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Miley Mocking Asians?

Guest sweet lil j

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Guest tomster

You either take it or leave it as a racist remark. This doesn't offend me, at all.

There's an Asian guy in the photo opening his eyes wide and everybody else is

slanting their eyes.. yeah it's a very common racial remark that people do to us

but I'm sure this is meant as a joke and is pure irony. IF the Asian guy wasn't in

there then I'd believe otherwise..

Basically I see it the complete opposite of how that guy does, lol. Just my opinion though.

Edit; Reading through the comments, I have a feeling somebody will quote me for commenting

on what I think, so I ask to please not quote me because it's pure opinion.

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Guest dorkafied!

The Asian guy is making his eyes look big, since 'white' people

have big eyes? While the others are doing slanted eyes because

'most' asians have small eyes? I dont know ._.

it doesnt really bother me .... that much xP

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Guest yourstruly.

This just gives me another reason to hate her. Thank you Miley Cyrus! 8D

But everyone in the photo should be held accountable for this.

It's not just her fault, it's everyone's in there; they're all doing the "chinky eyes" act. -.-

But I have no idea what the Asian guy is doing there. :rolleyes:

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Guest vanggirlie

i dunno... the asian in the photo doesn't seem to mind.

plus should they all apologize? why just miley?

only her probably because she's a public figure...a role model...while others are not necessarily looked up to by people (kids). for that i think she should be more careful of what she does...which i have come to conclude that she doesn't really use her brain and acts before she thinks also i do agree that all those in the pic should be held accountable for what they are doing too.

i'm not sure where i stand on this tho. i'm not seriously offended but at the same time i'm not comfortable with people doing that publicly. i guess as an asian i would feel really uncomfortable if my non-asian friends did it too. so i do not agree with her others doing that.

neways i never liked her so i'm not surprised.

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Guest noodles_love

No way. That pinkberry did NOT.

I think the Asian in the photo should be ashamed.


But is the Asian next to her a true Asian? :P

hahaha good one

well i think she should apologize along with the rest of the people in the photo..

i kind of find this offensive...just because the guy in the photo doesn't mind, it doesn't mean it's still ok to do that

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Guest Dulce de Leche


They might as well make the majority of the people in this world apologize.

A lot of people make this gesture and they are usually joking around (harmless).

Why so serious?


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Its a little offensive to me,

But then I saw there was an Asian guy in the picture who really doesn't look like he cares about their gestures.

Its not as if they were shouting racist statements.

Because in THAT case, I'd be hating on them so quick.

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Guest Marybaby

stop saying that it's alright cause the asian guy is in the picture. he probably was the only asian there and couldnt really defend himself against miley and her friends. and how would we know he didnt get offended? and vice versa. ive been in situations where my "white" friends would pose like that and i could not defend myself cause they'd just say "but it's true". in my opinion, it is racism. to be fair i think this would only hurt native asians and not americanized/"white" asians.

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