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Moon Chae Won 문채원 ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ - Pictorial for Single February Issue OUT NOW!

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I loved MCW since shining inheritance and my fair lady and I thought she was better than the lead actresses then princess man  which was her best in my opinion and good doctor and now I am starting to


Moon Chae Won’s post-Flower of Evil interview (2020/09/24)





Q. Before airing, at 'Flower of Evil's online press con you said "I'm nervous and excited as I definitely wanted to do this drama". How do you feel now that its ended?


A. I think it's a project that I have a lot of affection for. I wanted to express Cha Jiwon's character, and her emotions as realistically as possible. So it was a tiring and difficult process, but in the end it has been a rewarding project where I did my best, and feel very satisfied. I am so thankful to all the staff and my co-workers, but I am especially sincerely, hugely grateful to director Kim Chulgyu. Hugging him after filming ended I felt refreshed and sad, so I cried a lot.


Q. Personally tracking down the identity of her husband of 14 yrs, Cha Jiwon's character has very unique circumstances. How do you see Jiwon as Moon Chaewon? And did you do anything special to prepare for the role, or  emphasise any points in your acting?


A. I see Jiwon as someone who doesn't change on the inside, or outside. I think she is someone honest with her feelings, and knows the value of other people well. So to prepare, I tried my best to become someone like Jiwon. I emphasised expressing Jiwon's sincerity.


Q. Taking up this challenge in a new suspense-melo genre, did you think "I really want to show this side" as an actor?


A. I wanted to show an image as before, or in other words an actor who's essence doesn't change, but at the same time I also wanted to show a new side. Acting more mature than last time and able to lead the story well. If I can make people feel that about me then I can't be happier. ha ha.


Q. The second half of the broadcast had the highest ratings. Did you experience any passionate reactions about the drama or your character?


A. I could feel a lot of love from the comments or real-time reactions, but I was even more touched when I saw my fan's supportive comments or feelings. My fans' warm support was been a huge support to me, I'm so thankful.


Q.As the protagonist leading the story, there were many emotional changes such as love, betrayal, trust, suspicion etc - these scenes look very hard. Was it not hard to express these changing emotions?


A. From the planing stage, Jiwon was meant to be on a roller coaster of emotions so I expected it to be hard, ha ha. But even then, it was many times harder than I had initially thought. Jiwon's changes of emotions were even more dynamic, because I had worried about how to express it so that it could convince viewers. I'm proud that the hard work produced many good scenes.


Q. In the BTS making videos I often see you repeating lines. Maybe it's because of that that there have been reviews of you perfectly capturing the character. What do you think?


A. I read the script a lot to understand the flow and feelings of the character as much as possible. Thanks to that I could express Jiwon better. I'm grateful that thanks to that, there have been good reviews of my acting. 


Q. How was working with Lee Joon Gi?




A. Lee Joon Gi is extroverted, while I'm introverted. Of course at times I can be extroverted, but we are a little different in personality. But working with him has always been enjoyable. Joongi gave me a lot of strength through his bright energy, and was a good partner.


Q. Are there any moments on the set of 'Flower of Evil' or in the drama you will remember?



A. My co-stars at the police station had a lot of energy and were very fun people. So every moment working with them was enjoyable. Particularly, there were some very small and silly moments I can't even remember.There were many moments it would start with a small smile, then burst into laughter, making an NG. Sometimes I think of those moments and laugh on my own.


Q. How do you imagine the story goes after the last episode?


A. I think they will live happily. Because Hyun Soo and Jiwon must not have any more pain and sadness.


Q. From the blooming spring to the cool wind of autumn, you were with 'Flower of Evil' for 3 seasons. I'm curious to know how will remember 'Flower of Evil'.


A. Filming 'Flower of Evil' felt like I was dreaming a good long dream. I will remember this project by the warmth and scents I felt of many good people for a long time.


Q. Finally, what would you like to say to those who loved "Flower of Evil"?


A. Thank you for loving 'Flower of Evil'. I think it felt even more rewarding thanks to all the love you sent. I hope everyone is health and at ease.


Translation Credit: @formoonchaewon (twitter)

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Article Translation



October 20, 2020


Korean drama ‘Flower of Evil’ finished with perfect ending last month. It was the second collaboration between leading actors Moon Chaewon and Lee Joongi, after Criminal Minds in 2017. The role played by Lee Joongi is of a apparent excellent husband and father who could devote himself to his family. But in fact he is a suspect in a serial murder case, in addition, he deceiving his wife (played by Moon Chaewon), a detective who has loved him for 14 years. The audience of the drama were addicted to the intense and exciting story. In the past few days, Moon Chaewon received an overseas interview with Sanli News. She shared her thoughts about acting and interesting things behind the scenes.




▲ Lee Joongi and Moon Chaewon collaborating on “Flower of Evil” for the second time after “Criminal Minds”





▲ Moon Chaewon accepted an exclusive interview with “Sanli News Network” to share her experience with acting.


The detective played by Moon Chaewon kept discovering all sorts of amazing secrets about her husband Baek Heesung/Do Hyunsoo (Lee Joongi), even handcuffing him herself. She was asked about which part of the script shocked her the most when she read the script for the first time. Moon Chaewon said that on Episode 8, when Cha Jiwon eavesdrop Do Hyunsoo by the abandoned swimming pool, when he was answering his sister Do Haesoo (Jang Heejin) with considerably indifference: “Even only for an instant, I have never loved Jiwon”. The moment of hearing this was very shocking and full of betrayal, “This is a feeling I don’t know how to describe, and there is no way to describe it with one word, therefore, it is actually quite difficult to express and act Jiwon’s inner feeling. This is the part I was concerned at that time.”




▲ Moon Chaewon constantly discovers various amazing secrets about her husband in the drama.


In the process of arresting criminals and rescuing her husband, Cha Jiwon also had many highly difficult action scenes. Moon Chaewon revealed that fortunately, during the shooting, she was lucky not to be seriously injured, only some minor scratches. She also shared about a scene which she had to jump up the stairs quickly, but it had rained heavily that day and the stairs were slippery, so she slipped and fell. She laughed and said, “I felt so embarrassed at the time. Although it was painful, because I was so embarrassed, I had to endure it all the time”. Compared with Cha Jiwon’s bravely rushing into every crime scene, even entering the terrible basement of Do Hyunsoo’s home, Moon Chaewon said that in real life, she is actually quite timid. When she goes to play in haunted houses, she always stands behind her friends, “I’m afraid of ghosts, haha”.





▲ Moon Chaewon had a lot of difficult action scenes, but fortunately there is no serious injury.


When Moon Chaewon was asked at the press conference how she felt about partnering with Lee Joongi again, she was shy and blew herself up talking about how often she went to the theater to watch movies after school. At that time, Lee Joongi’s emblematic movie "The King and The Clown” was released. She went to watch it with her friend, but then her friend was fascinated by him and searched about Lee Joongi on the internet. She didn’t expected to work with him with after “growing up”, she was called a successful fan. Later, she revealed that after the first episode was broadcast, she talked with that same friend for 3 hour on the phone. When asked Moon Chaewon which Lee Joongi’s scene deeply impressed her, Moon Chaewon replied, “On Episode 15, Hyunsoo is shoot to save Jiwon. Because of his deeply love for Jiwon, he could give up his life, right?” 





▲ Moon Chaewon talked with a her friend who likes Lee Joongi for 3 hours on the phone.





▲ Moon Chaewon felt that the moment Lee Joongi was shot to save Jiwon was the most impressive.


And about which three scenes in “Flower of Evil” impressed her the most, Moon Chaewon replied, “Compared to scenes of sadness and showing a lot of emotions, I still think the most about the moment of happiness.” She told the scene she liked the most is when Cha Jiwon dove into the pool without hesitation, to save Do Hyunsoo at the opening, “The feeling of love for Hyunsoo can be felt, and she is willing to sacrifice for him.” The second scene is under the cherry blossom tree, when Cha Jiwon took the initiative to kiss Do Hyunsoo, and then the couple kiss lovingly, “The scene is beautiful. It contains romance, whether it is feelings or visual. The heartbeat feelings which can bring people into Spring, and Jiwon, who loves Hyunsoo, is a a bit clumsy but also has a sincere heart.” It’s also a meaningful turning point, “Because it shows Hyunsoo falling in love with Jiwon unconsciously”. The last scene is when Do Hyunsoo and Cha Jiwon hide under the edge together because of the rain, and smile into each other’s eyes, “A slight heartbeat can be felt, so I like it”.



▲ Do Hyunsoo and Cha Jiwon looked at each other and smiled.


In the end, Moon Chaewon did not forget to leave a message to her Chinese fans: “Thank you everyone for supporting ‘Flower of Evil’ and Jiwon. Audience and fans could enjoy our performance and support us until the end. It gave us a lot of strength. I hope everyone will be healthy and all of you can feel happiness!"


Source: Setn

Credit: @moonchaewonarchive


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EXCLUSIVE Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won's Philippine Interview

We talk to the ‘Flower of Evil’ star couple about the characters they play, their most memorable experiences shooting the drama, and the pressures and joys of being an actor!


Justin Alexandra Convento

October 21, 2020, 12:40 AM


It's been a month since the drama has ended and our hearts are still reeling. We may never recover from our Flower of Evil hangover! And we wouldn't want to, anyway, because Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won have truly captured our hearts with their amazing talent, range, and unforgettable on-screen chemistry.


Moon Chae Won and Lee Joon Gi in 'Flower of Evil'
Moon Chae Won and Lee Joon Gi in 'Flower of Evil' | Stills courtesy of IQIYI


In this exclusive interview, both actors get candid about their stellar performances in the recently concluded drama. We gain more insight into the characters they play, learn of their most memorable experiences shooting the drama, and hear from them the pressures and joys they experience as doing what they love—acting!


Interview with Moon Chae-Won:





1. In this series, your identity is a police officer in the serious crimes unit, and your husband a murder suspect. Did the “police-and-criminal” identities and husband-and-wife relationship drive you crazy? Did you learn anything about the marital relationship after the performance?


Playing a new character is always a challenge for me. For a character described only in words in the script, the actor needs to go through a series of processes such as injecting their own understanding and interpretations and digging into the character’s personalities to shape the character into a figure that actually exists in real life. From the aspect of character shaping, Ji-won is a great challenge for my acting skills. In the past 14 years, Ji-won has loved her husband deeply, and deemed her husband the only one in her eyes. Yet after discovering her husband’s hidden secret, she misses no detail of her husband’s inadvertent words or actions, carefully observing and suspecting her husband all the time. The co-existence of love and suspicion makes Ji-won’s life like walking on a tightrope. When playing the character, I had to show not only the inner suffering of Ji-won, but also her complex relationship with her husband. I’d also made a lot of effort to get a better grasp of the character. I’d think from Cha Ji-won’s perspective instead of Moon Chae Won’s. Why would Ji-won make such a choice? What was Ji-won thinking while making such an action? While studying the character, I kept asking various questions and sought answers from Cha Ji-won’s perspective. And slowly I began to understand Ji-won’s thoughts and actions. I tried my best to integrate the emotions and thoughts I felt when reading the script into the performance, to let the audience feel touched the moment they see the show. After character analysis and research, I did my best to interpret the character, portraying the intricate emotion lines and the delicate and tense relationship between the wife, as a criminal police officer, and the husband, a murder suspect.


2. This is the first series you agreed to play in two years. What made you interested in the script and character and decided to play in the series?


I was first attracted by the series’ deep and dramatic theme. The characters and theme of the series are very special. It neither tells stories of daily life nor expresses emotions and thoughts at a certain moment, which is unique. So I felt it was very different from the previous works. The 'Flower of Evil' series also has many theme elements that I loved. I always enjoy suspense and romance works, and this work happens to combine the two perfectly. So it has a unique charm. Just as the series is integrated with the two elements as suspense and romance, Ji-won also has two sides on emotions. This work has drastic emotional fluctuations, yet they’re not something that happens in a sudden, but emotional shifts that gradually occur throughout the development of the plot, which are easier for the audience to empathize with. So the changes in Ji-won’s emotion line do not appear abrupt, but are the result of natural development.





tvN, Soompi


3. This is your second collaboration with Lee Joon Gi in three years after 'Criminal Minds', what do you think of your new husband-and-wife relationship? What’s your impression of him?


Lee Joon Gi is as handsome as ever. He has many different charms, and it’s really difficult to choose if I can only say one. Hahaha. In my opinion, he’s very passionate about acting, and I can see that he very much likes this work. So during the on-site shooting, I could see that he was working hard every moment, doing his best to complete the shooting of each scene. And the professional acting skills Lee Joon Gi showed on the shooting site were also an inspiration and motivation to me. Lee Joon Gi has many reverse charms. Not only would he consider the feelings of other actors carefully, but he also was an expert in livening up the atmosphere of the shooting site. Thanks to Lee Joon Gi, I didn’t feel so nervous during shooting and could concentrate better on performance. I feel very lucky to be able to meet such an excellent partner and such amazing work.


4. Your character has a strong sense of justice, yet she fell in love with a man with a dark past. Why do you think your character will fall for such a dangerous man? Are you the type to be attracted to “bad guys"?


At the end of episode six, Ji-won says “I only believe what I see.” This line is a good expression of the characteristics of Ji-won. I think Ji-won is a figure who’s not to be influenced by the prejudices of others and always sticks to her beliefs.Therefore, while others see Hee-sung who comes to buy beer in the grocery cold, Ji-won, not influenced by others’ views, does not have much suspicion about Hee-sung and only sees him as an ordinary person. And it’s precisely because she has no prejudice against Hee-sung that she can find the humane and affectionate side of Hee-sung. In the series, she made the first move asking about the reasons for Hee-sung’s move, and has always believed that Hee-sung, who’s been guarding her silently around, is a good man. There are countless beautiful memories between them, and I believe Ji-won loves Hee-sung deep down.






5. This is your first time playing a married, working mother. How was your cooperation with the little actor on the site? Did you feel comfortable with her?


It was the first time Seo-yeon and I cooperated playing mother-and-daughter, and I personally felt very satisfied. There was no doubt that our cooperation had been easy and enjoyable. One day, during the shooting, Seo-yeon ran over smiling and took out a colored paper folded into a square. I opened it, and the colored paper read “Sister Moon Chae-won, Flower of Evil, cheers ♡♡.” Since then, I’d continued to receive letters from her, the title usually my real name or character name in the series. The way she wrote the letters with her little hands was simply adorable. And I’m also very grateful for her care and love for me. The shooting happened to be in the cold spring weather, and it was thanks to the warmth Seo-yeon brought us on the shooting site that the shooting was completed smoothly. This also left a deep impression on me.




6. Your character has experienced many emotional setbacks and fluctuations in the series. Did you find it hard to relieve the stress brought by Ji-won (or feel unable to control your emotions) after shooting?


I was usually very focused during shooting and performance, and had also been caught up in Ji-won’s feelings and emotions. But that didn’t mean I’d find it difficult to relieve the stress brought by Ji-won or feel unable to control my emotions after shooting. Hahaha. Sometimes I’d enjoy being in the role of Ji-won, but sometimes I’d also listen to some relaxing music or go see friends to get rid of the heavy emotional pressure. Depending on the situation, I’d choose different methods to relieve stress.


7. What’s your most memorable experience during the shooting of the series so far?


I found the cooperation with the fascinating actors and staff the most memorable. Suddenly realizing some of the content that I’d not thought of before while discussing the script with seniors and colleague actors, I’d be able to shoot scenes better fitting the work combining everyone’s opinions. I’m very proud that I was able to contribute to the creation of this amazing work. Haha, it was thanks to the on-site guidance of director Kim Cheol-kyu that we could exert 100% of our acting skills. I’m very happy to be able to work with so many excellent people and produce such a good cooperation result!





8. Can you share your life in the past few months before the premiere of 'Flower of Evil'?


It was actually the same as usual. I’d do things like watch my favorite movies and cook, which made my life flowing with happiness! I also made some preparations for the shooting of 'Flower of Evil'. (Laughs.)


9. The pressure of being an actor is actually great. There are many young actors who are overwhelmed by the pressure of the entertainment industry and unable to find happiness, their emotions fluctuating with public opinion. How did you face and overcome the pressure?


I think one of the effective ways to relieve stress is to put aside all the daily distractions and focus only on yourself temporarily. Or eat your favorite food or watch a few soothing movies or TV series, take a break and relax. You can also organize your thoughts while listening to music. In this way, your positive energy is restored slowly without you knowing it.


9. The pressure of being an actor is actually great. There are many young actors who are overwhelmed by the pressure of the entertainment industry and unable to find happiness, their emotions fluctuating with public opinion. How did you face and overcome the pressure?


I think one of the effective ways to relieve stress is to put aside all the daily distractions and focus only on yourself temporarily. Or eat your favorite food or watch a few soothing movies or TV series, take a break and relax. You can also organize your thoughts while listening to music. In this way, your positive energy is restored slowly without you knowing it.


You can watch all the episodes of Flower of Evil starring Moon Chae Won and Lee Joon Gi on IQIYI! 


Viewers can access this thrilling and romantic drama, as well as other releases. for free via iQIYI International’s website at iQ.com or on the platform’s free mobile application that can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. For access to new episodes as they drop, viewers can also sign up for a Standard VIP account at PHP129 or for a Premium VIP account at PHP249.


Source: metro.style

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moon chae won is getting lots of recognition now and in the future for her sincerity and stunning performance in acting skill ...shes the best actress that need to pay more attention internationally and lots of people are truely impressed by her unique acting skill ,looking forward for moon chae won next role 

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Article Translation

'2020 APAN Awards' to be held next month, popularity award voting begins




Moon Chae Won is among the nominees for the 2020 APAN popularity award (vote via the IDOLCHAMP app)
2020 APAN Awards’ has released a teaser poster and announced the nominees for the popularity award, whose winner is determined by the vote of fans.
The 2020 APAN Awards is taking place for two days, from November 28 to 29, and will air live in about 200 countries as an ‘untact’ (without physical contact) ceremony.
Voting for the popularity award started on October 27 and continues until November 27, through the IDOL CHAMP app. The winner will be determined 100% by the vote.
The winner in the actor category is also determined by the vote. There are three categories in total: male and female actors and OST categories. Among the nominees are: Kang Ha Neul, Go Ara, Kim Go Eun, Kim Da Mi, Kim Min Jae, Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Hee Sun, Kim Hee Ae, Namkoong Min, Nam Joo Hyuk, Moon Chae Won, Park Bo Gum, Park Seo Joon, Park So Dam, Park Eun Bin, Park Min Young, Bae Suzy, Seo Kang Joon, Seo Ye Ji, Seol Hyun, Son Ye Jin, Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Min Ho, Lee Dong Wook, Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Min Jung, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Joon Gi, Jang Ki Yong, Jang Dong Yoon, Jeon Mi Do, Jung Hae In, Jo Bo Ah, Jo Jung Suk, Ji Chang Wook, Joo Won, and Hyun Bin.
As for ‘APAN Star Awards,’ the awards will be presented in a total of 27 categories for dramas that have aired from October 2019 to October 2020 on the national networks, general programming, and cable network channels, as well as web series and short form dramas.
The previous Daesang winners include Son Hyun Joo (1st), Song Hye Kyo (2nd), Jo In Sung (3rd), Kim Soo Hyun (4th), Song Joong Ki (5th), and Lee Byung Hun (6th).


Original source: (1)

Eng Translation: @jg_kdrama (instagram)

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Vote Moon Chae Won for the 2020 APAN Seezn Star Award (different from the popularity award)
Until 27 November 2020
•You can participate only after logging in on the Seezn App.
•The Seezn Star Award winner is determined 100% by the vote.
•The winner will receive the award at the 2020 Apan Star Awards ceremony on November 29 
•Download the Seezn app
•Sign up with your Naver, KakaoTalk or Facebook account
•Go to Voting page and Vote Moon Chae Won daily, once with each SNS ID. 


For (overseas) fans use this link to download the Seezn app :


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K-Netizens Ranked The Top 10 Female Korean Stars Who Look Perfect In A Hanbok

Hanbok will never go out of style as long as they’re around.


These days, most celebrities only wear hanbok (Korean traditional dress) for Chuseok celebrations or period dramas. But, when they do, they look undeniably gorgeous. According to over 5,000 Korean netizens who voted on Exciting DC, here’s the definitive ranking of the top 10 female stars who look just perfect in hanbok styling.

4. Moon Chae Won

Moon Chae Won ranked 4th with 10% of the votes. After starring in two period projects early in her career, Moon was nominated for Best Dressed at the Korea Lifestyle Awards for boosting the hanbok industry.




News Source: @koreaboo


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Moon Chaewon posted a message on DC Gallery on 14 November 2020 (A day after her birthday). She also took 3 pictures of her fans’ birthday gifts and posted them on the gallery. She’s so lovely.

[She made a typo on the year; 2021 instead of 2020 - so cute]


Source: DC Gallery
Translation credits: @ moonchaewonpics
Repost: @lovemoon_goddess(IG)

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Moon Chae-won, has been acting up a storm since her 2008 breakthrough: here are 5 things you might not know about her

One of the most awarded actresses in Korea originally wanted to be a painter and was made an honorary prosecutor in Seoul, but The Princess’ Man star remains something of an enigma.



Published: 1:07pm, 13 Nov, 2020


Multi award-winning but intensely private actress Moon Chae-won in her most recent drama, Flower of Evil. Photo: TvN/ HandoutMulti award-winning but intensely private actress Moon Chae-won in her most recent drama, Flower of Evil. Photo: TvN/ Handout


Moon Chae-won stands apart from other South Korean actresses for one main reason – a surprisingly high number of dramas and films she stars in become critically-acclaimed and bag her awards.


Take War of the Arrows, the action flick in which she scored the sole female role, and which went on to become the highest grossing Korean film of 2011, drawing an impressive 7.48 million people to the cinema. That same year, television drama The Princess’ Man was also well-received critically and commercially, leading to a Top Excellence award at 2011’s KBS Drama Awards.


More recently she lit up our screens as detective Cha Ji-won in Flower of Evil, reuniting with her Criminal Minds co-star Lee Joon-gi in a thrilling show crammed with romance and action

As she celebrates her 34th birthday on November 13, here are some of the things you might not know about her.


She made history in her breakthrough role



Although she made her acting debut in 2007, she gained attention for her supporting role in 2008 period drama Painter of the Wind in which she portrayed a beautiful gisaeng, an outcast woman trained to be a courtesan, who falls for a female painter (played by Moon Geun-young) passing herself off as a man.


Despite the sexual conservatism in South Korea, their on-screen chemistry was so well-received it led to them winning the award for Best Couple at the 2008 SBS Drama Awards – making history as the first two women to win the award.


She wanted to be an artist



Moon dreamed of becoming a painter, and got accepted into Chugye University for the Arts’ Western Painting program. However, she dropped out in 2006 to pursue acting.


She was made an honorary prosecutor in Seoul

In 2012, Seoul Prosecutor’s Office appointed Moon Chae-won as an “honorary prosecutor”, along with actor Lee Min-ho. The office recognised her portrayal of a convicted woman who does not waver in The Princess’ Man and effectively recruited her and Lee to promote the prestigious office of prosecutor for a year following their appointment.(1)

She was given a certificate and a legal robe during the appointment ceremony, as well as a tour of the Central Prosecutor’s Office.


She knows how to fire a gun, ride a horse and perform surgery (sort of)

She is one of the most awarded actresses in South Korea, winning 20 gongs and garnering almost 40 nominations. One reason she has been so successful has been the seriousness with which she treats each role – diligently learning the obscure skills she needs to portray her characters as convincingly as possible.


Over the years, she has learned horseback riding, how to fire guns, how to properly wear a traditional Korean hanbok (she was even given an award for the boost she gave the hanbok industry), and even been trained in proper medical and surgical procedures.


She’s not big on SNS


Moon isn’t particularly active on social media. She’s managed to keep her private life private since the beginning of her career, and generally kept her cards close to her chest. In fact, you’ll be hard pushed to find much online about the actress. She even recently deleted her Instagram account, leaving a short message for fans as her last post before stepping away from the platform.


Source: South China Morning Post




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Moon Chae-Won’s Fashion As Cha Ji-Won In K-Drama ‘Flower Of Evil’ 

Look #1 

In episode 7, Chae-Won decides to catch the eyes of us with an all-black outfit that perfectly complements her silky hair and fair skin. She slays in a black suit, from 



Look #2

In episode 12, We can’t get over how delicate and feminine Chae-Won looks in her beautiful knit top from LAVIN.



Look #3

In episode 8, she also stands out in smart-casuals, like this black knit top from JRIUM. This brilliant piece is cute enough to go outside with and comfy enough to sleep in; a win-win!


Flower Of Evil Kdrama Fashion - Moon Chae-Won - Episode 8-1


Source: inkistyle



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  • Jillia changed the title to Moon Chae Won 문채원 ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
  • Jillia changed the title to Moon Chae Won 문채원 ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ - Vogue Pictorial January 2021
  • Jillia changed the title to Moon Chae Won 문채원 ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ - Pictorial for Single February Issue OUT NOW!

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