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Kim Junsu form TVXQ scans (Japan)

Guest __Christine

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Guest dotty

i see the small boy xiah in the second pic

curled hair doesnt suit him. i wonder what the heck was his coordinator thinking while styling them.

now both micky and xiah have got curled hair

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Guest Karinojjang~*

such a cutie L0ma [Dolphin]'s boy !! wahaha ^^''

,,i wanna get it one so,,where i can buy? hahaXD expensive right? TT


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Guest nghister

He should stop dyeing his hair. It looks like he's not gonna have any left if he keeps this up.

His curly/frizzy hair looks weird on him.

I like his smile though

Thanks for sharing!

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his hair looks dead just like my friends hair. well cant blame him since hes constantly changing hair colors or styles etc. but nonetheless hottie =]] well when he smiles hes one fine cutie <3

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