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Sato Takeru - a.k.a "Rurouni Kenshin"


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  • Name: Takeru Satoh
  • Japanese: 佐藤健 (さとう たけ)
  • Birthdate: March 21,1989
  • Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 170cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Talent agency: Amuse
  • Specialties: Break dance and Rubik's cube
  • Made his debut as an actor in Princess Princess D on June 28, 2006


photo credit: satoh takeru holic


Drama Series

TV Movies

(source: AsianWiki and Dramawiki)

Promotion videos

  • Bahashishi, Oasis (オアシス)(2007)
  • Bahashishi, Yakusoku (約束)(2007)
  • Bahashishi, Kiseki (キセキ)(2008)
  • Mayday, Do You Ever Shine (2014)



  • "Pre-go: Zero" (2007)
  • "Double-Action" (2007)
  • "Perfect-Action: Double-Action Complete Collection" (2007)
  • "Real-Action" (2007)
  • "Double-Action Wing form" (2008)


  • "My Color" (2008)
  • "HT"(HT 〜N.Y.の中心で、鍋をつつく〜) (2010)
  • "HT2"(赤道の真下で、鍋をつつく~) (2011)


  • Pre-go: Zero (2007)
  • Intently First Photobook (2008)
  • 400 Days Photo Album/Diary (2008)
  • Takeru Magazine/Takeru Magazine Plus (2008–)
  • Deep Breathing/「深呼吸。」 Second Photobook (2009)
  • So Far So Good! Takeru Satoh Profile 2007–2010 (2010)
  • Nouvelles (2011)
  • Rocka Nibunnoichi 1/2 Vol. 1, 2, and 3 (2013)
  • Rurouni Kenshin (2014)
  • Alternative (2014)


YearAwardCategoryNotable WorksResultRef.
200960th Television Drama Academy AwardsBest Supporting ActorMei-chan no ShitsujiWon 
20112011 Elan D’or AwardRookie of the Year Won[38]
2012Japan Action Awards 2012Best Action ActorRurouni KenshinWon 
2014Hochi Film Award 2014Best ActorThe Liar and His LoverNominated[39]
RK: Kyoto Inferno & The Legend EndsNominated
2015Japan Action Awards 2015Best Action SceneWon[40]
Best Action MovieWon
Best Action ActorWon
9th Asian Film AwardsBest ActorRurouni Kenshin: The Legend EndsNominated


credit: Wikipedia

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Guest prisonerzero

I'm in love with Bloody Monday and his character. Gah, that second photo (well, first, 'cause the first photo is apparently hotlinked). <3

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Guest justanordinarywriter

I first saw him in Bloody Monday as well and totally fell in love with him in Mei-chan's butler...

he's such a cutie! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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Guest mihsayam

Celebrities most likely to have a big break as an actor this year 2009 Poll

1. Ohno Satoshi [Arashi] - 35822 votes

2. Matsuyama Kenichi - 18263 votes

3. Matsumoto Jun [Arashi] - 12469 votes

4. Ninomiya Kazunari [ Arashi] - 12075 votes

5. Domoto Tsuyoshi [KinKi Kids] - 10145 votes

6. Sakurai Sho [Arashi] - 9537 votes

7. Nishikido Ryo [NEWS/Kanjani8] - 8502 votes

8. Akanishi Jin [KAT-TUN] - 5909 votes

9. Koide Keisuke - 5637 votes

10. Sato Takeru - 5506 votes

11. Kase Ryo - 4853 votes

12. Kamenashi Kazuya [KAT-TUN] - 3986 votes

13. Narimiya Hiroki - 3258 votes

14. Seo Ji Sub - 2887 votes

15. Nagase Tomoya [TOKIO] - 2223 votes

16. Yamada Ryosuke [Hey! Say! JUMP] - 2052 votes

17. Ikuta Toma [Johnny's Jr] - 1906 votes

18. Aiba Masaki [Arashi] - 1735 votes

19. Miura Haruma - 1259 votes

20. Gackt - 1257 votes

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Guest FTIsland&Primadonna

OMGH i swear.. i lvoe him ever since bloody monday~ ..

and of course. the reason im watching Mei-chan no Sh*tsuji is coz of him too ^^

he's cute <33

haha I thought i told you to watch Puri Puri D first

Takeru was so cute in that.

He is adorable!!

then bloody monday came and damn hes so hot and smart. haha

now hes clumsy and pissy in meichan

gotta love that. haha

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Guest *kyuhyunnie*

OMG. He beated Kame and Yama-chan. He is really talented. I fell in love with him for both show. I love how he plays a different character in each drama.

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Guest july-eighth

This guy is awesome! I hope to see more of him in Mei-chan no Shi.tsuji.

I kind of hope he'll dye his hair back to a darker color when the drama is over... I think he looks better with dark hair!

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Guest kukiemonster


i watch him in kamen rider den-o.. he can act for sure...

then i watch him on puri puri D and he is so cute...

havent watch bloody monday which i think i shuld...

he's worth my time in watching japannese movies

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Guest strawberrynkiwi

i haven't seen bloody monday, but from mei-chan, he doesn't even more it on my hot butler list, i think i had to go with his character.

but i will definitely look out for him.

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