NO ??

JH : Fine .

(In Hye & Seok Hyeon dining )

SH : Eat up.

IH : Seok Hyeon

SH ; Do you forget ?

IH : Seok Hyeon …. I

SH : Do answer me .

IH : I … I love Ji Hoon

SH : I am loosing my appetite.

IH : I always drive everyone in to pain. . Hurt the one who loves me

...Both Ji Hoon and Jung woo. Including you.

SH : Don’t drag me in. that wounded is still in mine. I don’t want to have one more.

IH : I am sorry , really sorry.

PART 2 – : When A Man Love.E07 Part2 of7

SH : Ok Go back to Ji Hoon . the one who has done nothing for you.

I believe you can’t live with him . bcoz you are .not that type.

I wish I could wait until that day .but I have not enough time.

Bcoz we have to go aboard soon.

IH : jihoon..I won’t ever leave him.

SH : Will you give up your dream too?

IH : I ‘ve got a scholarship from Young Jin Art Hall .

From now //I am not leaving him.

I am truly sorry to you .. I am leaving …

(Jung woo is vomiting by the tree , Ji Hoon Pats her back. )

JH : JW.. Are you ok ? Very uncomfortable ??

JW : It ‘s painful .. here inside.—Hurting here.

JH : Wait for me there might be a pharmacy .

I will get the medicine .

JW : JIHOON That is alright .I can handle well this pain

JH : Nevertheless , wait here.

JW : I have the medicine for the pain . The pain will be fine shortly..

Don’t you worry . you may go.

JH : JEONGWOO I will accompany you home.

JW : I ever said I don’t want to owe someone. Therefore don’t be so nice to me. OKAY?

That s It, I am leaving .

In Hye: Jung Woo....

Jung Woo: Seo In Hye....

In Hye: Why did you drink too much?

Jung Woo: Today I felt very close with Ji Hoon so we have a drink together

The phone is ringing....

Jung Woo: Yes?....

(Ji Hoon just silent and Jung Woo knows it was JH who calls then give the phone to In Hye)

…seem its for you.

In Hye: Hello?....

Ji Hoon: It's me. The day after tomorrow is my birthday, can we meet?

In Hye: Oh!...

Jung Woo: Ah... there's no one will accompany me to have a drink ?

In Hye: Please wait a moment.

Jung Woo: In Hye ah, I'm very glad to have you and Ji Hoon. But he make me dissapoint now. Very disappointed..

Why you didn't tell me that you two is a classmate? If I knew I will not gonna like him.

Luckily I didn't like him so we still become a good friend.

In Hye : Jung Woo.... the truth is.....

Jung Woo: Would you please get me fresh water?

In Hye: Jung Woo....

Jung Woo: Ah I'd always shed tears when I'm happy....(wiping her tears and trying to laugh).

Don't be surprise ok?! (mean JW doesn't want to let IH worry because she's crying).

Summary : korean_aein | Partially edited : puppyiz

( Golfing club)MP : Madam Park CK : Chairman Kang

Oh your golfing is good as well as doing business.

MP: OH SajangNim is unbelievable too.

Your securities ( stock) fund is high up into 10 times its worth Right ?

MP : Do you know this ?

Sure . all money in Korea is flowing to your purse.

I can ‘t be conquer . Probably I may loose.

What ‘s wrong ?

MP : I know you want to be defeat.

Man 1 : Needless to worry about the money issue . Hotel Wee Ann is worthy for investment .

Thank you for smooth cooperate.


M P ; Hello.. How do you do? Nice weather at this time ..

C K : How is your business ?

M P : Yes ?... very well .

CK : I thought you are only good with cello.

MP ; Time has changes people…. Women are no different .

Time was limited . I ‘ve gained more experiences from Mr.Chairman.

Although I ‘ve just started my business . To get rid of competitors.

How you ruined collapsed my father and made my mother passed away .

CK : Are you still vengeful towards me ??

MP ; What has passed is passed..

. I heard your son is good in School.

CK : Because of you I had that child --- have him when I was confusing ,

When you fled to be with SUH TAE CHEON on our engagement day.

I was like crazy ever since our engagement was called off ..

Then met that girl and have a child which I did not wanted.

But it was a blessing in disguise ?…

OH~ I heard , YOU have twin daughters ??

MP: (smiled)

CK : SUH TAE CHEON , Is he fine ?

MP : My daughter grew up well next time may be you will introduce someone to her ?

CK ; I surely,will

PART 3 : WhenAManLove.E07Part3

( Ji hoon & Seok Hyeon )

SH : In Hye affirms she wont ever leave you ..

JH : I won’t ever let her go either.

SH : We are friends. Right ...Because of our fate .we may have to cut off our relationship.

Because we set our eyes on the same girl.

JH : I don’t think that now its too late. now is not yet late

SH : IN HYE is my everthing but it's late .

JH ; What about that girl ?

SH : she ‘s very important to me . Aiming to get IH, I will protect her.

And my objective to protect my interest on this hotel .

I cannot let go of this girl too. I got IN HYE in a hard way . No matter how hard , I wont ever let go!

JH : Although she never wants that ?

SH : IN HYE she does ! --- See you then…. KIM JI HOON.


In The car Madam Park & Ji Hoon

MP : Have u ever had this vengeful feeling towards anyone ? Am asking you.

Do you ever have a life to revenge.?

JH : I think I don’t

MP : You don't have that ‘POISON’ in you ..Then you wont know the need to want for power .

That the reason. Your eyes are blank. Needless for power.

JH : I have someone to want to protect. I wish I have feeling to have the power to protect this person...

MP : A girl ?

JH : Yes Mam

MP : Are you a very close friend of Jung Woo ?

JH : We are just mutual friends.

MP: pls be nice to her, JW hasn’t a father. She is eager for love from manhood.

JH : Yes mam


19:00 Ji Hoon’s birthday

(JW was lying on the bank a girl came to her.)

I heard we are going to create a BD party for JH. Won’t you join us.?

Are you sleeping ?

(JW :is In front of Doll ‘s shelve )

JW : Not a big deal only a tiny gift,


21:00 IH is practicing her cello. JH came in .)

IH :Don’t you go home ?

JH : I am busy reading. Don’t distract . How a bout you ?

IH : I am practicing Don’t distract .

JH : (LAUGH) .

IH : Do you want to try ?

JH : No better not .

IH : Oh just try. Sit right here . Come ..lift you left hand like this.--- Hold it

JH : like this.

IH : and pull it.

(IH takes her necklace out from her bag.)

(song I don’t wanna say goodbye )

IH :Happy Birthday .

JH Thanks

IH : plss don’t make it lost again .together with Your loving heart . Don’t loose it either.

I will keep both you and the necklace

JH : Make your dream to be true. I myself will try to enroll to the Uni

IH : yes

JW left the hall her mom came )

JW : mom , treat me a meal .a huge hungry I am . Oh no more hungry I gonna go.

(JW is starring at her doll , Dong Sik came)

DS : Are you still here ?

JW : I ‘ll overnight here.

DS : Why ?

JW :I won’t get home .

DS : : Why ?

JW : Here you are.

Keep it in your room . Understand ? Don’t bring it out. Listen to me . This doll is peculiar. It never give up easily whatever it takes. OK?

DS : Ok Why do you give it to me ?

PART 4 WhenAManLove . E07 Part4of 7

JW : If JH ask you about it. Tell him what I am saying . It ‘s represent to JH. Do you like it ? Remember . 1 keep it in your room. 2 if JH ask , then tell him that JW give you . OK ?

DS : Umh

JW : Do you like it ? Park JEOng woo get to go .

JH is writing DS enters the room.)

DS : My friend ...hey man How about your BD ?

JH You are late .

DS : Yes I had a drink with JW .

JH : What is that ?

DS : A gift from JW . She has been giving you . Happy BirthDay.

(DS Talks to himself in front of the mirror: My Goodness with any post somehow I look more handsome than him )

DS : Did JW has any hard time with her family ?

JH : Why ?

DS : No nothing. I saw her sleep in the office.


SH : How are You ?

IH :And you ?

SH : I am trying to be alive go on living without In Hye .

(TO JI HOON ) Bring me to your chairman

JH : --- follow me

(SH is talking with Madam Park )

SH ; I beg you to cancel her scholarship.

MP : Why I have to do ?

SH :I can even support her more than you.

MP : Therefore You must talk to her not me.

SH : Madam have you ever fall in love . Everything I do just for her. You are my obstacle .

MP : Is it her want ?

SH : I beg you to release her.

MP : You are not different from your father when he was young.

SH You know my father ? --I beg you.

MP : Excuse me. My aim never been changed. You should go now.

SH : Please reconsider . good bye.

JW is back home

JW : Mom I am so tired.

MP : What is wrong with you ?

JW : Mom I want to sleep. Why?

MP : Do you have a dine eaten?

JW : Mom I have nowhere to go .

MP : Tell me what ‘s happen?

JW : I feel a little bit oppressed.

I never desire anything. But this is thr first time I really want it.

Really want . really need him But he belongs to someone else.

MP : How huge much do you like this young man ?

JW : I love him. He is my friend- my dad -my lover.

I never want to let you see me cry. I need him --I love him.


IH And Madam Park

IH : Do You want to see me ?

MP : Take a seat . You really have talent . You can be an accomplished cellist in the future.

If you have good supporter who HAs more efficiency than me.

IH : Why are you saying like this?

MP : A son of Hotel WEE-ANN ‘s owner came to me. He told me he will do everything only for you.

You would better take this opportunity . It might be good for you.

PART 5 When A Man Love . E07 Part 5 of 7

IH came to meet SH)

[ SONG -

SH : Come in

IH ;I come to say my last good bye . I will never back here. I am leaving . nothing can force me to be back to you.

SH : Although you won’t be back ,I will try to get you by my self.

IH : it ‘s your business

SH : I love you .it ‘s love at first sight . I could realize what love is. Since that day.

IH : That is not “ love “

SH : I love you , only you. I am capable to take the wounded you ‘ve given to me.

IH : : Let me go ..

SH : You denied me . When I saw you last time. I have been sudden known who is my dad.

I don’t blame you. On that rainy day you came to see me, I was really happy.

Your smile. is the most beautiful smile in the world.

You are now in my soul not only in my heart. Until I die. Eventhough my body gets ruin. . My love still alive.

IH : Leave me . We’d better not to see each other.

SH Don’t show up to me again.


(JH with Madam Park )

MP : Do you come to see IH ? She won’t be here.

JH : Why ? What does it mean ?

MP : I will go to GANGNAM , let ‘s prepare the car for me.


(JH & IH by the river)

JH : When I was young I could not do. I saw other people can do. I practice harder everyday.

I eventually can do. Don’t be daunted .Why do you cancel the scholarship.

Tell me what is your reason..

IH : I don’t know why, But it ‘s ok.

JH : Alright I will be the person you can rely on. In the past I could not do for you.

I was regretful . Sometimes I think I should let you go. For your future,

If I truly love you, I ought to release you.

IH ; pls don’t be loke this do . JH I find a new job. I have you that ‘s enough .


IH is working in the Restaurant

Hey go out with him. You make much more money

IH : No

Why? You come here to earn money ,don’t you ?

You have a single body , Don’t think about pride .

IH : Shut your mouth .

What? You ‘are quit..


(IH & JH in the garden)

JH : You are so tired how can you handle it .

IH : I quit my side job.

JH : That ‘s good, I will pay for your tuition fee. Don’t worry

IH : You won’t enroll in to the Uni. any more ?

JH : everything I can manage. Thereby

IH : I gonna go

JH : In Hye

IH : It ‘s you again. You care for me not your self. I told you . Did you forget ?

JH : In Hye

IH I go now.


IH meets SH

IH : Why ?

SH : I am going to America .. I will go alone if you won’t come along.

This ticket . you can use it or just throw it away. It depends on you.

IH : I …

SH : You may give me your answer later on. I will wait for you . that is great.

I am get used to it .

PART 6 When A Man Love . Ep07 Part6of7


JW : Thanks For treat me after receiving your salary.

JH : This might be last occasion to treat . I must save money.

JW : I know don’t treat me then.

JH : What do you want to eat. ?

[A man bumped JH , his necklace fell.]

JW : What are you looking for ?

JH :My necklace

JW . Such a thing , if it is lost . useless to worry. JH Can’t find ?


In the hospital

JH : You 've come.

JW : You called my mom to come here. Why ?

MP : Daughter is hospitalized , mom should ‘t come to take care ?

JH : Sorry that this is all because of me .

JW : YA its not Your fault .. I am fine . See ?

MP . Did she recieve A check up ?

JH : The X- Ray ‘s result will be out soon .

JW : I am so fine

MP : When are you going home?

It ‘s the right time to back home. No next time.

JW : I knew you will say to me like this.

IH in front of the Miror reminiscing JW say waving to InHye>

In Hye on the phone

JW : If someone come to check the room , say we continue to rent..

IH And for today are you coming home ?

JW : I don’t know I am in hospital.

IH : Hospital ?

(JW paring an Apple )

JH : Pare an Apple for me . Arent you a woman?

JW :Don’t you forget I told you I am a man .

JH : 38 years of age .

JW : You still remember ??

JH : How can I forget. That high school girl.

JW Yes right I was at high school .

JH : Don’t do it again. Since it would really hurt you .

JW : Do you care for me ?

JH No joking,

JW : I am your life saviour ..

JH : Right today.. thank you. Thank you very much

JW: FINE,If you are thankful ..I am thirsty , may I have a glass of water. ..

JH : Sure…Please wait

JW : Why ?

JH : OH ~ Please wait

( JH talkS to IH )

JH : What ‘s wrong ? Why wont you go in ?

IH : I think JW will feel lonely I want to company her. But you are here.

Before I get to the work , just come to visit JW, It ‘s really late . I really must go .

JH : I will bring you to the bus .

IH : JW get injured because of you ? Right ?

JH : AH..NO…what are you thinking about ?

IH : I am thinking I have never done anything for you.

I am thinking over it. I even can’t find one .

JH : HEY ~ because you are not smart . There are a lots.

It doesn’t matter. You forget but I remember it all . Let ‘s go.

In front of the IH ‘s house.)

LADY : I know from JW’s mom there’s a room for rent. JW ‘s shifting back to her home ??

JW : You bring me to my house ? That is because I save you life ? good service.

JH : Call your mom

JW : I don’t want to loose my mood . Your act just like you are my Dad.

JW : Is that like your ‘Dad’ ?

JH: Oh? …INHYE ?

JW: OH ! What 's happening ?

IH : JW..Your mom said you are going to move out . I am short of time.…

JW : Just ‘s go. Don't worry , I can handle this.

JH : FINE. Then , Have a good rest ..

Two ladies are looking around the room.

LADY : (to the student) Do you like this room?

JW: I am not moving.


JW: I am not moving …SO, Leave , EH ?!!


JH : Not to worry If JW go home I will find you a new room .

IH : Why …My life is too depressing .I don't like it.

JH : Tomorrow you don’t have to attend class. Should we go to Ku son ?

visit the gym and our classroom. Go to the beach ? OK ?

It's set then we meet at the train station .–

IH: - - - - - -

JH: --- IN HYE ??

IH : YES..


(Seok heon is packing.)

His Mom : (WHISPERS) SH nobody here?

SH : Come in

Mom : Leaving for USA tomorrow ?

SH: Oh..

Mom : When will you be back?

SH : When my studies are completed .

Mom : And when is that exactly ?

SH : Few years

Mom: You are cruel . to me. You are hardhearted Bad person.. (teary)

SH : Stay healthy ..

Mom: FINE ~ ..You stay healthy too & be lot smarter when you return.

PART 7 WhenAManLove.E07 Part7of 7

SH : Alright ..When I return , I will be smarter .Next visit I might be smarter than today. Therefore Dad or anyone can’t destroy me. I ‘ll make myself stronger . Dad wont command me at all.

Mom : Very Well.. . that girl (Yi Jin) goes with you ?

SH : No.

Mom : How can you must go alone ?

SH : Don't worry .. I wont be alone .. not a problem I am not alone. I have someone with me .

Mom : who ?

SH : There is , ... someone .. Going with me.

(IH is thinking.)

< SOEK HYEON ” If you won’t go I will go alone “ >

< JI HOON “ Don’t look back , let’s see ahead . I will not make you regret.

And never loose you again” >

( IH is packing)

JW : You are leaving ??!!…where to ??

IH : JW, I really like you and I am sorry

JW : Where are you going ?

IH : America – leaving with SH

JH : Why ?? WHY not together with JH ?


JW : Are you not sorrowful ? don’t you afraid of anything ?

IH : What ? Fear ? I don’t dare that if I stay with him (JH) I always feel guilty ..

That ‘s what I fear..

JW : Why ?

IH : I am not you . You haven’t known the hardship.

I have nothing I know it well. You never get to know.

JW : Is it more important than JH? You are able to leave him just because of it .

IH : Thanks for everything you have done. JW

Last but not least , will you promise me JW for this time ?

(IH on her way in a Taxi)


“Dumb Girl That is all you can do. If I know before I won’t let you do.

If I could turn back into the past I still insist to do this , I will not be disappointed .

Because it ‘s you. When you abandon me, when you are with SH ,

when you are angry to me , I am fine.

I only expect that you are in this world I am satisfied ever.”

( SH at the Airport…JH the Railway station )

JH : Park JeongWoo

JW : IH won’t come -- she leaving for America .

Leaving with KSH-I am serious .

Don’t ! Until when --- can you stop your torture concerning InHye?

(JH leaves in a hurry )

SH : We may start our relationship when we arrive in America ..

We will start all over. .


End of Epi 7

< Summary: Petra Edit: puppyiz >

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Guest shiningstar153

I've been trying to watch the drama everywhere!

Been trying to buy the DVD box for this drama, but am broke from buying others.

Can anyone tell me where I cant see the full series?

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Guest thanhdda

puppyiz can you upload in veoh? because in veoh you can upload as big as you want..or get a Megaupload frêe account and upload it there ......dont have to chop the episodes into parts like this ....I nêed ep 1 , 5 and 6 but not in parts like it :-((

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Guest puppyiz

thanhdda .. This took me a while but Youtube was my last resort .

VEOH ?? I would loved to do that BUT this website is no longer available for my country :(. Very Sorry dear.

I'll forward you links to 5 & 6 very soon. Pls gimme a little bit more time ok ? Thank you.

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Guest JungHyun27

Wow, I remember watching this drama!! I loooved it!! It wasn't popular in Korea, the ratings were really low but I still loved it!!

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Guest puppyiz

SAKARI if u hadnt brought this up.. we wouldnt have realised THE 2 parts wasnt there anymore.

Seems the first uploader hasnt been active for a long time. I've mssged the uploader..hopeful he/she will b able to reup the first 2 parts

If there's no reply .. i see if i can do something bout it.

korean_aein.. very nice of u to drop by !

cant be help with the bad subs... at least y0ou've watch the whole series.

I agree with JungHyun27... we truly appreciate

your credits on this mini series. I hope more will watch and perhaps share comments / screencaps.

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