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Koihime Soushi

Guest nuwera

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Koihime Soushi


The princess of love, Koiko is given the power to zap people to admire her but the power will leave her when she reaches adulthood and marries. There was one boy she had never zapped before, Shirou. But he turns out to be someone different when he doesn't show up as he promised. Koiko being heartbroken runs to find him, only to find new things she never knew about him. It turns out he is one of the legendary shadow ninjas.

Genre: Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Shounen
Author: KOGE Donbo
Year: 2005
Volumes: 1 (Compelete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1060Published by: Tokypop



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Guest myluckyself

OMG another manga by Koge Donbo! awww love the art, its SOOOOOOOO cute! ><

i am so reading this... cant believe i hadnt heard of it before...

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