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Alexander Mcqueen For Target!


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UPDATE! a closer look! plus PRICE RANGE

McQ-Alexander McQueen for Target!

"The rumors were true! Target has just announced Alexander McQueen as its first designer in a new fashion series dubbed Designer Collaborations. Not to be mistaken for the popular Target Go International collections, the new Designer Collaborations initiative focuses on bringing creations from established designers to the mass market at Target prices.

The Alexander McQueen for Target collection is said to resemble the aesthetic of his younger McQ line, seen left. Drawing inspiration from punk singer, Leila Moss, from The Duke Spirit, McQueen's collection will be adorned with edgy details such as studs and tattoo-print fabrics. Sweaters, skinny jeans, dresses, trench coats, swimwear, and blazers will be made in muted colors with bright accents. Squirming with excitement? The highly touted collection will debut in March. We can't wait!"

credits to www.fabsugar.com

UPDATE!! ok so i did a lil googling and the collection will be out on MARCH 1ST.....however, it will only be out online and in select target stores. So if you have a Target near home, I suggest you go check first...everyone hates those damn shipping fees..no?

Another Update!! here's a closer look at some of the pieces and the prices!

credits to WhoWhatWearDaily


I'm personally not a huge McQueen fan but i like this collection quite a lot! It has a clean feel with it's basic black and white with pretty pops of blue and pink<3


yaaay finally a pair of nice leggings with zippers! i've been coveting the much too expensive lna zipper leggings for a while now (:




i love this outfit! i wanna put it on right now!!




loving the gray jacket!


can't forget the awesome pair of gray skinnies ^^


excited much for march? hells yeah!

photo credits to NYLON magazine

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Guest SUMM3RxBABii

that is awesome! i love the denim shorts! i really can't wait for this collection. hopefully when i go to target the next time, they wont run out of the pieces..

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Guest GoldenSlumbers

Sorry but first let me declare my love for Target...TARGET I LOVE YOU!!

And some of those pieces are really really nice. Especially that grey jacket. I'm about to go look online for it now. Haha. Target <3333

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Guest ii_christie

The tunic tops and splashes of bright colors in between are really appealing to me! And cute pairs of leggings and shorts =] I'm sure I'll be on the lookout at Target for their collection.

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I was actually kinda disappointed when I first saw this line. I was hoping he'd do something more crazy w/different colors (I hate that blue and pink :crazy: ). Either way, I plan on checking out the leather vest and the white/grey tank..hopefully, the fabric will be ok.

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